21 October 2013

Sand Tropez

Brand - Essie
Nail Colour - 'Sand Tropez'

I did an Essie nails blog post yesterday, so I thought it might be useful to post on how the 'Sand Tropez' colour turned out! Apologies for the quality; I am counting down the days until I'm the owner of a decent camera. I absolutely love this shade though, it really isn't a colour I would normally go for, but it's a lovely, light sandy shade and I think it's perfect for Autumn. I love pastel colours at the moment and this is a really neutral, elegant shade, ideal for work or day time - I don't think it's a colour I'd choose to wear for the evening, just because I like bolder shades for evenings out, but this is a great choice for the daytime. Application is so easy with this brand and the varnish really lasts, with a lovely shiny sheen to finish! My nails are a bit of the mess, I'm afraid I painted them in a bit of a rush, but that's my fault, not Essie's ;-) I can't wait to try out some more shades!!



  1. I love this Essie shade. Such a perfect autumnal colour x


  2. Definitely a great Autumn shade :-) Essie is so good!! xx


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