20 November 2013

Introducing Instagram

Instragram Musings

Instagram is something I really never thought I'd get to grips with, or want to use for that matter...but in true hypocrite style, I now absolutely love it! And if I'm honest, I use it much more for a memory thing than for any other reason. If anyone asked, I would really struggle to tell you what I was doing last week...let alone last year...so I think Instagram is an amazing way to remember little snap-shots of all the different things you get up to day-to-day, so that you never forget anything completely!

I've had Instagram for ages but haven't really used it that much, I've started using it a little more recently and if I've got anything out of it, then it's a nice little collage of photos to help me remember some of the things I've been up to. I stalked my page back to my first ever photos the other day and it instantly reminded me of things which I would have otherwise forgotten! It's a little diary in pictures, if you like, and obviously some months will be more interesting than others, but I've seen some of my favourite bloggers doing little Instagram posts and thought maybe I would try it myself!

I definitely feel like I've made more progress in this last month than I have this whole year! I've fallen in love with blogging in such a big way and finally, the future is looking a little clearer. October, November and December are definitely my favourite months of the year and this year is proving no different. I had a lovely birthday at the start of October (with some even lovlier presents) and then it just rolled into Halloween, Bonfire Night etc and now we're on the way to Christmas! I even managed to peak at Number 2 on the Bloglovin' Up & Coming Fashion blogs...so that's the best bit of my month so far :-)

I definitely need to make more effort with my Instagram because it's such a great record to have and another excuse to take pictures of all the pretty things that make your life a bit more interesting! I'm absolutely useless at the 'selfie' so there probably won't be many of them coming up on there...but I'm such an accessories/interiors/clothing/make-up obsessive that if you want a nice dose of materialism then I'm sure my page will be rapidly turning into that! People don't half go on about how 'shallow' and 'self-obsessive' Instagram is...but if you want to take pictures of your life, then why shouldn't you? You've got to have something to remember when your old!




  1. Oh you're so pretty dear! I’m an italian fashion blogger and I’m following you on GFC and in all the social networks! Would you do the same on for me? Thank you so much! :)

    Giada, blogger of Being Over the Moon
    Last post: PERSUNMALL.COM

    - Facebook Page
    - Twitter #@boverthemoon
    - Instagram @giadadimarco

    1. Thank you so much :-) I am now following you too, look forward to reading!! xxx

  2. I love Instagram too and only got into it lately! I get a lot of inspo for blog posts and love posting my looks! Xx


  3. I'm a sucker for Instagram too, gives you lots of ideas from hair, makeup, fashion to things to cook haha xxx