15 November 2013

Styla Sights-Set-On

Petite Textured High Neck Dress - Topshop
Petite Mono Floral Jumpsuit - Topshop
Silver Foil Tee - Miss Selfridge
Sequin and Velvet Dress - Topshop
Petite Gold Foil Velvet Tube Skirt - Topshop
Cage Frame Clutch - Topshop
Chunky Multi Chain - Topshop
Passion Embellished Boot - Miss Selfridge
Petites Blue Velvet Bodycon - Miss Selfridge

How pretty is the patterned dress from Topshop? I’m really loving lively prints at the moment and this really caught my eye when I was looking on the Petite Dresses section of the website. It’s also that lovely fit and flare style which is so flattering to the Petite shape! I’ve got a bit of a thing about this Topshop Jumpsuit developing slowly also. I found that I kept walking past it when I was shopping the other day (on purpose) and lingering in it’s general vicinity. I’ve never actually owned a Jumpsuit like this, I haven't ever found one I liked enough, and there’s just no way I’d ever buy one that isn’t Petite…it just wouldn’t fit! But this is a gorgeous, bold pattern in my favourite colour scheme and I’m pretty sure the proportions would be fine for my frame. Would I be crazy not to get it? Watch this space!

There are so many incredible statement necklaces out there at the moment – it’s almost impossible to choose! It’s so easy to go into stores and get tempted by these amazing patterns and colours…only to get the necklace home and find it doesn’t actually go with many of your outfits. I think with statement necklaces, you do have to be wearing something pretty plain underneath them, the point is to show off the necklace and if you wear it with loud prints then it can get lost. I always veer towards chunky gold necklaces as they work so perfectly with plain dresses or tops. I love this one from Topshop! Perfect for a Christmas party and with this gorgeous Cage Clutch, you only need a little LBD and you’re outfit is sorted!

I do love a bit of velvet and this blue Topshop number is amazing! I think velvet is so festive and I would love this dress! I think you’d have to be having a good stomach day if you were going to wear it, it does look pretty tight, but it’s so gorgeous that I’m sure it’s worth eating healthily for a few days pre-wearing! The gold Velvet Topshop skirt is gorgeous also, it's so rare to find midi skirts that work if you're Petite, skirts either tend to come to my ankles or are way too baggy in the fit, so it's great to see some of these knee-length skirts popping up in various Petite sections. I'm loving the midi-skirt look at the moment; so many girls are going for the tight-skirt & cropped jumper/tee combo - it's really sophisticated and I'm trying to sort a similar outfit out for myself, so will pop that up on here when I do!

As for these shoes…jus where do I start? Aren’t they incredible? I absolutely love them and think I’m going to be dreaming about them for months. They’re from Miss Selfridge and just the most perfect heels ever for the Christmas season, and events/parties in general. There’s no way I can afford them but I think I’m allowed to dream…the detail is incredible and they would literally be so stand-out if you wore them. Miss Selfridge always bring out incredible heels at this time of year…so do a lot of shops actually, which leads me to mention the Party Heels post I will be putting up soon! So watch this space! So many lovely things out there, so little money...what's a girl to do!



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