30 October 2013

Paper Patterns & Cards

I am so sorry for a whole week of no blog posts!! We've had no internet at my house, then no power with the storm ,and to top everything else off, my laptop died...all in one week! I've now made it round to my Grandparents house and I'm using their internet, and praying BT restore our internet quickly because I just can't seem to function without it. It's amazing how, when you don't have it, you realise how much you depend on it...it's quite frightening how actually, the majority of our lives take place in this strange, digital realm that we can't see except through a screen...and when you don't have it, your completely cut off! Anyway, more thoughts on a-week-without-social-media-and-internet later!!

Prior to this absolute disaster of a week, it was my birthday!! I had a really lovely day and was lucky enough to receive some amazing presents. I'm really big on pretty paper and present wrapping and I think that sometimes it's a real shame how people spend so long choosing paper and wrapping things up with bows and ribbons...only for the paper to be torn off in a split second and thrown straight in the bin! It's the same with cards, so much thought goes into choosing the right birthday card, but they soon end up in the bin with the paper! So I thought I'd just give a little appreciation to the pretty presents and cards I received last week :-) I did receive some amazing bits and pieces, so I'll be doing lots of posts and reviews on each thing. I mentioned last week I would be moving into beauty reviews too, so I have plenty of make-up items to review...and of course, Petite style tips!!


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