18 August 2013

Jewellery Update

Necklace - Accessorize
Midi Ring - Topshop
Earrings - Miss Selfridge
Ring - Miss Selfridge

I haven't bought any jewellery for AGES...mainly because I have too much already that I don't wear! But I couldn't resist these bits when I was shopping last week, so here are my latests items (at least being Petite has no bearing whatsoever on what necklaces or earrings you choose to wear!

I really love this necklace from Accessorize! The blue stones are great with dark hair and with a tan and, when I wore it with a white T-Shirt on Saturday night, it looked great! I've always been a bit wary of necklaces, because I tend to just wear one, a chain with my name on, but now I think it's time to branch out a bit. Who knows, perhaps soon I might be wearing those enormous fluorescent yellow and green statement necklaces that seem to be all over the place these days!

The 'Midi Ring' is also something that has been confusing me...does it look nice or not? I think the Midi Ring look works when you wear a few on your hands at a time, otherwise it looks a bit strange. I tried this one from Topshop, I quite like it, only when I asked someone's opinion, they told me it looked as if I was trying to wear a ring that didn't fit....so who knows what to think of the Midi Ring at this point! They also aren't desperately practical and get in the way when I'm trying to open things...so I have yet to decide on this one. If I'm honest, I'm now wearing this Topshop 'Midi' ring as a normal ring on my little finger...so perhaps that says it all!

You cannot beat the Miss Selfridge earrings, I always see at least several pairs I love when I browse in their jewellery section. They are relatively reasonably priced and pretty too, so I had to buy these gorgeous gold hearts and I haven't really taken them off since! Finally the gold ring from Miss Selfridge - massive error here. Despite trying it on in the shop, when I got it home and out of its packaging, I found it was too big for me! Can you return rings or is it just earrings they say you can't? Boo :-( 


Summer White

Top - Warehouse
Leggings - Miss Selfridge Petite
Heels - Faith
Necklace - Accessorize

Nights out in this kind of clammy summer heat are tricky in terms of what to wear! The clubs are hot but the weather outside really can't make up it's mind, so it's pretty difficult to decide what to go for. Last night I opted for this white T-Shirt from Warehouse which I absolutely love, it's so flattering and I really like the lace detail at the front. Plus, being Petite, it's long enough to cover the top of my leggings perfectly! The leggings themselves are a wet-look favourite pair from the Miss Selfridge Petite section and are great in terms of a smart material which isn't too painfully tight! Topped off with my favourite Faith heels and a really pretty necklace from Accessorize, this was a great outfit for a hot night out! The good thing about being Petite here is it's easy to get away with the leggings looks, because nine times out of ten you'll always find tops long enough to cover the top of your leggings! White and black are pretty slimming colours for me, and if you set things off with a nice pair of heels and a necklace then you have a simple but sophisticated outfit for an evening!


14 August 2013

Styla Trousers & Bags Pick

Dog-Toothed Leggings - Miss Selfridge Petite
Grey Jeans - Topshop Petite
Black Geometric Jeans - River Island 'Short'
Blue High Waist Jeans - River Island
Red Holdall - Topshop
White Satchel - Topshop
Black Satchel - River Island 
White & Beige Bag - River Island

I have a thing about bags (because I love them) and I also have a thing about Trousers (because they are so hard to find!) For everyone, trousers and jeans seem to be a universal nightmare, but even harder for Petite girls, because the lengths of all the pretty jeans in the shops are just too long! So here are some of my suggestions. Leggings aren't too difficult Petite-wise, because of their usually stretchy material - you can get away with buying them from the Mainstream sections (if you can bear the rolls of material at the ankles - not really a problem in boots in Winter!) Or, alternatively, you can wait and see what leggings crop up in the Petite sections, even if they aren't quite what you wanted.

These patterned leggings from Miss Selfridge Petite section are great, finally a pattern that isn't black - lets just hope they look nice when bought! Topshop are always good for Petite jeans, they just tend to sell out super fast, but I've had my eye on these light greys as I really suit this colour and it's easy to match with all sorts of other accessories, plus the material is amazingly soft! The geometric jeans from River Island are a bit more bold! A great thing about River Island jeans is that they offer different length options, including 'Short', which is great for Petite River-Island lovers as it means we don't have to miss out! I really love the patterned jeans look at the moment, but as ever, struggle to find any that fit - but River Island offers a few different options online, so it's well worth a look on there I think! Their blue jeans also look nice and comfy and high-waisted too, always good for holding you in on a bad stomach day!

Bag wise - I really want all of these!! And there are no 'Petite sizing' dilemmas involved with bags! I love satchels at the moment, and have yet to purchase one, but I think the white one is amazing and would really love to buy it - white is a good bag colour to match with different outfits! River Island and Topshop always stock amazing bags and I find myself wanting all of them everytime I browse online or go into a store. Here are just a few of the ones I felt would go best with these jeans, but that's not to say I don't want every other satchel and leather bag in stock...because I do! :-) 


13 August 2013

Mango & Stripes

Top - H&M
Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Wedges - Faith
Pendant - Topshop

The shorts with the stripes are out again! I really love this particular Miss Selfridge shorts offering and they are by far my favourite buy of the summer. I've always been a bit wary of stripes but this year they've been perfect to jazz up an outfit, it means you can wear plain t-shirts and tops and yet still have some detail on the bottom half! The material is really comfy too, so all around a great buy. I have stumbled upon quite a few of these thin, cover-up tops in H&M this summer, perfect for if the weather cools or you want to cover your arms. I really like this bright orangey colour and the material is really light too, a great casual summer outfit for the Petite frame here, accentuated by the wedges of course!!

I am still relying on my wedges from Faith a few years back because I haven't really found any I like this year - any suggestions? I'm also slowly coming round to this idea of statement necklaces and pendants; I've always been more of a less-is-more kind of girl but I'm falling in love with all these amazing jewellery items in Topshop and Miss Selfridge...so expect to see some more lively necklaces popping up in posts to come! I know it's only mid-August but I can't help but feel like the sunny weather is slowly vanishing and soon it'll be time for Jeans, Boots and Coats again, so I'm currently putting together a Petite Trousers post, to see what (if any) options await us Petites this coming winter!


6 August 2013

Styla Shoe Pick #1

Being Petite has one serious advantage...you can ALWAYS wear heels, and you need never worry about being too tall! I'm forever hunting for new heels to wear, lusting after pairs that are way too expensive and dithering over which ones to buy! These are the shoes that are currently pestering me in my dreams and begging me to buy them...not that I will be able to, but maybe some of them will get knocked down in the sale? I know it's still summer, but I'm still starting to look for boots for winter...you can never be too prepared plus the decent ones sell out in a heartbeat it seems! And my eyes are always drawn to anything glittery or sparkly, so expect lots of those in Styla Shoe Pick posts of the future! My favourite brand has to be Miss KG, shortly followed by Miss Selfridge heels and Topshop boots...River Island are pretty good too...basically, I just love all shoes!

1. Nude Heels - River Island
2. Black Heels - Miss KG
3. Nude & Silver Heels - Topshop
4. Black & Gold Boots - Topshop
5. Brown Boots - Topshop
6. Gladiator Heels - Miss Selfridge
Someone buy me a pair? ;-) 

Styla Sights-Set-On #1

I spend my life online shopping, or should I say, online 'browsing', because until I'm rich I can only look and not touch! So what I thought I'd do is scout out some of the best Petite clothes that I spy on my travels and let you know what I'm loving. Obviously, I have to include accessories and shoes, that's a given, so expect plenty of those in these Sights-Set-On posts! Without a doubt, Topshop and Miss Selfridge are my two favourite shops for Petite clothing and I pretty much want everything in the Petite sections (even though I know it may not actually fit or suit me) but I can continue to dream! Here are some of the items I've got my Sights-Set-On this month! And of course, being Petite, I am ALWAYS looking for gorgeous shoes and so my dream heels are in this post too.

White Jeans - Topshop Petite
Playsuit - Topshop Petite
Black Body - Miss Selfridge Petite
Heels - Miss Selfridge
Handbag - Miss Selfridge
Earrings - Miss Selfridge
Brooch - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Miss Selfridge Petite

Styla Shirt Pick

Styla Shirt Pick - Topshop's 'Tea Blouse'

Of all the T-Shirts floating around out there at the moment, the gong for the most stylish (in my opinion) goes to Topshop! This amazing black 'tea blouse' is so flattering for the Petite frame (despite not being from the Petite section) and is just really elegant and great to wear, you can wear it to work or for casual and the style is just one I can't get enough of! It's available in black, white and cream and I would seriously suggest purchasing one if you have a small frame because it's one of the most flattering things I've put on for a long time. And perfect if you're having to work in this hot weather - lovely cool material!


Swirling Skirts

T-Shirt - Warehouse
Skirt - River Island
Necklace - Topshop

This week I've been on a bit of a spending spree and picked up a few amazing new bits which I will highlight in my next post! I just wanted to do a few minutes on a look I'm really loving at the moment for Petites, which is this particular T-Shirt/Skirt combo! What's good about these Midi skirts is, because the front cuts off at the knee, the skirt doesn't drown my shape like a lot of ankle-length skirts do! I was furious when I tried on some of the Petite skirts in Topshop last week to find they were STILL too long! 

So I have resorted back to this navy River Island number from last year, seeing as skirts are so hard to find - though I have noticed this style is around in the likes of Miss Selfridge and River Island but you might have to prepare for the back being a bit long! The T-Shirt is from Warehouse with a lacy patterned front and fits perfectly, amazingly, and can be tucked in or left to hang (perfect over leggings actually). Also, apologies for the lack of footwear, I went to a wedding on Saturday night (outfit and occasion-wear post to follow) and wore a stunning pair of Faith heels - unfortunately, I was left with some not-so-stunning blisters and I am in serious pain still! Ouch!

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