12 September 2013

If The Coat Fits...

Coat - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Shoes - Miss KG
Bag - Jasper Conran

Well I have to say I'm amazed. A coat that fits me!! So yesterday I did a 'Coats' post and mentioned I'd purchased this Topshop Petite Teddy Fur Pea coat...and because, notoriously, coats never fit Petite frames properly, my hopes weren't that high! I bought this coat in a size six, which is down from my usual ten or eight - it might sound a bit odd to do this (I know you need extra room in coats), but honestly, the material of these coats, even in Petite, is so big and bulky that the smaller the size, the more likely it is to actually sit on your frame! Hence why I went for the six...and amazingly, it worked! It arrived today and I fell in love with it in a heartbeat, it fits PERFECTLY (with room for a jumper underneath if I fancy) it fits my frame really well and it's lovely and warm!! 

So if it's a cold Winter approaching, I'll be just fine with this coat! I think the key is to get on to the winter coat thing early, don't leave it until October when all the decent things have gone (much like I did last year) - always best to prepare and hunt around early for the best options! In other news, these shoes - Miss KG - are amazing, I bought them several weeks ago in the Debenhams sale and they are so comfy, I barely had to bed them in at all! I really don't ever want to take them off, so if you're hunting for a pair of decent flats to get you through until the real winter-boot weather, have a look at Miss KG! Never fails me!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Carol, I feel pretty pleased! :-) xxx

  2. Yay well done! I hate coat shopping - it's such a nightmare! By the way i am also loving your bag!

    Isabella (isabellamaria88)

  3. Thanks Isabella :-) Total nightmare I agree - bag shopping though, much easier :-) xxx


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