3 December 2013

Petite Sunglasses: SpecsPost

Petite Classic Wayfarer Style Prescription Sunglasses in Black | Take A Look Here
Pink Petite Sweetee Glasses | Take A Look Here

When SpecsPost got in touch with me asking if I would like to try a few pairs of their Petite sunglasses, I was pretty excited! Sunglasses have always been a bit of nightmare to find for me and I have never owned one decent pair, until now! I think sunglasses are a wardrobe essential, amazing for summer style and hiding those dark circles on a bad day. I've struggled for years to find a pair that don't slip off my nose, and so SpecsPost have come up with the perfect solution!

I think for some Petite women, literally everything about you is small…I have tiny hands, tiny feet, and let’s face it, a bit of a tiny head. Assuming that my head size has no bearing on my brain (I hope), finding sunglasses has always been a pretty impossible task. I’ve never really thought about investing in a massively expensive pair, and so I have always resorted to looking on the high street to see what options are there. Needless to say, everything is always too big! It’s like going to the cinema and having those 3D glasses that don’t fit (or is that just me?) 

So the chance to try some of the Specspost glasses was amazing. I honestly didn’t even realise people made Petite sunglasses, so this was a massive lift to my mood and I was seriously excited to try them. SpecsPost is a young, fast growing online prescription eyeglasses retailer, based in Manchester, England. They have an absolutely incredible range of glasses, from Petite glasses through to Geek-Chic Glasses, Prescription Sunglasses and options in every size. I loved browsing through their website and looking at all the lovely options.

I was lucky enough to be sent not just one, but two pairs of glasses! The black pair are the Petite Classic Wayfarer Style Prescription Sunglasses, which you can take a look at hereI was also sent this lovely pink pair, because who doesn't love a pair of pink glasses. Take a look hereBoth pairs of glasses fit me absolutely perfectly. It was so nice to finally try on some sunglasses which didn’t slide straight down off my nose or clank around my ears with too much space. The black pair are the ultimate pair of shades, dark and perfect for the cool effect and I love their elegance – they definitely suit me, so this is an added bonus. The pink are gorgeous too, a lovely colour and so pretty.

For more information on these fantastic glasses, head over to the SpecsPost website! http://www.specspost.co.uk/ It's definitely well worth a visit!



  1. These look amazing!! What gorgeous glasses :-) Off to browse! xx

    1. Definitely so worth the look :-) xxx

  2. These are lovely =) I really like your tartan skirt too!

    Corinne x

  3. i love your outfit, so simple but so chic! you look stunning :) xx

  4. Wow these really suit you, you look flawless as always! Gorgeous nails too but so beautiful xx


  5. You look so natural! Beautiful!:)

    Thank u for nice comment honey :)


  6. you looks so pretty ! love the pink glasses :) would you like to follow each other dear :) xx

  7. Love yor blog!just followed you!=) do you mind to follow back!!

  8. Wow ! the sunglasses are very beautiful.. You looks very nice.......


  9. Sunglasses are amaze! Love the dark glasses, dark clothing and the vibrant tartan dress - Keep up the good work StylaPetite! X

  10. Those are some nice glasses! Love them!


  11. Great post the glasses suit you really well :) good choice
    Meg xx (new follower)


  12. the glasses look nice

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  13. Love the classic black one & you look very pretty!
    atelier zozo


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