29 November 2013

Outdoor Wanderings: Part Two

So here is part two of last weekends outdoor adventure! Levington Marina is so pretty, so a little wander along the pontoon was compulsory (looking at all the stunning yachts which we can't afford, sob).

28 November 2013

Outdoor Wanderings: Part One

Happy Thursday! I thought today I'd do a bit more of a lifestyle-type post because I went on a little trip to a pretty place last weekend and, with a new camera and handy boyfriend in-tow (Nick) to take photographs, it seemed like the perfect time to capture some nice scenery snaps! 

26 November 2013

A Little Bit Of Jaeger

Jumper - Jaeger
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Republic
Lips - Revlon ColorStay

How cold has it got recently?! I really don’t seem to function very well in these freezing temperatures and the cold is definitely my main enemy in terms of dressing nicely…I always end up going for the warm options, and consequently end up looking like an eskimo or a polar bear. But I just hate being cold! So this little donation from my Dad couldn’t have come at better time. I’m not sure why he didn’t want it, but he decided to donate this amazing Jaeger jumper to me! And I absolutely love it. I love mens jumpers in Winter, they’re so warm and loose-fitting and perfect for a house like mine, which is absolutely freezing. I actually think this Jaeger looks pretty good and with a pair of black leggings and high boots, I’d definitely wear this out and about. What do we think?


24 November 2013

Bright Lights & Gold Leggings

Peplum Top - ASOS
Gold Leggings - ASOS Petite
Heels - KG

If you can't prance around in the leaves in a pair of amazing gold leggings...then when can you? This is possibly one of my favourite outfits ever, and most of it wasn't even put together by me! These incredible gold leggings were a present from my amazing boyfriend, and they're definitely the nicest pair I've ever owned. They fit me like a glove, so I think he did pretty well to pick them for me. He even made the effort to find them in Petite, which says it all really :-) They're such a great fit though, the perfect length, not too tight and not too loose either...dear god he can shop for me better than I can. These leggings are great for an evening out though, they're so eye catching that I don't think I'd wear them with any other colour than plain black, because they should definitely be allowed to show off!

The peplum top is a real find from ASOS and I really love it, it's definitely a lot harder to find peplum tops with sleeves (at least I think so) and I find it hard to find ones which haven't got sleeve material that's double the length of my arm. Somehow this fits perfectly though and it's great with leggings like this, or with a skirt to achieve a peplum-dress look...it also works for casual wear too. I definitely think the peplum style is so slimming and a great option for the Petite figure, plus it's so flattering if you want to have a tight-fit around the waist and arms but don't want anything tight around your stomach. If you're anything like me then it's never a good stomach day! Plus I think this a great Autumn/Winter combination, autumnal colours...and a perfect match for the leaves. Very festive!


22 November 2013

Stripes & Boots

Blouse - H&M
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Kurt Geiger
Lipstick - Revlon

Is it just me, or does anyone else have days when they just aren't feeling very creative and struggle massively to put an outfit together? Sometimes none of the clothes I put on seem to work with each other and finding jewellery and belts/scarves to match just all seems a bit too much...so this is where I think loud and bold prints come in so handy, because they do all the work for you! Polka dots, stripes and prints are often so eye-catching alone that you don't need to faff around for ages trying to find things to match - you can just go with plain black and let the pattern show off.

That's what I love about this stripy blouse from H&M, it's quite a bold, eye-catching print and literally doesn't need much else to go with it. On days where I'm struggling to do anything properly, let alone put a good outfit together, it's so much easier to just throw on a top like this with trousers and boots and boom, the outfit is done! I definitely think at least a few bold printed items are a must-have for your wardrobe because not only can they be so gorgeous, but they can be an amazing solution to an outfit crisis. I definitely think less is more sometimes, so its not always necessary to go mad with accessories, plain and simple can be ok too!

These KG boots are honestly life-savers because they just go perfectly with anything and are so lovely and warm for the winter. If anything I'm wearing them way too much at the moment because the heels are starting to wear down, argh, but they definitely cost me enough when I bought them on a mad whim last year, so I'm determined to get my moneys worth. This definitely isn't the warmest outfit for winter, but it's get for just bumbling around indoors or running errands (with a coat on, of course). I definitely you think you could wear this blouse to work under jacket with a smart skirt or trousers, it's pretty versatile...as long as you don't wear it with polka dot trousers :-) 


21 November 2013

Back To Black

 Jumper - H&M
Trousers - River Island
Necklace - Accessorize
Heels - Faith

This is definitely a favourite outfit of mine. If you've read my blog before, then you'll know how much I love dark colours (and my pledge to try and wear brighter things) but I don't think I'll ever feel better or sexier in any other colour than black! I bought this jumper from H&M last year and it's the most useful item ever, because it's black you can team it with pretty much anything and I've lost count of how many times I've worn it. It's great because it's quite tight-fitting, and not too long, so if you're wanting to look reasonably smart and team it with trousers or a skirt, it works really well. Unfortunately it's getting a little worn and frayed now, sob, but I think it's one of those things that I'm going to wear until it falls apart!

The trousers were a real find from River Island a while ago and amazingly, they actually fit me incredibly well! They aren't too long or too baggy (like most trousers are on my short little frame) and the cut is one I really love at the moment. There is something really elegant about this style of trouser I think, but these are pretty much the only pair I've found that fit me properly...I would love some in pale grey or cream, but finding a pair of those for a Petite is probably like finding a Unicorn. If anyone finds any that work, please let me know! The necklace on the other hand is something I had no trouble buying, it's from Accessorize and I've been wearing it a lot lately - Accessorize have some incredible pieces at the moment so I'd definitely recommend checking them out!

The heels are from Faith and I bought them in the Debenhams sale a few months ago! I went to a wedding reception in the summer and had a bit of a last minute manic panic that my dress was all wrong...so I went rushing into the shops to find a different one, but instead came away with these babies! They were literally knocked down to such a low price that I couldn't resist them (and didn't end up getting a new dress) but at least I got something out of my trip that day. They definitely weren't the comfiest of shoes to wear on their first outing, oh my god do they pinch, but once I'd bedded them in and several blisters later, they are actually pretty comfy (now). The only problem is because they're such a light grey the gather dirt really easily...but what can you do!

20 November 2013

Winter Wishlist

Pearl Grey Coat With Gathering On The Shoulder - Zara
High Heel Leather Ankle Boot With Strap - Zara
Knitted Crystal Stud Jumper - Topshop
Moto Pink Leopard Joni Jeans - Topshop
Petite White Tartan Asymmetric Skort - Topshop
Petites Coral Cropped Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Pretty Stone Stud Earrings - Oasis
The Tori Bag By Marc B - Topshop
Lux Twist Fur Snood - Topshop

Surely not another wishlist? Hmm what can I say...I've been ill and bored and doing way too much online browsing! I feel like I have a bit of a love affair going on with this beautiful Pearl Grey Coat from Zara at the moment. It's the most incredible colour and such a lovely style, the detail round the shoulders would make it such a flattering number - only, of course it's well over  a hundred pounds and so not in my price range! Oh :-(  I'm also not entirely sure if it would fit me all that well, I'm so nervous about buying items like coats online because normally the sleeves are too long or the coat is too long for my frame...so maybe I'll just look but not touch on this one. Unfortunately I don't have a Zara near me, but if I change my mind, you'll be the first to know.

The gorgeous High Heel Leather boots are also from Zara, wouldn't they go perfectly with the coat! They're so high...and so expensive...but they would still be beautiful! I actually think the White Tartan skort from Miss Selfridge would go pretty well with the coat and boots also. I have a massive obsession with Tartan developing and I think white tartan is gorgeous. This skort is even in the Petite section, so it's really calling my name. Along with tartan, I am also loving bold prints this season and the Pink Leopard Joni jeans from Topshop are really stand-out! I think as long as you wear them with a relatively plain jumper or top, you'll be fine, as these jeans are so loud that you may as well leave them to do the work for you.

I actually have this Lux Fur Twist Snood sitting in my Topshop shopping basket online. Along with apparently everything this season, I love faux fur so much at the moment...I think the black faux fur collars and snoods are really stylish. It's another one of those things I want, but don't really need. So I'm not sure if I'll be hitting the 'buy' button or not, if I want to stay on good terms with my bank balance, then I definitely mustn't do it. Another thing I don't need at all is the Tori Bag from Marc B...but it caught my beady eye when I was browsing. I'm not normally a massive fan of brown bags, but I think there's something about the style of this one that makes it that little bit nicer and it'd be great with a pair of jeans or knee boots! What do you think?


19 November 2013

Revlon Towers

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede || Muse || Socialite || Front Row
More Info Here

So who has used the amazing ColorStay Ultimate Suede shades from Revlon? My best make-up product discovery for ages!! I have to admit how boring I've been with lip colour up until recently. When I was about sixteen, I fell in love with the 006 Pink Blush lipstick from Rimmel...and pretty much haven't stopped wearing it since. Honestly, Pink Blush has been a best friend for many, many years now - it's been my standard bright lip colour on nights out, and then dimmed down to subtle during the daytime. When you find a lip colour that suits you, kind of like a favourite jumper, it's really hard not to go running to it when in doubt...it's a beautiful shade and I will always love it...but now it's time to branch out.

As I really can't just wear bright pink lipstick for the rest of my life, recently, I've getting a little more adventurous! I definitely can't pledge to be any kind of beauty expert, but I do love to share new finds and the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede is absolutely incredible. I've always been really wary about wearing dark lip colours, like plums or purples, and I've never been able to wear red...mainly because I'm terrified of it smearing around my mouth and looking stupid, and I really struggle to apply it properly (my hands definitely shake a crazy amount). I'm also incredibly lazy, and never, ever manage to leave enough time to do anything (despite all best intentions), so I never get around to carefully pencilling in my lip line...or using a brush. I want something that goes on quickly and LASTS.

This is where the ColorStay is an absolute god send. Do I need to worry about the colour smudging? No. It stays on and lasts...for ages! It's got a wonderful velvety soft texture which glides on effortlessly, its full of colour, but it's not one of those heavy lip colours that have to meet the edges of your lips perfectly, you can smudge this lipstick a little and dab it on as you wish. I first stumbled on the ColorStay purely by chance, I was hunting for a very specific bright purple...and this 'Muse' shade was the only colour that remotely resembled what I wanted...so I tried it! I didn't actually realise it was a lasting lip product, so I was massively impressed when it stayed on through a dinner and evening drinks...no smudging at all!

So then, of course, I went and bought two more shades. The 'Socialite' shade is perfect for work, it's a creamy, subtle pinky shade and lovely to put on for when you need to look your professional best. It's so nice to have your lips looking good at work, but obviously it's not the time to whack out the bright red lipstick! Then the 'Front Row' shade is a much lighter shade of pale pink and is gorgeous, I think pale pink is such a lovely shade and this has just the right amount of colour in to make the lips stand out. Will I be buying more colours? I think so! I just need pay day to hurry along...

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