29 July 2013

Casual Cropped

Cropped Sweatshirt - Topshop
Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Heels - Next

The casual cropped sweatshirt look is something I'm loving at the moment and if you're a Petite girl, then trust me, the cropped sweat is ideal! Seeing as the weathers gone a bit unpredictable, this light sweatshirt from Topshop is perfect - unlike a lot of jumpers out there, it doesn't drown me and because of the cropped style, actually looks something like a normal jumper on me! Topshop have these going in lots of different colours, I've noticed they're all in the sale at the moment, so I'd suggest snapping up one if you can!

If not, don't panic, the cropped sweatshirt is everywhere - especially River Island, they have a huge range of bright summer colours and you can check out the navy one from my post 'Skyscraper Blues'. The shorts are from Miss Selfridge, a lightweight black pair I picked up in the sale and actually from the mainstream section...they're pretty short on me as you can see, so goodness knows what they look like on women over 5ft 3! This is a great casual outfit for me, especially during the summer, and as usual - I'd seriously recommend anything cropped for a Petite frame - it really will flatter you!


23 July 2013

Fit & Flare!

Dress - Topshop Petite
Heels - Next

Just quickly, I have to update on this really great style! If you're a Petite then this is one of the best dress options to go for and thankfully, Fit and Flare dresses are everywhere at the moment! They really flatter the waist and also hide the tummy, which is great if you're not having a very good stomach day. Dresses in summer are probably the easiest option; I find it so much less hassle to just pull on one thing instead of trying to mix and match tops and skirts! 

This is a really pretty number from the Topshop Petite section and I'd recommend to anyone with a small frame looking for a bright, flattering summer dress! It's a really soft material so perfect for this hot weather and has pretty lace detail and corset upper-body fit, easy as a casual dress for the day, or in the evening you could jazz it up with a belt or statement necklace! Here I've gone for simple, because sometimes less is really more and with a dress like this, you don't need much else! Topshop also do the same dress in a pretty floral pattern and I would seriously suggest a buy!


Another Masquerading Midi...

Midi Dress - Miss Selfridge
Heels - Next
Bracelet - Vintage

Another masquerading Midi dress...honestly, this is a really great trick if you're a Petite and actually want a Maxi dress that doesn't drown you! Seeing as no designers seem to want to make flattering Petite Maxi dresses, then, as I keep saying, we have to get creative!! In a few posts back I did a post on the Black Miss Selfridge 'Midi' dress that I was using as a Maxi dress, and since then I've gone back and bought this black and white print one...because it's too good a style trick not to tap into! There are so many of these Midi dresses in Miss Selfridge which actually come to my ankles (instead of the mid-calf as the 'Midi' would suggest) so this summer, they are the perfect solution to my Maxi dress problems! I may have to go back and buy the grey...and the pink...watch this space!


20 July 2013

Styla Shorts Pick

Shorts - Miss Selfridge
T-Shirt - River Island
Wedges - Faith (last year)
Pendant - Topshop

Shorts...obviously another nightmare for Petite girls! 'Petite' shorts are more like hot pants or knickers and it's almost not bothering with bottoms at all, and Mainstream shorts are too big, too long, poorly fitting and shorts are really just yet another mission impossible. This is obviously quite a sweepingly negative judgement of Petite shorts and I will soon be putting up a full post on shorts, but for now, I have to give some attention to my shorts find of the summer! The shorts (black and white stripes) are from Miss Selfridge and not from the Petite section, but they do fit! If you don't want a pair of hot-pants then you have to buy from the Mainstream sections...and in this instance, the stretch fabric of these shorts somehow makes them suitable from my shape! 

This style of T-Shirt is great, it's casual and can be worn in the day or evening and great if you want to cover your shoulders. This grey one is from River Island but they are everywhere at the moment and so not too difficult to come by! The wedges are from Faith last year and a great addition to an outfit if you want some height (which I always do!)


18 July 2013

Summer Nights!

Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Wedges - River Island
Bag - Jasper Conran

Seriously...it's so hot! So what on earth do you wear in the evenings?! Don't be fooled, this is England remember, so the cool creeps in pretty quickly after six o clock! So I've found the loose, long-sleeved shirt is a pretty great idea for those evenings where you want to be cool but not freeze! I bought this pink shirt from Miss Selfridge a while ago and really love it, it's not from the Petite section but thankfully, the sleeves aren't too long - and if you do have trouble with them, then they can be rolled up and buttoned! 

The wedges are from River Island and a great summer buy if you want some height for the evening, team with a pair of skinny leggings, these are a wet-look pair from Miss Selfridge again (still not the Petite section, they didn't have any in stock BUT the mainstream ones fit, even if they are a bit folded over at the ankles!!) Then I must do one minute on this BEAUTIFUL bag - it's an amazing Jasper Conran stunner (another Debenhams sale buy) and honestly it's my love of the summer!


16 July 2013

The Peplum Obsession

Peplum Tops - Topshop
Bodycon Skirt - Topson
Necklace - Vintage
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

Every so often, you tap into a style that really suits your body shape! I often take this to the extremes...and go off and mass-buy the style in as many colours as I possibly can! My latest obsession (after the 'Cropped' tees and jumpers) is PEPLUM! Peplum is my ultimate ideal style. I have always been incredibly self conscious of my stomach and hate tight fitting tops and dresses. So Peplum is like my saviour. Its a way of wearing sleeveless, tightly fitted tops which show off the figure...BUT conveniently cover the tummy...absolutely ideal ;-) Peplum is also a great style for Petites because it curves in and out, showing off the figure. 

Black Peplum - you can't really get much better for me. I just suit black and it makes me feel elegant and slim. The beauty of Peplum is that it serves many purposes, you can wear it on a night out (as I do very often), for work, casual...whatever and whenever you like really! Obviously, these Peplums come in so many different colours. River Island have an incredible selection at the moment and I'm having to work very hard not keep buying them! Their high neckline also makes them ideal for statement necklaces...and don't even get me started on Peplum evening dresses...


Masquerading Midi

Midi Dress - Miss Selfridge
Wedges - Dorothy Perkins
Pendant - Topshop
Watch - DKNY

It's summer in the UK...and I actually mean 'summer' for once, because instead of the usual rain and misery we get, we've had amazing sunshine for days on end now...and it's not set to disappear anytime soon! So, what better garment to wear in this weather than a Maxi Dress! I did a post last week, 'Maxi Madness', which looks at some of the most realistic Maxi options around for Petite girls, and whilst there are definitely more than last year, they still aren't ideal!

A large amount of Maxi's tend to be frilly, floaty and flowery (pretty) but not ideal for the Petite figure - even if they DO fit properly - I find that the frills and ruffles really don't suit my small frame. I want something elegant...and to my ankles (not trailing for miles behind me on the floor)...basically I want a Maxi dress that doesn't make me look ridiculous! Maxi's will always be a bit tricky for Petites...but I have officially found a solution!! Make your Midi dress masquerade as a Maxi!

'Midi' dresses are supposed to come to below the knee and above the ankles, give or a take a few inches dependent on height. On women five foot 4/5 and up, I'd say the Midi dress does pretty much what is says on the tin - but for Petites? Well...these 'Midi' dresses (when located in the mainstream sections) actually come to my ankles!! Imagine my initial irritation when, trying on a rather sleek Midi dress from Miss Selfridge, I found it lingered around my ankles. But THEN I twigged that, actually, instead of the hideous 'flower power' Petite Maxi's I'd been trying on, this Midi did just the trick! So, in went the Masquerading Midi into my shopping basket...

Miss Selfridge come in pretty useful here. They have a HUGE range of these Midi dresses in the Mainstream sections (stripes, patterns, different colours) and so I would seriously, seriously recommend them. Also DON'T be put off by the tightness of the material, sizes 6/8 and 10 are all pretty figure hugging (great if you want to show off your bod) but not so much if you want a loose, cool item for summer - so do what I did - and buy a size 14!! Yes, I know (buying a size 14 Midi dress to masquerade as Maxi is hardly conventional) but honestly - it WORKS! This is the closest thing I've got to a decent Maxi so far, perfect height, lovely and cool (covers the tummy for bad stomach days) AND it doesn't make me look like a bag lady! These Midi's are easy to find (Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island...) and the perfect solution to an age old Petite problem. So until the designers decide it's a good idea to actually come up with an elegant Petite Maxi....then we Petite's have to get creative!!


14 July 2013

Skyscraper Blues

Sweatshirt - River Island
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Jasper Conran

Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans and right? 'Favourite jeans' pretty much being a necessity for Petite girls...for us, jeans are so stupidly hard to come by that, once you (by some miracle) find a pair you love, then they quickly become your all time favourites...
Finding jeans and trousers (or really trying and failing in my case) seems to be a nightmare for everyone! But for Petites like myself, then it's almost a mission impossible! I'll be putting up a Style Guide to Petite Jeans post within the next few days, but for now, it's time for my all time favourite jeans to get their moment in the limelight!

These light blue babies are from Topshop last year, NOT from the Petite section (jeans in the Petite section are always far too small and tight for me). I love the pale blue (great for summer) and the material is light enough to be comfy (I hate super tight annoying jeans). I love the jeans look because, if I wear them with a pair of heels, it elongates my legs and allows me to look just a teeny bit taller AND slimmer!

As for the rest of the outfit, it's another 'Cropped' style sweatshirt from River Island in a navy, which I love and plan to buy more of (I've spied R.I have some more colours in, so my next stop is there for sure! The shoes are from Dorothy Perkins and surprisingly comfy, they did require a bit of bedding in but now they are firm friends. The bag is Jasper Conran (bought in the Debenhams sale) and is a great one for evenings, everything fits in (I carry a lot of stuff in my bag) and it still looks glam! The statement necklace is from Miss Selfridge a while ago, and is perfect for jazzing up a plain outfit!


13 July 2013

Animal Prints & Pinks!

T-Shirt - Topshop
Animal Print Shorts - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - Faith

Another cropped T-Shirt...what can I say! They just go so well with everything! For Petite girls, once you tap into a style that works, then things like T-Shirts...they become relatively easy! Shorts...those not so much. If you're Petite then, as a rule, finding shorts that fit is an absolute nightmare! I find that, if I look in the Petite section, the shorts literally come up so short it's ridiculous and I might as well not even bother wearing them...so I tend to hunt for shorts in the mainstream sections, which is annoying, because they are never ideal, but there aren't many other options!

By some miracle I got lucky with these animal print shorts from Topshop, they pin in at the waist and are really flattering and somehow the perfect length for me...I guess you just have to try on different things until you find something that works! I'd advise this kind of look for Petites though, especially in summer, as it's all bright and lively, but fitted enough to show off a figure (and not get drowned in Tent-sized T-shirts!)

The pink T-Shirt is exactly the same style as the one in my post 'Pale and Patterned' and I can't express how much I love this style! Silky, light material and really flattering and the cropped style works perfectly on the Petite figure - you can team it with whatever you like, high-waisted shorts, jeans or skirts...I've even worn them over a long dress once! The shoes are from Faith last year, really great shoes and I've seen they have plenty of similar types in stock at the moment. One of the great things about being Petite is that there's NO restriction on heel height...you need never worry about being too tall ;-)


12 July 2013

Pale and Patterned

T-Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins Petites
Shoes - Next

Recently, I discovered this AMAZING style of cropped T-Shirt in Topshop! It's perfect for a Petite because it doesn't drown the small frame and it's also really flattering - it hides the upper arms and elongates the remainder on show, so it's great for if you want to be a bit more covered up, yet still summery! I've also bought the same style in a bright pink (I'm a big one for buying duplicate styles in different colours - as it's so rare I find a style I actually like!)

The pencil skirt is from the Dorothy Perkins Petite section, the same style as the black skirt two posts ago and is so comfy, the material is light yet has just the right amount of 'cling' to pull in the stomach! The shoes are Next and my current favourites, perfect summer heels that aren't too high/flimsy...the heel is pretty solid and they're actually really comfy! This cropped-tee and pencil skirt combo is GREAT for Petites, I seem to be wearing variations all the time!


The Cropped Look!

White Lace Top - Topshop
Pencil Skirt - Dorothy Perkins Petite
Shoes - Next
Clutch Bag - Accessorize

I've found that, even if you're 'Petite', you certainly can't rely only shopping only in the 'Petite' sections, or you'll end up with a seriously limited wardrobe...so you have to suss out the tricks! Somehow, I stumbled upon the cropped look - probably because, suddenly, cropped t-shirts and sweatshirts starting popping up all over Topshop. The 'Cropped' style is then, as I discovered, a great way to wear pretty tops that fit properly (normally they come down too long and look a bit tent-ish) so for anyone under 5ft3, I'd seriously suggest going cropped! I found this white lace long-sleeved top in Topshop afew months ago and it was perfect because I always tend to go for items with sleeves! Putting a pencil skirt with a cropped look is a good route (only finding a Pencil skirt that doesn't come to my ankles is a bit tricky) but thankfully I found a few in the Dorothy Perkins Petite section (very reasonably priced) and they sit perfectly just below my knees! 

Jeans and shorts (high-waisted) are also good ones to team with cropped tops and t-shirts, if nervous about having your stomach on show (as I often am) then the tighter fitting garments will hold you in nicely and the cropped look is a great way to show off your figure!! The Dorothy Perkins Petite pencil skirt is the perfect length, there are quite a few different colours and patterns available at the moment on the website! Perfect for going out, work or daytime! The heels (from Next) are my best buy of the month - one thing I never have trouble finding is shoes - and these are perfect for summer! The beige clutch is from Accessorize, bought as a result of some birthday vouchers and is perfect for a night out and goes with pretty much everything!!

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