28 February 2014

Skirt With Stripes

 Polo Neck - New Look
Skirt - Peacocks* | Here
Heels - New Look
Bag - Osprey
Necklace - Topshop

Sometimes you need a stripey skirt to liven up a miserable day. I know they say we ladies - especially Petite ones - ought to be wary of horizontal stripes, but I actually love the fit of this skirt and find it quite slimming! I think it's the material and the length, it's super comfy and smart too. I've always thought the best colour to team with stripes is black, surprise surprise, so went for a faithful black polo neck and grey new look heels for good measure. It was even warm enough to not wear my coat (though I have to say the warmth didn't stick around, it's now pouring with rain). I hope everyone's had a good week and is looking forward to the weekend, hopefully it won't be too cold and this rumoured snow decides to stay away - not in the mood to freeze!


26 February 2014

Pink Coat & Pointed Shoes

Coat - Miss Selfridge
Top - ASOS
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - Peacocks* | Here
Necklace - Vintage

I've been looking for a pink coat for ages. AGES! But being Petite, I haven't managed to find anything that fits properly...until now! I saw this absolute beauty on the Miss Selfridge website the other day and I think two miracles happened, the first was that the coat was in the Petite section and the second was that the price was down in the sale!! Obviously it was meant to be and I bought it - I must have been having a lucky day. I really love this pink coat though, I have to say it was worth the wait to find the perfect one and proves to me how important Petite sections are when it comes to coats, at least if you want it to fit properly! I'm also loving the fitted trouser and pointed shoe combination at the moment, it's quite a smart/sophisticated kind of look for the days where I choose to get out of my leggings and comfy boots! These heels from Peacocks are really stunning - perfectly pointed and incredibly comfy. I also love the strap detail at the top, makes them a little bit different and I love them :-)


24 February 2014


 Houndstooth Shawl - Promod
Trousers - River Island
Boots - New Look
Rings - Topshop

I have no idea how it's Monday already? The weekend seemed to fly! But this morning I have an amazing new addition to my wardrobe courtesy of the lovely team at Stylefruits, who sent me this absolutely gorgeous Houndstooth shawl as a prize for winning their January Insiders Tip! You can read more about this here :-) I have to say I'm in love with this prize though, it's so cosy and perfect for keeping warm in, plus I love the Houndstooth pattern at the moment, feeling a little obsession coming on. I thought I'd run with the black and white theme today and go with my New Look boots and leather look trousers, such a comfy outfit for running around in. I hope everyone's had a good weekend and hopefully this Monday won't be too painful!


21 February 2014


 Allure by Chanel | Here

I'd love to say that this gorgeous bottle of Allure by Chanel was mine, but sadly it's not! This belongs to my Mum, who kindly lets me borrow it from time to time because a.) it's way too far out my price range and b.) it's one of my favourite scents! I actually bought one of my own this time last year but, despite trying to use it sparingly, I've pretty much finished the bottle...massive crisis. So I'm using my Mum's bottle on 'special occasions only' until I can justify buying a new one for myself. It's a really lovely scent though, a kind of refreshing, floral smell with a hint of spice and citrus, I definitely think it's the perfect perfume for this time of year when we're getting closer and closer to Spring! I'm really bad with perfumes and cannot ever commit to using just one, because I like to try everything, but of all the perfumes I've tried this one has really stood out...and the best thing about it is that it lingers on your skin for ages! Though, as it's Chanel, I suppose it would! When I can afford my own bottle, you'll be the first to know :-)


19 February 2014

Tartan Wednesday

 Jacket - JS Millenium
Tartan Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Faith
Nails - Revlon

The tartan shirt is back! My tartan obsession has definitely eased off since Christmas, I definitely think I associate it with being festive, but it's such a great print so I've found myself wearing it again. I find this particular shirt is just long enough to wear with leggings, it could possibly be a bit longer (I always prefer to wear long tops with leggings) but I wasn't feeling jeans today, so this is what I came up with! I also really like the leather collar on this shirt, it adds a nice bit of detail...it sort of takes it up a level from totally scruffy! I think a good, comfy shirt is a great wardrobe essential and they're so useful to have because you can style them however you want, luckily they seem to be everywhere at the moment too. Hope everyone is having a good week so far, I'm so muddled with the days this week and thought it was Tuesday...so at least we're one day closer to the weekend than I thought!


17 February 2014

Cardigan Day

Cardigan - Next | Similar Here
Dress - H&M
Earrings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - La Strada - TK Maxx

Cardigan days are definitely necessary sometimes! I used to hate knitted cardigans but now I love them, especially this one with the fur collar from Next which I found just before Christmas. It's come in so useful recently, it's so warm and is just one of those items which you can pull on over anything when you're feeling cold. I think this cardigan lies half way between casual and smart-casual, so it's great for day wear or perhaps pulling on over an outfit in the evening to keep warm. It's definitely my go-to item when I'm feeling lazy, the fur collar really adds some life to an outfit and it sits quite nicely on its own, so you don't have to go to wild with accessories if you're lacking in inspiration. I wear it around the house loads too because my parents house is absolutely freezing! It was possibly a really silly idea to opt for a dress and tights, considering the weather, but I wear trousers and jeans so much that sometimes it's nice to have a change!


16 February 2014

The Orchid

Orchid Flower

Meet the Orchid! This was a seriously pretty Valentines present from my boyfriend, whose theory went something along the lines of...why would he buy me a bunch of flowers that will die in a few days...when he could buy me an Orchid which would last for ages? I think I like his theory! Anyway, it looks absolutely gorgeous in my bedroom which is lilac with lots of pink in and I thought it was so pretty that I had to post it on here! I also thought I'd ask anyone for any tips on keeping plants alive, my challenge is to not let this die before it's time and keep it alive and flowering! On counting the buds, it looks like I should get a pretty great amount of flowers out of this, so I am excited to see the results. I'll keep you updated with it's progress! I hope everyone's had a great weekend and had a lovely Valentines Day whatever you were doing :-) 


14 February 2014

A Touch Of Pink

Coat - Miss Selfridge
Top - Topshop
Bag - Warehouse
Trousers - River Island
Boots - Dorothy Perkins

I'm still on the ever-so-slow but steady mission of bringing more colour into my outfits and so when I saw this pink jumper in Topshop last week, I felt it had my name on it! I was a lucky girl this Christmas and got some Topshop vouchers, so this is one of the items I bought with these...I love the colour! I think the pink is quite a nice touch to this otherwise safe look, the top is also the ideal length to go with my leather look trousers (definitely my favourite purchase of 2014 so far) and they are actually really comfy to wear too. The boots are also a pair of old faithfuls, Dorothy Perkins from last year...but they have lasted me seriously well!

I'm definitely looking forward to the weather warming up so I can wear this coat a bit more. It's from Miss Selfridge about two years ago, but I've barely worn it and recently re-discovered it in a big way! The material is really thin, so it's not exactly warm in this stormy, rainy weather we seem to be having, but when the weather improves it'll be my go-to for sure. Speaking of storms, one of the storms last week brought a massive tree down across the driveway of my parents house...so if you're wondering why there are cut up bits of tree behind me in the photos, this is why!


12 February 2014

Love For L'Oreal

 L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Quad 'Beige Trench' Eyeshadow - Here
L'Oreal Made For Me Naturals 'Taffeta' Lipstick - Here

New make-up! I got paid last week...so obviously I ended up buying some new 'essentials' - I'll call them essentials to make me feel less guilty and convince myself they were actually necessary!!  I've had my eye on the L'Oreal eye shadows for a while, the packaging sucked me straight in...and the colours of the Colour Riche 'Beige Trench' are perfect! I haven't really used L'Oreal a huge amount in the past but thought I might as well try something new, and I love this eyeshadow pallet - I follow the little guide on the back (when I have time) to recreate a natural but bright eye look with all four colours, but they're also really good to use on their own! The texture is great too and it actually lasted me all day, so I think it's worth the spend. They also have a huge range of colours available too, so you can choose what suits you best. Obviously I had to have a lipstick too, for no real reason other than my obsession with Nude lipstick is getting ridiculous and this needed to be tried out...it's a lovely, soft lip colour and creates a really natural look, it's the most incredible texture and just glides on, it's super fuss-free so it's definitely going to be a go-to product now to touch up my face quickly! What can I say, I'm a new L'Oreal convert!

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