29 September 2013

Knee Boots Anyone?

I absolutely love knee-high boots, I think they’re great for Winter, a really stylish way to keep your legs warm! But, being Petite, I have a real problem finding ones that fit me properly – mainly because, having such a little legs, nine times out of ten the calf area of the boot is way too big! I’m sure fellow Petite’s will know exactly what I mean! So to get round this, I always look for knee-high’s which either have a buckle around the top which can tighten the boot around the leg, or just tight material in general. Last year I found a great pair from Forever 21 (after months of searching) which had a nice buckle which I could tighten – but sadly they’ve fallen apart and I need a new pair! This year I’ve had no luck whatsoever, I know I’m getting on to this quite early but I’ve tried boots on in Next, Debenhams, Office and goodness knows where else, and as yet, got nothing. So I have been doing some hunting online for some potential options and hoping that I'm going to find a pair that fit.

The top row of boots in my little collage are all Kurt Geiger, without a doubt my favourite brand in the world (I only wish I could afford it's prices!) I spend a ridiculous amount of time of the KG website browsing for heels, shoes and boots, and their knee high boots are really stunning this year. They look so elegant in shiny blacks and browns, but as always, I'm really nervous of buying a pair because I'm pretty sure the calf area will be too big on me. I bought the most incredible pair of knee-high's in the KG sale last spring, they arrived in a box about as big as me and, despite being stunning, they didn't fit...so perhaps I'm being a bit ambitious constantly spying on these boots...and considering the prices, perhaps I should turn my attentions elsewhere.

River Island have really surprised me this year with their boots offering. I'm not quite sure what River Island are doing with themselves these days to be honest, I remember when I was 15/16, it was my favourite shop...then it all seemed to go downhill a bit and, dare I say it, a lot of the clothes seemed almost a bit tacky...but now it's rejuvenated itself again and things seem to be improving! With a little help from the Rihanna collection I would imagine, but even so, the clothes in there are getting better and the shoes are looking amazing, I love their boots collection - pretty expensive if I'm honest - but they're quite lively and vibrant, so maybe I'll have to try a few pairs on and see what happens. Topshop of course have a great collection as always but I always have a problem with their boots because the calf is always to high and knee high boots turn in to thigh high boots - but I can still look. Any Petite readers with knee-high boot style tips then please let me know! I definitely need a pair ASAP!


28 September 2013

Flower Power Pale

Artemis Black Chelsea Boot
Coat - Warehouse
Jumper - Warehouse
Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Miss Selfridge

I know, I know, another coat. I complain endlessly about the difficulties in finding Petite coats...and then what do I go and do...I find two perfectly fitting coats from two of the stores I so complained about in the first place! So, Topshop and Warehouse, I take it back...you do have some coats to suit us Petite ladies! I found this amazing grey hooded coat in Warehouse whilst shopping last week...I honestly didn't think it would fit (I thought I'd have the usual problems, sleeves too long, hem too long, general tent-like trouble, etc) but incredibly, it fit me like a glove! It was rather pricey I must say, but then, I think that's pretty standard for a Winter coat these days and I'd rather pay more for something that will (hopefully) last me a long time! Anyway, the moral of this story is, if you see something you like - try it on anyway and don't dismiss it - because it might actually have your name written all over it!

Then here are the pink jeans I mentioned in my last post! I really love them and think they match really well with the light grey colour of this coat, plus the stretchy material is so comfy - I really hate jeans, but if I wear them at all, I go for the softer material and find this works out a lot better! The boots are a new purchase from Miss Selfridge, I bought them online the other day because I thought the gold buckle added a nice bit of detail and the heel was just right to give me a bit of height, whilst also being practical...well, practical-ish! I know you can't really see them too well in the photo's but see the image from the website for a closer look. 


26 September 2013

Pretty In Pink

Cami Top - Topshop
Jacket - Oasis
Knit Jumper - Topshop
Shoulder Bag - River Island
Pink Heels - Kurt Keiger
Necklace - Topshop
Pink Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Earrings - Topshop
Pumps - Miss Selfridge
Scarf - Topshop

I've become a bit obsessed with the colour pink recently! Slightly uncharacteristic really, as I don't wear much pink at all, but suddenly I keep finding my eyes going to straight to the pink items and I can't get over how pretty the pale pink shade can be! I think it's all to do with my pastel colours obsession, pale greens and blues, and pinks of course, it started of with me constantly painting my nails various shades of pale and now it seems to be transpiring into clothes! People have told me for years to stop wearing so much black, so perhaps finally  (albeit slowly) I'm starting to take their advice! I love this pink jacket from Oasis, but perhaps it's a bit too summery? Though I think it's perfect for this transition stage between summer and autumn...but chances are the sleeves would be too long for my little frame and I might look like I'm entering into a pink-tent competition. All I can say is, I've got my eye on it, so if I find myself in Oasis on Saturday morning, who knows!!

 I love the pink Topshop jeans also (I've actually bought them) and they will be featuring in my next outfit post. I'm afraid this has meant breaking one of my classic rules - which is, never wear pale colours on the legs - I've always gone with this because, being Petite, pale colours always seemed to make my legs look larger, where darker colours slimmed them down. But these Leigh jeans don't do this at all, they are so comfy and slim fit that actually, with heels, my legs almost look long! So, obviously, all I really need now is every other accessory in this collection (I threw in the bright pink heels just because they are so gorgeous) - I have a birthday coming up so maybe, if anyone asks me what I want, I'll just say I want something pink!


23 September 2013

Purple Walks

  Top - Warehouse
Leggings - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Tops

I went shopping for the first time in AGES on Saturday and obviously my deprivation caught up with me, as I spent a despicable amount on clothes! What can I say, they are all Winter essentials! Unfortunately, I've developed a bit of an obsession with Warehouse at the moment, which really isn't good for my bank balance because the items are quite pricey! But last year I fell in love with all their Winter jumpers, and it looks like the same is happening this year! This amazing purple and gold-patterned jumper is my favourite Warehouse find, sometimes you try something on and it just fits you perfectly, the colour is gorgeous (makes a nice change from black) and so I had to buy it. They have them in stock in white and black too...uh oh! 

I love comfy tops like this for Winter, I tend to over-indulge in my chocolate habit during the winter months so it's always nice to have pretty cover up items! Teamed with standard leggings and Topshop boots from last year, this is a pretty comfy casual outfit! As you can see, I've literally worn these poor boots out...but I discovered last week that they are actually still in stock on the Topshop website! Such a great pair of boots, I don't think I took them off last year (hence the wear and tear) so perhaps I might purchase a replacement pair...they do them in brown, so maybe I will branch out to those. You can't beat tried and tested after all!


21 September 2013

More Black & Gold

Dress - ASOS
Necklace - Accessorize
Boots - Topshop
Nails - Revlon
Rings - Topshop

Happy Saturday!! So glad it's the weekend! I thought I'd post my outfit from last night, as over the years I've found it's the simple (then accessorised up outfits) that work best for the Petite frame! I think everyone has a different priority when they get dressed to go out - mine always seems to be, 'I want to look as slim as possible'  - simply because, being so small, a lot of prints really aren't flattering to the Petite shape! We need heels and simple garments to elongate us and stop us from looking too frumpy - so dresses like this, for me, are perfect. This is a lovely ASOS dress that I bought last week, it's not Petite, but I knew because of it's stretchy material that it wouldn't be too long. It's so flattering to my shape and clings really nicely, so I was so happy with it when it arrived.

I don't think you can beat plain black sometimes, because it means you can accessorise however you like! When I saw this black and gold statement necklace on the Accessorize website, I knew it'd be perfect!! It's all you need to glam up an outfit like this and take the dress from day to night! Teamed with these boots (Topshop a few years ago) I felt like this was a pretty good Friday night evening out! And, as it's getting Wintery, there's no harm in bringing out the long sleeves and tights (I can't bare too much skin in the winter, I just get way too cold). I went for red nails (Revlon - best nail varnish in the world) and my usual rings from Topshop. Although, I'm planning on shopping this weekend...so hopefully I will find some new jewellery!


19 September 2013

Working Winter

 Jumper - ASOS
Trousers - River Island
Bag  - Jasper Conran
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Nails - Revlon
Coat  - Topshop

One of the best things about fashion is how rapidly it changes, there is always something new and exciting on the scene and, unlike so many other things, fashion never stays the same for long! However, when it comes to buying your wardrobe, this isn’t always a good thing – especially if you’re like me, who has a serious case of ‘last year dread’. You can have the most gorgeous dress from last year, worn once, with absolutely nothing wrong with it…yet when an event comes along, of course you automatically want something new! I’m terrible for this, but I certainly can’t afford to buy something new for every new occasion, and definitely when it comes to everyday wear, I have to recycle some bits from the last few years! 

Being Petite, I meet the same problems every year and my annual nightmares include Coats, Jeans, Trousers, Skirts, Dresses…actually you know what, pretty much everything! Hunting for work trousers is always pretty difficult and at this time of year, it starts to get a bit cold for skirts! But, of course, I haven’t managed to find ANY smart work trousers in Petite. Honestly I’m not lying. ASOS had a really great selection in their Petite section, but of course, when I got there, everything had sold out! Typical! So, in this outfit, I’ve had to go back to these black trousers from River Island 2011! 

Sometimes you just have to go with items from many years ago when all else fails! I bought this white jumper from ASOS last year and love it, its perfect for this time of year when we’re transitioning between summer and autumn, it’s nice and thin so can fit under jackets or over shirts, and I don’t feel I’m quite at the knitted jumper stage. Soon though, if it doesn’t warm up! The coat is Topshop last year too...some serious recycling going on here...but needs must! I always love pairing black and white, it’s a colour scheme that I think suits me really well, being brunette, white always makes my hair stand out and black is all time favourite of mine, I find it really slimming and always feel confident in it!


15 September 2013

Styla Sights-Set-On #2

Heeled Sandals - Kurt Geiger
Tote Bag - Kurt Keiger 
Empire Beaded Maxi Dress - Miss Selfridge
Premium Rhinestone Flower Body Cover Necklace - Topshop
Nude Embellished Mini Dress - Miss Selfridge
Diamond Perspex Tube Necklace - Miss Selfridge
PUNK Premium Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Large Cut Out Iridescent Earrings - Topshop
Sequin Cut Out Mini Dress - Topshop

I'm so envious of all the lucky people at LFW at the moment! So I'm distracting myself by looking at all the gorgeous items around online right now instead - obviously, all these these things are mostly terribly out of my price range, but it does no harm to look :-) So this is my Styla Sights Set On post!! I love all things sequinned and embellished at the moment, I know it's only September, but it's now that we start to see the sequins and the glitter creeping in ahead of Christmas and party items...and of course I want everything! I absolutely love this long, black beaded maxi dress from Miss Selfridge. Being Petite, I know there is no way it'd fit me, but it's so stunning and perfect for an occasion where you want to really stand out. Someone make it in Petite? The two dresses are just two of the many incredible items out there at the moment...the nude embellished mini dress is really tempting me, as is the gold sequin cut out mini dress...but for now, it's look but no touch!

I've always been a massive KG fan and the shoes never, ever fail me...I love these incredible heeled sandals, I think they'd be perfect teamed with a black dress for a night out! I think, of all these options, the shoes are probably the safest bet fit-wise...at least being a Petite, I need never worry about the heel height! As for the necklaces, I think they are really stand-out and stunning, the statement necklace thing is really growing on me, so who knows, maybe one day I'll dare to wear items as bold as these. Tote bags are also really tempting me at the moment, I've just bought a gorgeous one from Warehouse, so I really don't need another...but then you can never have too many bags!! As for the white PUNK Premium Chelsea boots...totally impractical for winter, but totally gorgeous too...I might keep a close eye on these and perhaps they might accidentally fall into my shopping basket on Topshop? I mean who actually cares about practicality these days...


14 September 2013

Pink Statement

Necklace - Oasis
Earrings - Miss Selfridge
Heart Ring - Miss Selfridge
Ring - Miss Selfridge

Happy Saturday! I just thought I'd do a quick post on some of the jewellery I've purchased lately, as I'm trying to make an effort to be more bold! This gorgeous statement necklace from Oasis is something I've had my eye on for a while...when it comes to statement necklaces, I'm a bit fussy, I knew I wanted a really pretty one (some of those fluorescent things are so tacky) and have been on the hunt for the perfect one for a while! I found this on the Oasis website and fell in love, the pink shades are stunning and I had to buy it - to be fair, it was a bit pricey at £22 (though it could be a lot worse - I'd never normally spend this amount on a necklace though) yet when it arrived in the post, I absolutely loved it!! It will make a nice change from the usual gold I wear and fits in nicely with my latest 'pale pink' obsession! I

 love Miss Selfridge for jewellery bits, pinks and golds, all my favourite colours and they aren't too horribly expensive (and the sales really knock the prices down sometimes). These pink & silver dangly earrings are really pretty, I don't think I'd wear them with the Oasis necklace as I think that'd be over doing it somewhat but they are great to liven up an outfit or add a bit of something extra for the evening. The rings, Miss Selfridge again, are great too - the heart ring is really cute (not for all occasions) and if I'm honest, you can never have too many rings!! I'm super excited to wear this necklace and see how it works out, so when it goes on it's first outing, you'll be the first to know!! 


13 September 2013

Bright Friday

Jersey Top - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Topshop
Necklace - Vintage
Nails - Revlon
Lips - Revlon Colour-Stay
Rings - Topshop

It's Friday!! I've got a new blog layout and afew new clothing bits to start the weekend off on a good note! I'm so pleased with my coat from Topshop, as I said in my last post, and Topshop are really impressing me at the moment - this navy, jersey top being the latest item I'm obsessed with! It's so light and comfy and a perfect item to just throw on and accessorize to whatever degree you like! As always, when I like a style and find that it suits me, I buy lots of the item in different colours...hence I've bought this top in grey and black too! I may yet end up with more...anyway, I really like this outfit because it's comfy, yet with the right accessories (a lovely vintage necklace courtesy of my Mum) it can be good for day or night.

 I have my trusty Topshop bag and Dorothy Perkins with me too, as these items never fail me either. I'm trying to get more bold in terms of accessories and make-up, so along with a tentative attempt at the statement necklaces, I'm also experimenting with brighter lipsticks. I've recently discovered the Revlon 'Colour-Stay' lip colours, which literally do just what they say on the tin...they stay on forever! The colours are amazing and glide on perfectly, so if your're wanting to try brighter colours but are a little nervy of them, then go for this brand....the results are amazing!! I have no idea why, after a gorgeous summer, I've only just decided to get my pictures going outdoors...but that pretty much sums me up really, always cottoning on to things at the last minute! But before summer leaves us completely, I'll get in what I can!


12 September 2013

If The Coat Fits...

Coat - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Shoes - Miss KG
Bag - Jasper Conran

Well I have to say I'm amazed. A coat that fits me!! So yesterday I did a 'Coats' post and mentioned I'd purchased this Topshop Petite Teddy Fur Pea coat...and because, notoriously, coats never fit Petite frames properly, my hopes weren't that high! I bought this coat in a size six, which is down from my usual ten or eight - it might sound a bit odd to do this (I know you need extra room in coats), but honestly, the material of these coats, even in Petite, is so big and bulky that the smaller the size, the more likely it is to actually sit on your frame! Hence why I went for the six...and amazingly, it worked! It arrived today and I fell in love with it in a heartbeat, it fits PERFECTLY (with room for a jumper underneath if I fancy) it fits my frame really well and it's lovely and warm!! 

So if it's a cold Winter approaching, I'll be just fine with this coat! I think the key is to get on to the winter coat thing early, don't leave it until October when all the decent things have gone (much like I did last year) - always best to prepare and hunt around early for the best options! In other news, these shoes - Miss KG - are amazing, I bought them several weeks ago in the Debenhams sale and they are so comfy, I barely had to bed them in at all! I really don't ever want to take them off, so if you're hunting for a pair of decent flats to get you through until the real winter-boot weather, have a look at Miss KG! Never fails me!


11 September 2013

Standard Petite Coat Nightmare

1. Miss Selfridge Petite
2. Miss Selfridge Petite
3. Topshop Petite
4.River Island
5. Warehouse
6. Topshop Petite

Finding a Winter coat is a pretty important task and, given the sudden severe temperature drop, this is something I've turned my attention to this week! I think the yearly dither over a Winter coat is pretty standard, everyone wants a coat that will keep them warm, that will look attractive and will actually last the season without falling apart....do you pay an extortionate amount or do you go cheap...or, if you're Petite, do you ever actually manage to stumble upon a coat that fits?? Being Petite and buying coats is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Honestly, nothing ever really fits. The sleeves are too long, the hems are too long, the sizes are too baggy and drown our little frames...the coat situation is just ridiculous! Every single year I see gorgeous, stylish coats in places like Warehouse, Oasis, etc etc, and they never, ever fit. The same goes for all the Mainstream sections of Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island....amazing coats, but not for Petite women. 

So, as usual, I find myself limited to the seriously limited Petite coats sections, mainly on Miss Selfridge and Topshop...and above are the choices I've come up with as Top picks. I love the Duffle coat from Miss Selfridge (2.) and Petite Topshop black number (3.) - I've actually just bought this online, it's on its way to me, so you will be the first to know if it actually fits/looks good - given it's Petite, I'm praying it does! I LOVE number (5.), a Warehouse number, the fur and grey combo is gorgeous...but I know it won't fit me and will be far too huge on me. Same with the pink River Island coat (4.)....pretty but just not possible for Petites! So, here begins my coat-hunt, no doubt the one I've ordered won't fit...so any Petite coat suggestions, please do let me know, and when I find one that fits...hear it first here!


7 September 2013

Dresses & Ducklings

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Cropped Jumper - Topshop
Flip-Flops - Accessorize
Ducklings - Local Friends

I feel I have to share these pictures with you because these gorgeous little ducklings deserve some attention!! I've watched these cuties grow from tiny, weeny babies into pretty big ducks and last weekend, they decided to join in a BBQ in the garden with me...literally! Mainly because we've fed them bread (twice a day) these ducklings are now super friendly...and decided to spend the entire evening with me, hunting for food! The evenings are getting pretty cool now once you go past seven, a bit of a sign that summer is nearing it's end, so this is probably one of the last times I'll get to wear this black Miss Selfridge midi dress (which I wear as a Maxi) and which was my ultimate buy of the summer! The Accessorize flip-flops have also been a big hit this summer, I don't seem to have taken them off, plus the faithful Topshop 'Cropped' jumpers have been fab to pull on in these chillier evenings, as you can see I've done here! And,obviously, no outdoor Picnic is complete with out a red tartan rug...or ducklings in this case!

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