2 January 2014

A Calm Start To 2014

Lavender Reed Diffuser - Find at TK Maxx
Winter Fruit Candle
Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball - Boots

Happy New New Year! I hope everyone has got 2014 off to a good start! Being a new year, I think we all look for ways to improve and start afresh, so I thought my first post of 2014 would be on some products which can help to create feelings of calm and peace, which are much needed for a brand new year! I think we can all get a little stressed and anxious from time to time, so it's always good to have a few calming remedies on hand to help you relax. The less time you spend stressing, the more time you can spend doing something useful! If you can create a little haven for yourself to relax in, there are a few bits I've discovered that can really help create a lovely ambience  - and you don't have to spend a fortune on it either. I would always recommend any scent which is Lavender based - Lavender is known for it's calming properties and it's such a comforting smell! This Lavender Reed Diffuser is an amazing product, the scent diffuses through the room and, providing you turn the sticks around periodically, sends out a lovely Lavender aroma! 

It's great to have a room scented with Lavender from the Reed Diffuser, which can be found at TK Maxx along with an amazing selection of others. As well as this, I'm also a big fan of candles - I think they can create such a lovely ambience in a room! I also prefer scented candles and have tried lots over the years, the majority were massive disappointments, but recently I have discovered the amazing scents of CalvinKlein. I got a 'Leaf' scented candle set for my  birthday and fell in love with the incredible smell, so the 'Winter Fruit' candle is literally perfect for this time of year - it reminds me of Christmas and is a really relaxing scent. Plus, the scent actually lasts! You can buy these sets from TK Maxx - and providing you're very careful where you place them - I think lots of candles in a bedroom can create a lovely, relaxing feel. Another relaxation weapon is a Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball - this isn't a bedroom accessory as such, but it's small enough to pop in your purse or handbag, and if you're having 'a moment' then you can just smell it, or roll a small amount on to your wrists - if you love Lavender, then it's a moment of instant calm!



  1. I love the smell of lavender, that sounds so heavenly right now!
    Happy new year :)

  2. I need to buy some Lavender for myself as I have been having trouble sleeping.....thanks for this post.


  3. Awww I am one of a very small number of people who don't like the smell of lavender. :/ I don't know why, but it just never stuck with me. ^_^

    Your pictures are wonderful!


  4. Great post and idea love the whole concept as a new year is about starting fresh :) I love Lavender its super relaxing and I always find myself buying the essential oils to pop in the bath or on my wrists as it helps you sleep if you have trouble :D I have never had a diffuser before though always see them so might just pick one up next time xx

    Happy New Year :) xx


  5. I never knew Calvin Klein made candles(!!), They look divine! (I'm sure they smell nice to)

  6. I love the smell of lavender :) Happy New Year to you!!!


  7. Even the photo's look relaxing haha! I didn't know Calvin Klein also made candles, they look very clean :)

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  8. lovely post! happy new year!


  9. Love anything Lavender! One of my all-time favorite scents, and my garden is filled with it :))
    Great post!

    xx em


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