31 December 2013

Outfits Of 2013

Outfits of 2013

I can't believe that it's New Years Eve already and that another year is very nearly over! I was always a little wary of 2013, I'm a bit superstitious, so I wondered if the unlucky number 13 would be a bad omen! It's definitely been what I would call a 'rollercoaster' year with plenty of ups and downs, some great moments and some terrible ones...but then I think that's pretty standard for every year, so I won't be too harsh on 2013! Though I have to say I'm excited for 2014 and a new year, 14 definitely seems less worrying than 13.

One of the best things about this year though, without a doubt, is starting this blog! The blogging community is such a great one to be a part of and I've had a great time so far, it's been great chatting to everybody, receiving feedback and reading the comments, it's so lovely to read peoples responses - so a big thank you to you all for reading and following, it's such a boost! Highlights of my blogging so far include being able to write for Petite Fashion Week and even collaborate with brands such as Gambita, New Look, SpecsPost and Cruise Fashion - who would have thought!

I'm actually really looking forward to 2014! I've got some exciting plans and projects coming up for Styla Petite, so I hope you'll all keep reading along with me on this little journey! I'm also going to do something which I never thought would be possible - I'm going to the London College of Fashion in February to start a Fashion & Lifestyle Journalism course! I've honestly been looking at LCF for years but really never thought it would be an option for me to go there, so to have the chance to do this course there is so exciting for me :-) That's definitely more than enough to keep me happy for the moment and so I wish everyone a really happy New Year - see you in 2014!


30 December 2013

Christmas Gifts

Bare Minerals - The Affair To Remember

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and got some really lovely gifts! I absolutely love the make-up from Bare Minerals and it's definitely my go-to these days, so this Eye Shadow set from my Grandparents was an amazing present. The selection of colours here are so pretty with a lovely mix of shades that are suitable for both day and evening. 'Curtsy', the white shade, is one of my favourites and is great for livening up the eye and 'Debuntane', the pinky shade looks amazing - these colours are really easy to blend and use in combinations, plus the texture is very soft on the skin, so I really can't wait to test out the rest of them. The brush is brilliant too and ensures you cover all necessary areas! I can't recommend Bare Minerals make-up enough if you haven't already tried it, it's so gentle on the skin - and these eye shadow colours are just gorgeous. 

Revlon - Top Speed

If you read my blog then you'll know my obsession with Revlon nail varnish! Along with Essie, it's definitely my favourite brand, so this was a lovely gift set from my Mum featuring four of the Top Speed shades. The red I wore on Christmas Day through to Boxing Day because it's such a festive colour and has a lovely sheen to it, plus it stays on really well. Today I'm wearing the navy blue, 'Royal' shade which is a lovely deep navy and looks rather dramatic on the nails - I love it! I think the beauty of Revlon is how long the colour lasts and the pretty shine to the polish, plus this really is 'top speed' and dries very quickly - perfect someone as quick-fix as me who likes to pain and go! I'm looking forward to trying the other two shades and it's great to have some more shades to add to my little Revlon family. I'll pop some reviews of my other bits up on here over the next few days, which include my new Issey Miyake perfume and Real Techniques Brush Set :-)


New Years Eve Outfit Wish-List

Satin Funnel Neck Dress - Topshop | Here
Square Print Clutch Bag - Ted Baker | Here
ASOS Photoshoot Pointed High Heels - ASOS | Here
Fluffy Swing Coat - Topshop | Here
Olive Leaf Drop Earrings - Tiffany & Co
Interlocking Circles Pendant - Tiffany & Co
Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick - Elizabeth Arden | Here

So this is possibly my most ridiculous outfit wish-list to date because it's all so horribly out of my price range! However, it's New Years Eve soon and an excuse to dream big for a night (I'm sure it's the only night of the year when we take stock of everything and vow to do better - then it all goes back to normal the next day). Each year I always declare wondrous plans for a fresh start etc, so I thought I might indulge myself and put together a dream outfit wish-list for New Years Eve - after all, you have to look your best when preaching about big 2014 plans. I think NYE means something different to everyone, but for me, it's not 'how' you spend New Years, but 'who' you spend it with. I would much prefer to be with the people closest to me, so I think that as long as you're with the most important people, then it doesn't really matter what you're doing - you might as well look good though, of course :-)

In terms of the dress, I don't think I could dream up a better one if I tried! The satin material is beautiful, I love the elegance of the fit and, amazingly, it's a stunning evening dress with sleeves! I will always opt for a dress with sleeves if I can, I've always had a thing about my upper arms and unless they magically transform into slender beauties overnight, then I would definitely prefer to keep them covered up (especially at this time of year when I'm super pale and very un-toned!) I think in the past, I would have definitely used a plain black dress as an excuse to go a bit OTT with a chunky statement necklace or some chained pieces, but these days I'm travelling along the less-is-more route, so I would just wear a small but delicate necklace. Obviously I can't see this Tiffany & Co necklace sitting on me any time soon, but wouldn't it be nice! I got lost on the Tiffany & Co website yesterday looking at all the pretty things (it's ok to just look right?) and also found these stunning earrings which I think would be lovely with this outfit combination. You can't beat plain gold sometimes, so these made it onto my wish-list too!

Now the shoes - I actually have these! My lovely boyfriend bought them for me for Christmas and they really are such an elegant pair of heels, I love them to bits! This is a style of shoe that I really like at the moment, the pointed shoe is one of my favourites and on this pair, the gold buckle detail just takes things up another level! They fit me perfectly and, of course, would go so well with this dream outfit - so I'm very lucky to have been bought them. I think the beauty of wearing a black dress with black shoes is that you can add a nice splash of colour with your accessories and make-up, I think it's easy to over-do things, so subtle is always a good call. This Ted Baker clutch bag is stunning, just the right amount of colour for the look but not too garish - plus I've been lusting after Ted Baker bags for years, so one had to be on my wishlist! Plus what better excuse than NYE to indulge in a lovely red Elizabeth Arden Lipstick? I couldn't think of a better lip colour for the occasion!

Coat wise, I felt it appropriate that a gorgeous pink coat made it into the dream outfit selection! I've been lusting after a pink coat every since it hit the highstreet this year - but I just don't have the nerve to buy or wear one yet! I think it's a beautiful colour and this one from Topshop is a lovely style, but I'm still slightly hesitant about buying one - plus this one is pretty expensive so it's not a decision I would take lightly. Perhaps if I find a wonderful pink-coat bargain then I might consider it. Either way, I think this coat would be a lovely touch to this outfit and all together a rather glamorous look (I just wish it wasn't all so expensive). Anyway, I hope whatever your plans are you have a great New Years Eve, looking good and feeling fabulous!


28 December 2013

Guess What

Polo Neck -  Similar Here
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Boots - New Look
Bag - Guess
Lips - MAC Creme Cup

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!! I had a great few days with my family, during which I ate far too much - but then who doesn't at Christmas? Christmas is definitely the best time of year (at least I think so) so I'm sad it's all over, but then I have quite a few exciting things coming up in 2014 which I'm looking forward to telling you about, so I won't wallow for too long in post-Xmas misery! I also received some amazing presents this year, so I'm a very lucky girl, and I will pop some of my favourite bits up on here over the next few days! In the meantime, here is an outfit which I really love at the moment and it includes my latest obsession - the polo neck! I really can't get enough of the polo neck at the moment, so expect to see a lot more featuring on here as I have a feeling the obsession is only going to grow!

I think one of the best things ever is when you find something in your wardrobe that you'd totally forgotten about...I found this printed skater skirt from Miss Selfridge buried in the depths of my wardrobe the other day! This seems to happen to me a lot, my wardrobe isn't exactly the tidiest place in the world and it's definitely easy to 'lose' things. So this was a rather nice discovery and, whilst I don't really wear skirts all that often, the print definitely works well with my all time favourite colour scheme - black and white! If I wear anything with a bold print, then I always prefer to team it with something relatively plain, so what better excuse to wear this black roll neck! I've got a massive obsession going on with these right now, I think they're so stylish and really easy to wear during the day. Plus, they go with pretty much anything and they keep your neck lovely and warm. 

I've been after these boots for ages, I've seen them and tried them on in New Look quite a few times but always decided not to buy them...it's not as if I don't have enough boots already. But when I saw them in the sale the other day I felt that was the ultimate sign I had to buy them and I love them; they're super comfy, with just the right sized heel to give me a bit of height but without being too impossible to walk in. I'm slightly wary of getting the white platform dirty, but I'm guessing that's inevitable so I won't whinge too much. Then we have the lovely Guess bag which is an incredible sale buy, my Mum picked it up for me during a shopping trip to Cambridge a while ago - it's always great to get a nice designer deal like this, there is no way you could or would buy at normal price, but in the sale, then why not!


24 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

So...do you like my hat? :-) Seeing as it's Christmas Eve, I just thought I would wish everyone a very happy Christmas from the depths of my festive Christmas jumper (I felt that I had to invest in this Holly-themed jumper last year, seeing as my name is Holly - how appropriate). I hope everyone has a lovely few days with friends/family and takes that time to try and have a real break from everything and focus on what's important. I don't think it's going to be a White Christmas, but then that's what all the Christmas films are for! I hope you have an an amazing time and I will see you in a few days for some festive updates (I have a new camera this year, so expect photo evidence of almost everything!) Much love xxx


Counting Down To Christmas: Day's 23 & 24

 Topshop Freedom Jewellery Advent Calendar

So my little Topshop advent calendar has come to an end and it's Christmas tomorrow! December has gone so quickly, but I've loved opening this calendar every day and being able to share it on here! I've certainly amassed a crazy amount of jewellery from the calendar, some great earrings (you can never have too many) and pretty necklaces/bracelets, I've always been such a huge Freedom Jewellery fan so a calendar like this was always going to be perfect. Day 23 was a cute little pair of silver triangle earrings, and the big 24 a necklace which shimmers rather nicely! It's sad the calendars come to an end, but on the plus side it's pretty much officially Christmas (and I have some nice jewellery bits to wear) - so thank you Topshop and Happy Christmas to all! :-)


22 December 2013

Christmas LBD

Black Sequin Dress - Miss Selfridge | Similar Here
Shoes - Kurt Geiger 
Lips - Rimmel Apocalips Lips Lacquer | Here 
Bracelet - Jon Richard

I wasn't looking for an LBD this year but when I spied this one in Miss Selfridge a few months ago, I had to grab it, because it's so rare I actually find anything that fits me properly! I think the LBD is such a great look for Christmas and New Year, and this Miss Selfridge number is one of the best I've ever bought - I love the sequin details which add that extra bit of shimmer (ideal for the time of year) - I think Christmas is the best excuse to wear a bit of sparkle and glitter - not too much though of course. This fit of this dress is great too, the material is quite stretchy, so it appears pretty tight fitting, but doesn't leave me unable to breathe! Plus it's a great dress to wear a pair of pretty shoes with and an excuse to wear skyscraper heels, if that's your thing! Miss Selfridge actually have an amazing range of dresses this year so if you're still looking for a last minute Christmas outfit, or dress for New Year, then I would definitely have a little look! 

If there is a time of year made for red lips, then it's Christmas! There is something so effortlessly stylish about the simplicity of a back dress with dramatic, red lipstick that it's  no wonder the look gets recreated year on year at Christmas parties and events - if in doubt, an LBD is always the perfect option for an occasion where you need to look your best. However, if you're anything like me, and find the application of red lipstick ridiculously difficult, then Rimmel have come up with an amazing solution. I've always really struggled to get red lipstick on correctly, without smudging it everywhere, so the Rimmel Apocalips is literally ideal. It's a lip lacquer; so it's an intense shade of lipstick with a lacquer shine, which means it glides on like a lipgloss yet still has that fantastic colour which you'd get from a lipstick. It's honestly the most amazing product and the first one I've ever had any success with in terms of the red lip, I would seriously recommend trying it - and the best thing about it? It's not stupidly expensive!!


21 December 2013

Counting Down To Christmas: Days 19, 20 & 21

Topshop Freedom Jewellery Advent Calendar

Happy Saturday! Here are Day's 19, 20 & 21 of the Topshop Advent Calendar - so close to Christmas now! Day 19 was a gold necklace, Day 20 some tiny little earrings (apologies, they are so small that they didn't come out all that well in the photographs) but they are a cute pair of dark studs which are always good for an elegant look. Day 21 is a star necklace which is really sweet - and appropriate for the time of year (wondering what Day 24 will be!) I can't believe there are only a few more days to go until Christmas, December has really flown. Hope everyone is enjoying their festive preparations, look out for a few Christmassy outfit posts over the weekend - because I can't resit another Christmas jumper :-)


19 December 2013

December Beauty Favourites

Chanel Foundation | Here
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector - Rose Shimmer | Here
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick | Here
L'Oreal Lipgloss | Here
Revlon Glitter Nail Polish Selection | Here
Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll On | Here

I thought I would do a little beauty post today as I've been trying out some new products lately, and for once I've had quite a good run of buying new bits that are actually effective, and do what they say they will! It's so easy to waste money on products which are complete let-downs, but all of these have definitely lived up to my expectations and are now firm favourites in my little make-up routine!

Foundation - For years and years, I used the Perfectly Real Foundation by Clinique, which was great, but after using it for so long I found that I really wanted a change. I was introduced to Chanel foundation by the lovely Jo from Amodatta who is definitely my go-to on all things make-up and she has some great tips over on her blog which you can read here! Chanel Vitalumiere is perfect for me because I really hate the feeling of having too much make-up piled onto my face, and much prefer a lighter foundation - this is a lovely light texture which glides on and sits on the face well without feeling too heavy. It's definitely not one of those I-could-scrape-this-off-with-my-fingernail type foundations, it's really subtle and ideal if you want a more natural look. It's really easy to put on in the morning and lasts amazingly well - so I think I will be sticking with this for a while!

Lips - I bought my first ever MAC Lipstick the other day!! I know, shameful, how have I gone so long without ever trying one? I think it's because I've always been so content with my various Revlon shades, but I've heard so much about the MAC Creme Cup that I couldn't resist...and now I think I'm addicted. It's such a lovely, light pink shade and has an incredible finish, so I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm about to become a serious MAC addict. I've lasted 23 years without though, so I don't think thats too bad right? I have also seen a number of my favourite Beauty Bloggers using this Clarins lip product, so obviously I had to try that...I bought it in the 'Rose Shimmer' shade as I love pinky tones, and it's definitely worth the spend I think, it glides on perfectly and has a lovely lasting shine. L'Oreal Glam Shine is another favourite lip gloss at the moment - a  clear lip colour is always an essential when you're in a rush or just need something to glam up your lips.

Nails - If you can't wear a ridiculous amount of glittery nail varnish at Christmas then when can you? I always go a bit mad with nail varnish that sparkles and glitters at this time of year, I feel like I have a very small window in which OTT glitter is acceptable, so I have to get in as much as I can. I picked up these shades from Rimmel the other day and really love them all, glittery red is literally perfect for Christmas, and the clear Finishing Touch is perfect for painting over a colour coat to add that shimmery finish. This glitter-heavy nail varnish is an absolute nightmare to remove though, as I'm sure everyone knows, so all I can suggest is that you make sure to always wear a clear base coat to protect your nails, don't do an insane amount of layers with the glitter and be prepared to spend ages getting it all off. Any tips for easy glitter removal - please let me know!

Eyes - In the Winter I have a real nightmare with dark circles under my eyes; I think it's because my skin is a lot paler (I really need a tan) and dark circles aren't really helped by lack-of-sleep/stress and all those things that come with everyday existence! Anyway, I will try anything and everything to beat these dark circles and have used everything from Clinique to Natural Collection creams and concealers to try and solve this problem. My latest attempt at banishing them is the Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll On Concealer which I bought in the 'Fair' shade because my skin is very pale. I use it in the morning under my eyes just to fill in those dark circles and found that it actually helps quite a lot - it's really cooling on the eyes and just helps to hide the problem a bit! Don't make the mistake of rolling on too much, you only want a little amount - but once you get the hang of how much you need and blend properly, this is a great product for when you're in a rush and just need  a quick-fix to cover those circles when you first wake-up.


18 December 2013

Counting Down To Christmas: Day's 17 & 18

 Topshop Freedom Jewellery Advent Calendar

Here are Day's 17 & 18 of the Advent calendar. It's getting so close to Christmas now!! Day 17 was a little ribbon bracelet to match the necklace, and Day 18 another black & gold bracelet - apologies, it's really hard to see in the pictures because it's so dark, but I promise it looks nice :-) The calendar is definitely starting to look really pretty now most of the doors are open, pretty excited to get wearing it all I must say. I've finally finished all my Christmas shopping today too...now to wrap everything!!

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