30 October 2013

Little Bracelet

Bracelet - Jon Richard

Just thought I'd do a quick post on this lovely bracelet that I got for my birthday! I find that, because my wrists are so small, I suit bracelets that are slim, and not chunky, otherwise it all looks a bit too much on my hands! I love the slim, gold style of this bracelet and the detail too, it's really elegant and simple, which is always something that works! It goes really nicely with this Russian wedding ring that I have and I think the whole look is quite elegant!

It's a really sturdy clasp which is nice, I've 'lost' so many bracelets because they've fallen off my wrist. This as actually bought for me as a replacement for one I lost a while ago, it was a similar style and really pretty but must have slipped off my wrist somewhere. This bracelet is great to wear for any occasion really because it's not too much, nor is it too little, so another amazing birthday gift!


Grey & Osprey

Jumper - Warehouse
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Osprey

This is my birthday outfit! I'm not really big on extravagant birthday celebrations, and always prefer to keep things low key, so we just had dinner at my house, which was really nice because my Mum is the best cook ever! She's also got amazing taste in clothes because she bought me this lovely jumper. This is from Warehouse, and is exactly the same style as the pink jumper I mentioned a few posts ago. I absolutely love this style, it really suits my frame and shape and I love the length - it's perfect to wear with leggings or over a skirt. The silver zip detail on the shoulder is great too and the cut really slims the shoulders, it's a pretty jumper but also a good one to wear if you know you're going to be eating a lot...it hides a multitude of sins...so was the perfect item to wear on my birthday, which is always a day of eating too much.

The bag is from Osprey and is an amazing style, I really love Tote bags at the moment and so this was an amazing birthday present. I do love black bags so this suits me perfectly, I love the shape and there is plenty of space inside, plus being black, it does go with everything! Whenever I get a new bag, the first few outings are always spent with me desperately not wanting to get any dirt on it or get it damaged...then after a while, they just become a standard favourite and unfortunately get a little worn out! I am determined to keep this one in pristine condition though, it's far too nice to mess up...so perhaps I will keep it for special occasions only?


22 October 2013

Swirls & Such

 High-Waisted Flock Treggings - Topshop
Coat - Topshop
Boots - Miss Selfridge

Like most Petite ladies, I have serious problems with finding Trousers these days! The Petite sections of my favourite stores really aren’t much help and I find that I just don’t like any of the Petite-style trousers. I feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of time in Leggings – pretty much because they are a fail safe option; thankfully Topshop and Miss Selfridge sell your standard black leggings in Petite, so that's not a problem...but sometimes you want something a bit different!
 absolutely LOVE patterned jeans, trousers and leggings at the moment. I never used to, but recently I’ve realised just how much they can liven up an outfit and add a bit of glamour. Have I been able to find any in Petite though? Of course not. I always try and hunt in the Petite sections first, because I get so fed up of poorly-fitting items bunched up around the knees or ankles. The only good thing I can say about Winter is that, finally, we can wear ankle boots and so it doesn’t matter so much if trousers and leggings have to be bunched or rolled around the ankles!

I was doing my usual disheartened mooch through Topshop the other day, rather grumpily hunting for trousers and certain I wasn’t going to find any, when I spied this gorgeous pair of leggings! Or, 'Treggings' as Topshop prefer to call them. I absolutely love the intricate pattern and grey and black detail, plus they’re just that tiny bit thicker than normal leggings, which is great for a cold Winter day and also means they’ll last a bit longer due to studier material! With a little bit of rolling at the ankles, they actually fit me really nicely! So at least that's one pair of patterned bottoms ready for the Winter...now to find a couple more, because I can't just live in these!

21 October 2013

Sand Tropez

Brand - Essie
Nail Colour - 'Sand Tropez'

I did an Essie nails blog post yesterday, so I thought it might be useful to post on how the 'Sand Tropez' colour turned out! Apologies for the quality; I am counting down the days until I'm the owner of a decent camera. I absolutely love this shade though, it really isn't a colour I would normally go for, but it's a lovely, light sandy shade and I think it's perfect for Autumn. I love pastel colours at the moment and this is a really neutral, elegant shade, ideal for work or day time - I don't think it's a colour I'd choose to wear for the evening, just because I like bolder shades for evenings out, but this is a great choice for the daytime. Application is so easy with this brand and the varnish really lasts, with a lovely shiny sheen to finish! My nails are a bit of the mess, I'm afraid I painted them in a bit of a rush, but that's my fault, not Essie's ;-) I can't wait to try out some more shades!!


20 October 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Cut-Away Shift Dress - Miss Selfridge Petite
Leopard Jumper - Topshop
Yellow Heels - Miss Selfridge
Metallic Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Grey Uggs - Ugg
Leopard Coat - Topshop Petite
Chelsea Boots - River Island
Blue Velvet Top & Skirt - Miss Selfridge Petite

It's my birthday next week so I'd thought I'd compile a little birthday wishlist. I'm not really big on birthdays but it's always fun to look at bits that would be fab presents (if lucky enough to get any of course.)

I really, really want a pair of grey Uggs! I love them and have had my eye on them for ages, but obviously they are pretty expensive...and I do already have a pair of black. Slightly greedy perhaps. I feel like I wear way too much black though, so grey would be a great way of adding a splash of colour and they are so cosy for Winter. Speaking of injecting in some colour to my wardrobe, this is really something I'm trying to work on; so this red/pink cutaway shift dress from Miss Selfridge would be a good start! It'd be nice for a night out with a bit of gold I think - plus I saw Nicole S on the X Factor wearing something a bit like this (no doubt a much more expensive version) on Saturday night and it looked great...though I suppose it would on her!

The yellow heels from Miss Selfridge a bit bold, possibly way too bold for me, but there is something quite fun about them. Plus the leopard print coat - I don't know if I'd dare to wear this - but it's so loud and out there, plus leopard is my favourite print at the moment. Perhaps the jumper is a more realistic option? Baby steps, after all.

I love this matching blue velvet set from Miss Selfridge too, I really like navy and dark blue, I think it works amazingly well with gold and is really elegant, plus velvet is lovely for Winter so I would definitely like this little outfit combo! Perhaps with the necklace...or something more subtle! The aim is definitely to start wearing a bit more colour, so hopefully I might pick up a few bits in the next week or so and get on the colour train!!


19 October 2013

Essie Nails

I only discovered Essie two weeks ago...and I am absolutely hooked! In all honesty, I hadn't actually heard much about the brand before (maybe I live under a rock) and I stumbled on it by chance whilst hunting for a pale pink shade nail colour in Boots. Revlon has always been my staple nail varnish favourite and very rarely do I ever buy any other brand...but I was looking for a really specific shade of pale pink (I'm too fussy) and couldn't find anything suitable in Revlon or with any other make. But I caught sight of this shade of pale pink, 'Fiji' and it was exactly what I wanted! It really is an amazing make; there was the perfect amount of colour with two coats (I normally put on three) and it was a lovely, glossy finish - exactly the colour I wanted too! The best thing about it though was that the varnish lasted a week - A WEEK - no joke without chipping! Most of the time, I find varnish chips off in about two minutes, which is spectacularly irritating after painstaking applications...so this was an amazing revolution! I love pastel shades for nails and Essie have an amazing range.

Of course, I had to go back and buy more. I love this sandy colour, which is appropriately called 'Sand Tropez', so I'm really excited to try this one later! I also picked up the set too, so I have a few different shades to last me over the next few weeks! 

I'm a massive obsessive when it comes to nail varnish; you will never, ever see me without it on (I don't think I've ever gone without nail varnish since the age of fourteen) and I have the most ridiculous collection of colours in the world! I've never used fake nails, gel nails or had a manicure (probably a shocking thought to most) but I honestly think I can take good enough care of my nails by myself without having to shell out every week at a nail bar or salon. I shape them into a square style and keep them strong by always putting a coat of clear, nail hardener on before applying colour. I never put colour on bare nails as this can really stain them, plus a good hardener (like the Sally Hanson above) really helps to stop them breaking and keeps them in good condition. I expect I will do a post on Revlon in the near future too as I have an obscene collection which deserves a mention  :-)


18 October 2013


Coat - Topshop
Scarf - Topshop
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Warehouse
Boots - Kurt Geiger
Cat - Misty

Apologies for the lack of outfit posts lately – I haven’t really bought anything new for a while, my bank account is still in recovery from my recent disgraceful shopping sprees and, if I’m honest, there isn’t a huge amount out there that I actually want. Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING all the knit jumpers that are popping up, and I’ve always got my eye on shoes and bags, but I’m finding it hard to pick out just one or two bits I really want…it’s a hard life when you want everything!! Anyway, it’s times like these that I find myself rummaging through my wardrobe and, whilst hunting for ‘Winter essentials’, I always end up digging out items I’d totally forgotten about!

Hence these amazing knee boots! If you read my last post, then you'll know these are a purchase from last year....which I forgot about!! Unbelievable really. I think it's amazing how a pair of shiny knee boots can liven up an outfit and make it seem that little bit smarter. Plus they've also got a nice heel which, as a Petite, is always great to have a little height :-) I'm back in my favourite colour - black - and still wandering around in last years Topshop coat. I have two new ones ready and waiting, but it's still not cold enough for them yet!

Also, my cat - Misty - decided to invade whilst I was taking these pictures - so make yourselves acquainted! Her colouring slots in perfectly with this outfit...it's a shame I can't take her around with me! I'm loving this leopard print scarf also, it jazzes up an otherwise plain outfit and is a lovely light material. I'm struggling to find any scarves I actually like this year, they all seem to be knitted and chunky where I just want something light and pretty! I suppose I'm looking in the wrong season and everything is very much geared to Winter, but I will keep hunting!


Boot Discovery

 Knee Boots - Kurt Geiger

Currently feeling a little silly. I've mentioned, at length, my struggle to find any decent knee high boots that actually fit me around the calf…and now actually feel rather ashamed of myself, because (during a rummaging session in the wardrobe) I dug out these babies! I am really kicking myself now, I can’t BELIEVE I forgot about them! I think I got my hands on them right at the end of the season last year, I spent months and months hunting for a pair and then, when I finally found them, it got too hot to wear them. So I must have just totally forgotten I’d bought them. Which is a disgrace really because there were about 125 from Kurt Geiger…my cheeks burn.

But, all embarrassment aside, these are PERFECT. They might not be from this years collection but nevertheless, they are ideal for me. They have a slight heel, shiny material and (whilst they could be a teeny bit tighter around the calf, they will do!) I have a feeling I won’t be taking these off this Winter – I seriously need to make the time up that I lost with them last year! See the next post for how they look with an outfit :-)


15 October 2013

A Little Bit Of Jasper

Bag - Jasper Conran

I posted this outfit a while ago, but I really don't think I paid enough attention to this gorgeous Jasper Conran evening bag! I was looking at it earlier and it really is stunning, and considering how long I spent eyeing it up in the shops before I actually bought it, I felt it deserved a post of it's own!

I have always loved Jasper Conran for bags and spend hours looking at them online or  in Debenhams, where there is a lovely section full of them! Unfortunately they are way too expensive for me, so I just have the one black Tote bag (bought several years ago in the Debenhams sale) and then of course this beauty - also bought in the Debenhams sale this summer!

There is something effortlessly stylish about Jasper Conran bags and I love them to bits, especially this pretty one, pink and grey and gold are perfect colours for this summery bag - even though it's Autumn now, I'd still happily take this out and about with me in the evening to liven up a dark outfit. It's actually surprisingly capacious inside - I did wonder how on earth I'd actually get all my bits in it, but there is more space than you'd think in there! I love how it works as both a shoulder bag and clutch, all you have to do is tuck the gold chain inside and you've got a clutch. They did have a black and white version of this bag going for a while, only I can't seem to find it anywhere now...slightly peeved I didn't get my hands on it. But what can you do! 


Best Boots

These definitely have to be the most incredible pair of boots I have ever owned!! I definitely have the best boyfriend in the entire world because he picked these out for me, so they were a complete surprise. If you read my blog then you'll know how much of a love affair I have with black and gold, they are my favourite colours and suit me like no others do!! So this pair of boots couldn't have been more ideal. They really are skyscraper heels, but then this comes back to one serious Petite advantage - you need never worry about being too tall! They are actually pretty comfy too, I'm so excited it's Autumn now and I can start wearing them on nights out again, as they aren't really summery shoes, but they've cemented my KG love forever :-) The boyfriend has set the bar pretty high now shoe-wise....no excuses now ;-) 


12 October 2013

Evening Wear Wishlist

I always love this time of year because suddenly, everything gets glittery and glamorous as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Dresses get embellished, skirts and tops get covered in sequins and glitter, and everything just glams up in a big way! There is just so much out there that I want (and can't have - sob).

I absolutely love this blue velvet dress from Miss Selfridge. Navy is such a stylish, elegant colour and I think, if teamed with these studded Courts from Topshop, it would form an incredible evening outfit, perhaps with a nice statement necklace to top it all off. I am loving my statement necklaces at the moment, I've only really started to like them very recently and with a lot of the options out there, there seems to be a fine line between tacky and stylish, so I think you have to pick carefully! Miss Selfridge have a really lovely selection and that's where both the necklaces above are from, my rule is that if I'm wearing a statement necklace then I've got to be wearing a relatively plain dress or top, otherwise the necklace gets lost in the prints or it can all look far too over the top! I really think I'm going to have to buy this blue velvet dress though...I think it's got my name on in.

The A/W season always feels like one which you can indulge in pretty clutch bags and embellished items. These two clutch bags are stunning, the Box clutch is from River Island - I've always been a bit dismissive of these box style clutches, there's no way I'd get all my stuff in them, but perhaps for the right occasion, I think this one is actually really pretty and would go perfectly with a nice LBD for an evening out! The pink Miss Selfridge clutch with gold detail is lovely also, I think you could put it with a lot of different outfits and it would look amazing.

I love these pink Velvet shorts from Topshop also. I'm not entirely sure if I'd actually wear them, being Petite I always try to go for darker colours in skirts and shorts because it tends to streamline my figure, but I do love this pink velvet pair with the nice gold button and think they would look great during the evening to add a bit of glamour. I also can't get enough of all the stunning embellished skirts that are popping up, these two are both from Miss Selfridge (Miss Selfridge has an amazing selection) and I think they are really eye-catching and would seriously liven up an evening outfit, as long as you wore a plain top and didn't over-do it on the accessories.

I'm always seriously of wearing white, because I have such pale skin, but I saw this white dress on the Topshop website and thought it was so pretty! I love the fit and flare style and it seems so Christmassy, I think I'd be way too nervous to ever wear it but I do think it's gorgeous. As ever, there are way too many items on here that I want, but everyones allowed at least a few nice bits for the festive season surely!!


Naughty Leopard


 Cardigan - Forever 21
Leggings - Miss Selfridge 
Boots - Topshop

I always think there's something mischievous about leopard print...or is that just me being strange? I also think it's much more of a Winter print...but then, that could just be me too! It's a lovely print though and it can help liven up an otherwise boring outfit! I think, if you're going to wear it though, you should keep things simple. It's such a lively print that you can really spoil it by overdoing things with the accessories and it can distract from the detail, so I prefer to let the leopard do the work for me! 

This jumper is from Forever 21 about two years ago but it's become an old favourite. I don't really like Forever 21 if I'm honest, I think it's a bit of a mess in there, but you can definitely get a few good bits if you hunt around! When I was at university in Birmingham there was a massive store in the Bullring there, which I could usually find something in. A lot of the clothes in there aren't really my style, but this little leopard print cardigan was perfect! I tend to wear it done up, but sometimes pull it on as a cardigan over a black dress or top. If I wear leopard print I always wear it with black, I think it can be a bit much with other colours, but that's just what suits me I think!

This kind of outfit works quite well when I'm not sure what my plan is, I wore it out yesterday evening, when I wasn't quite sure if dinner was going to turn into drinks...so combinations like this can be pretty safe when in doubt!! It could work in a nightclub at a push (it's dark in there) so I think this is quite a versatile option. It's a really simple outfit but then I think, with leopard print, less is always more!

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