17 August 2017

Last-Minute Love For Gingham

Gingham is everywhere at the moment and (late as usual) I've jumped happily onto the bandwagon of this particular trend. I say better late than never though and I'm now seriously loving adding gingham into my wardrobe. Here's why...

14 August 2017

Most Wearable Autumn 2017 Trends at a Glance!

Autumn 2017 collections were full of surprises, and there was something for every girl. While some designers tried to redefine the classics with newer elements, others chose to work with colour palettes and prints in ways that didn’t feel like the “fall”. In this special post, we will talk of the top trends of fall 2017 and how you can get these looks right!


10 August 2017

Get To Know Me: 26 Things

I am so rubbish at talking about myself (in real life and on this blog) - but I absolutely love reading blogs with a bit of personality behind them, so I'm going to make a big effort to try and be a bit more chatty on here. 4 years of blogging and you'd think I'd be better at this!! But I thought I'd start of with a fairly easy one - I'm 26, so, 26 things about me...