21 January 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection

I feel like I've been a little slow cottoning onto the Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes...but better late than never I think and these brushes are definitely a revelation! I was lucky enough to get this set as a Christmas present and have been getting to know them a little better ever since. I'm not one to stick to a solid routine so I'm always experimenting with new make-up application techniques, but I've got on really well with these brushes and I think they're here to stay! In this particular set you get your four essentials: the Contour Brush,the Pointed Foundation Brush, the Detailer Brush and the Buffing Brush...so here is what I think!

The Contour Brush - I'm no expert at contouring but this brush definitely helps me out when it comes to applying highlighter and it can really help to create a soft finish, it's perfectly shaped to achieve that sheer finish and I really love it! For me it's an ideal size because it allows you to put on just the right amount...and stops me from over-doing it in terms of coverage! I'm determined to figure out contouring properly, especially after seeing the Kim Kardashion photo...but until then, this contour brush will definitely do!

The Pointed Foundation Brush - This brush is designed to build up coverage slowly with liquid foundation and it definitely works for me when applying my foundation to the key areas. It's quite small, so I could do with it being a bit bigger but it certainly helps smooth foundation on, even if it takes quite a while! It's a really delicate brush though and if you want to build your foundation up and blend then this brush is great to use.

The Detailer Brush - I'm not sure how I've lived without this brush!? It's amazing for use in those hard-to-reach areas and because it's so small and delicate, it's great for touching up problem areas where you just want to work in small amounts. It's perfect for me around my eyes, which I've always had trouble with! This brush can also be used on the lips, which I haven't tried, but can imagine it gives lovely detailed coverage!

The Buffing Brush - I find this is great for finishing things off with my setting powder and it's also brilliant to use with mineral foundation. This is the best brush to use for full coverage and I've always loved using big brushes. I've just started using the Bare Minerals setting powder and so I find this brush is great for apply that to my face after I've finished everything else off.

So all in all definitely a great first set to start me off with Real Techniques and they are all really great to use in their own different ways. For me, I prefer a bigger foundation brush so I have my eye on the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush next...it looks incredible! Let me know how you got on with Real Techniques if you've tried any of their brushes :-)



  1. Brushes look great need to try! xxx

  2. These brushes are SO good, wouldn't be without my buffing brush and the expert face brush really is perfect for applying foundation, leaves such a flawless finish x


  3. I ADORE RT brushes, and ever since I got the Starter set I'm addicted - their shading brushes are just the best! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. I bought these a couple of days ago, they are the best!

  5. The buffing brush applies liquid foundation flawlessly! My favourite by far!
    Aimee x

  6. seriously have been meaning to try these!


  7. They are so good *_* I ordered the same last day, i'm waiting for it to arrive!

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  8. I just love this set I have many brushes from real techniques but this has to be the best set/brushes I have used always use this every morning! <3


  9. I have these and theyre the best thing ever xx

  10. Love these brushes, can't use foundation without the buffing brush anymore! :-)


  11. I literally just bought these. Used them for the first time today and they are amazing!! Love the highlighter brush
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

  12. Hi Holly, I am already following you for a while because you also participate in the 2014 blogger challenge.
    Actually I'm running a blog introduction, maybe you would like to participate?
    xo, Sarah

  13. I have this set, this is a great set. Real Techniques brushes are awesome!


  14. I so want to get my hands on some Real Techniques brushes, I keep hearing they are amazing! I don't contour much but I really would love to start - I definitely want to get the contour brush!


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