16 December 2013

Counting Down To Christmas: Day's 15 & 16

 Topshop Freedom Jewellery Advent Calendar

I can't believe how close Christmas is, and that we've got to Day's 15 & 16 of the Advent Calendar already! Day 15 was a really pretty gold necklace and Day 16 some little silver earrings, the necklace is one of my favourites so far - it's really unusual, so I'm looking forward to wearing that. Apologies for the un-painted nail in these pictures...I really hate going without nail varnish but thought my poor nails should have a break after a weekend covered in glittery nail polish. I love wearing glittery shades at this time of year but it's such a nightmare to take off. Anyway Day 17 tomorrow!! 



  1. This is a cute post! I really can't wait til Christmas either it's like my favourite holiday hehe.
    Cant' wait to read more from you, adorable blog!
    Wanna follow each other [:?


  2. beautiful!! Omg i love the pink tree!!! xx


  3. Hey just stumbled across your blog! Loving this advent calendar - didn´t know Topshop did one! My blog is really new, but it would be great if you'd take a look & we could follow each other if you like?
    Mili Mola Xx


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