11 July 2013

Petite Girls Like To Look Good Too!

Hi everyone! I’m a five foot tall twenty-two-year-old who has an absolute nightmare finding clothes to fit my frame! Personally, if you’re ‘under five foot three’ in height, then I think you’re a little hard done by (like me). Not only do you need Skyscraper heels to reach peoples shoulders, but finding trousers that aren’t too long and dresses that don’t trail for miles behind you is a pretty near impossible feat sometimes. Designers don’t seem to bother with Petite ranges, there are ‘Plus Size’ models but there really aren’t ‘Petite’ ones and on the whole, I think Petite girls are pretty neglected in the fashion stakes.

So how do we get around this? Well, we have to take an extra god-knows-how-long amount of time to shop and dig out garments that won’t drown us or make us look like we’re wearing tents. This in mind, I’m going to use this blog to document my fashion triumphs and struggles, my hunt for Petite items that fit and any especially exciting new developments in the Petite fashion world! Oh, and the occasional ‘Petite Style’ grumble! Happy reading!


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  1. I totally agree with your comments. I too can't wear some petite clothes as I'm not very petite on some parts of my body.

    E.g. Chunky calves on short legs = a skinny jean disaster, petite or normal sized. I struggle to get them over my calves!

    I shop a lot in petite friendly stores. E.g. Thigh high skirt and dresses = great for petites.



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