12 November 2013

Warm For Winter

Faux Fur Trim Cardigan - Next
 Trousers - River Island
Boots - KG
Rings - Topshop

I have been after this cardigan for absolutely ages and finally got my hands on it at the weekend. I actually saw girl wearing this quite a few weeks ago when I was out shopping, and thought it was so lovely...but obviously I hadn't got a clue where it came from! I'm definitely a bit wary of going up to people and asking where they got their clothes from (though I do spend half my time wondering), I think I'm just a bit shy - plus she was in a rush...so I was left scouring the web to find out where in the world it was from! I think I pretty much looked everywhere...perhaps slightly obsessive, but you know what it's like when you get something in your head!

Eventually I figured out that it was from Next and stumbled on it by accident! Until recently, I haven't done a lot of shopping at Next but I'm starting to realise it's absolutely amazing! AND they have a Petite section! Workwear is something that I really struggle to find, but the options in Next's Petite section are really good - it's so nice to have discovered some more places to buy smart shirts and trousers. Cardigan wise, this isn't Petite, but I went for it anyway. The size 12 would have been ideal, but the material in the sleeves really bunched up and looked silly, so I went for a 10. It's always nice to have space to move around in when you're wearing Winter jumpers and cardigans, I hate having jumpers that are too tight!

I love the fur trim on this cardigan and it just adds so much to the look. If I'm honest, I'm not really much of a cardigan person - I own very few - I think jumpers are just more flattering to my frame, but I couldn't resist this gem! I definitely think I'll get so much use out of it this season, whether it's wearing it around the house (my house is freezing) or wearing it out over a thicker top. This purchase has definitely left my bank balance lacking until next pay day, so perhaps no shopping for a bit, but if this is my last purchase for a while, then I think it was a pretty good one!

I bought these trousers ages ago from River Island but wanted to wait before I posted them until I had a good enough camera to capture the detail. I tried with my iPhone but it just wouldn't pick up the pattern, so here you can actually see how pretty they are! The fit me in length, by some miracle, but that's what I love about the River Island trousers - you do have some choice with the length! I have a bit of a thing about patterned trousers and jeans at the moment and (after my spending ban) I really want to buy a leopard print pair from Zara...though knowing my luck they'll have sold out by then! And of course I have on my trusty heels which I love to bits and can't wait to wear more of now it's Winter...I don't think you can really top these babies!



  1. The cardigan is so lovely and cozy and it looks warm enough to be worn as a coat until it gets REALLY cold :o). Xx


  2. I love all the furry collars that are around this season and it's a good length on us smaller ladies I see :-) Not sure I could get away with those gorgeous trousers...

  3. Next is a great store for petites. I love their range!


  4. Love these leggings! Sooooo hot! Fur has to be a must for every winter season! Perfect winter out outfit! X

  5. This outfit is gorgeous!! Love the cardigan i never think to look in Next! The pattern on the leggings is lovely too :) xx

  6. how pretty!


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  7. you look so pretty! love the jeans pattern x


  8. Those boots ... ahhh!!! just amazing :) love your style xx

  9. Love the cardigan and the textures of the whole look!



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