23 September 2013

Purple Walks

  Top - Warehouse
Leggings - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Tops

I went shopping for the first time in AGES on Saturday and obviously my deprivation caught up with me, as I spent a despicable amount on clothes! What can I say, they are all Winter essentials! Unfortunately, I've developed a bit of an obsession with Warehouse at the moment, which really isn't good for my bank balance because the items are quite pricey! But last year I fell in love with all their Winter jumpers, and it looks like the same is happening this year! This amazing purple and gold-patterned jumper is my favourite Warehouse find, sometimes you try something on and it just fits you perfectly, the colour is gorgeous (makes a nice change from black) and so I had to buy it. They have them in stock in white and black too...uh oh! 

I love comfy tops like this for Winter, I tend to over-indulge in my chocolate habit during the winter months so it's always nice to have pretty cover up items! Teamed with standard leggings and Topshop boots from last year, this is a pretty comfy casual outfit! As you can see, I've literally worn these poor boots out...but I discovered last week that they are actually still in stock on the Topshop website! Such a great pair of boots, I don't think I took them off last year (hence the wear and tear) so perhaps I might purchase a replacement pair...they do them in brown, so maybe I will branch out to those. You can't beat tried and tested after all!


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