31 March 2014

Pretty In Pink

Petites Rose Jacquard Dress - Miss Selfridge
Sassy Heart Pink Heel - Miss Selfridge
Cleo Metal Trim Heel - Miss Selfridge

I think it's safe to say that I'm a little obsessed with pink at the moment. I think it started with the pink pastel trend and it's now spiraled into a love of all things pink. Firstly, dresses, there are some absolutely stunning dresses around at the moment and my eye just keeps getting drawn to the pink ones - I'm definitely in love with the Petites Nude Embellished Dress from Miss Selfridge, I've always been easily sucked in by glittery dresses! I love the fit and flare options at the moment too, I find them really flattering to my body shape, so the Petites Rose Jacquard Dress is also on my shopping list. As for shoes, well where do I start? Pink platforms, pink boots, pink heels...baby pink and pale pink shoes are everywhere, I have to say that I think these Shelly Pink Cutout Platform Heels from Topshop are incredible...would anyone like to buy them for me? :-) 


24 March 2014

Polka Dot

 Top - Peacocks* | Here
Skirt - Boohoo | Here
Bag - Accessorize | Here
Shoes - New Look
Ring - Topshop

I've always been a bit of a polka dot fan and this is a really lovely top from Peacocks, perfect for Spring because it's light, thin and white! I love tops like this because they're so comfy and really easy to team with a plain skirt or trousers for smart occasions or work. The Peplum skirt from Boohoo is also another amazing find, I absolutely love peplum as a style - it covers a multitude of sins - and it seems to be a really flattering style for my figure. I'm amazed the length of this particular skirt actually sits where it ought to and doesn't hang around my ankles - oh the issues of being Petite! The beloved Accessorize bag is also accompanying me everywhere these days, it's such a perfect Spring bag, although I'm majorly paranoid about getting dirt on it...ah well! 


21 March 2014

Spring Evening Dress

Handbag - Aftershock
Shoes - Miss KG

I can't help but feel this Lashes of London dress is such a fitting option for Spring - the green patterned bodice of the dress it literally ideal for reflecting the time of year, plus for me, it's nice to have splash of colour for an evening dress (I always tend to end up in black). The fit and flare style of the dress is also my style of choice because I find it quite flattering and it seems to emphasise the good bits whilst hiding the bad bits! It's possibly not quite warm enough to parade around in this dress without a coat, but it's certainly a winner for when you get indoors for an evening occasion. The handbag is another gem which I picked up years and years ago, I can't remember from where, but the label tells me it's from Aftershock and it's definitely one of those beautiful bags that I'm dying for a smart occasion to pop up to take it too! Hope everyone has a good weekend planned and hopefully it will stay sunny!


18 March 2014


Jumper - H&M | Here
Necklace - Accessorize
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Faith
Bag - Warehouse

H&M is definitely the best place for comfy jumpers at a great price! I don't go for the knitted jumpers so much as they tend to fray, but the simple, thin jumpers are a great option. This is a new, 'practical' essential jumper which is ideal because it literally goes with anything and everything. Today I thought it would go well with this lively, print skirt from Dorothy Perkins - I don't actually wear this that often, but seeing as it's Spring and I'm obsessed with print I thought I would give it a go in an attempt to inject more life into my outfits! Hope everyone is having a good week so far, the sun seems to have vanished but hopefully it'll return soon - I need to get into my Spring wardrobe!


13 March 2014

Pastels and Pendants

 Coat - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - Topshop | Similar Here
Pendant - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop | Similar Here
Bag - Dune
Boots - Boohoo

I'm definitely feeling very summery at the moment, the weather is so nice! Pink seems to be an appropriate colour right now and I'm still as obsessed as ever with my new pink coat (Petite) from Miss Selfridge! Such an amazing find and in the sale too. This Topshop jumper is another favourite and appropriate pastel colour too, though you do have to be careful about the fluff coming off onto everything! This is a Topshop pendant from last year and I've seen quite a few bloggers wearing really pretty pendants lately, so I thought I would bring out mine, it goes really nicely to set the outfit off! I may have to add more to my collection soon. I hope everyone is having a good week so far and enjoying the sunshine!


11 March 2014

Spring White

 Coat - H&M | Here
Top - H&M
Handbag - Accessorize | Here
Trousers - River Island
Boots - Boohoo | Here

A white coat is something I never, ever thought I'd buy! I saw this beauty in H&M at the weekend and decided to try it on, purely for experimental reasons only (I wanted to know a white coat would suit me) and amazingly it did. It's honestly so rare to find a coat that fits a Petite frame perfectly, normally I'm battling with sleeves that are too long or a hem that comes to my ankles...but this fitted without any complaints! I love the style, its a really flattering one and obviously the colour is gorgeous (I'm going to be obsessed with keeping this dirt-free). I've browsed so many pastel coats online for Spring and most are an extortionate price, but this H&M coat was £34 which, all things considered, I don't think is unreasonable at all!

I was lucky enough to receive some Accessorize gift vouchers for Christmas and at the weekend I caved and bought this gorgeous handbag with them. I've been dithering over it for a while, but I could resist it, it's absolutely beautiful and my first beige bag (I normally go for black bags, a change was needed). On the practical stakes, I'm definitely not doing too well, a white coat and a beige bag is possibly a recipe for disaster...but what can I say, I will just creep around carefully for the next few months. The Boohoo boots are a much more practical option, super comfy and with just the right amount of height (I've never worn a pair of such comfy heeled boots). Hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying the sunny weather, it does so much for uplifting the mood!


10 March 2014

Clarins Eye Contour Gel

If you read my blog then you'll know one of my main skincare concerns is dark circles under the eyes! Admittedly, I suffer most with dark circles when I'm stressed or really tired, and they also seem to be worse in the Winter (probably due to being holed up inside and never seeing the sun). Thankfully, the Spring/Summer months are close by! I've tried all sorts of creams and gels to try and sort out the dark circles but a few months ago, I stumbled on the Clarins Eye Contour Gel and wanted to give it a go. This is a gel product which is very light and cooling and designed to be applied in really small amounts to the under eye area first thing in the morning, to cool the skin, minimize puffiness and help your eyes look alive, which will help to ease those dark circles! 

When I first starting using it, I definitely thought it was going to be 'just another' dark circles eye product which wouldn't work...but actually, this one does! You only need a really tiny amount (this little tube has lasted ages with plenty more inside it) and it's so cooling on the eyes to wake them up gently. I've been using it every morning for months now and really noticed a difference, it eases any puffiness and wakes my eyes up nicely so that dark circles are minimized. I'm going to do a longer post this week on dark circles, but for now, this Clarins gel is my main tool to combat them so its well worth a go! You can also store it in the fridge if you want to keep it extra cool and soothing on your eyes!


8 March 2014

Spring Wish-List

Petite MOTO Tile Print Leigh Jeans - Topshop | Here
Crinkle V-Neck Tee - Topshop | Here
Petites Mint Crepe Dress - Miss Selfridge | Here
Light Orange Peep Toe Platform Sandals - River Island | Here
Petites Pink Crepe Shorts - Miss Selfridge | Here
Light Pink Daisy Stud Earrings - River Island | Here
Pink Cord Statement Necklace - River Island | Here

I haven't done a wish-list post for ages! The weather is so sunny at the moment and it's really starting to feel like Spring, so appropriately, lots of bright colours are popping up everywhere in the shops - I thought it was time to assemble some of my favourites! I'm loving mint greens and pale grey shades at the moment, I've had my eye on this grey Crinkle V-Neck Tee from Topshop for a while now because I love the colour and think it would be a great smart, Spring option! I've also got my eye on patterned jeans at the moment too, they're a great way to liven up an outfit so I wouldn't mind adding some to my wardrobe - ideally these Topshop ones if I could afford them! I'm also absolutely in love with the gorgeous Mint colour of this Miss Selfridge dress, of all the pastels this is my favourite shade and so eye catching. I can't help but think it would go really well with the River Island Orange Platforms sandals...and Daisy earrings...can I have everything please?


6 March 2014

Calvin Klein Candles

My candle obsession definitely isn't a healthy one, I own way too many and especially lately have been buying too many! 

4 March 2014

Coats and Satchels

 Coat - Missguided | Here
Top - H&M
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - La Strada - TK Maxx
Satchel - Peacocks* | Here
Necklace - Topshop

There are definitely several items of this outfit that I'm obsessed with at the moment. The coat was a very naughty splurge last month and, whilst its ensured I cannot buy anything else for the foreseeable future, its the best coat I've ever owned! I still can't get over the fact I managed to find a camel coat that fits a Petite, so I'm wearing it absolutely everywhere because it's such a lovely fit and goes with anything. I'm also loving this Peacocks satchel, I've really started to like satchels lately - perhaps I'm a little late jumping on this one - but they're casual, easy to co-ordinate with and somehow allow for plenty of space. I can get everything I want into this one and it's great for the daytime when you don't need a huge bag but need enough space for a purse, phone, make-up etc. I'm also doing well on the colour in this outfit too, no black and even a splash of pink! It must be this sunny weather influencing me to be bright :-)

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