28 April 2014

Wisteria Lane

Jacket - Red Herring
Dress - ASOS
Handbag - Jasper Conran
Heels - Miss KG

Hope everyone had a good weekend? They do go so fast! I decided to experiment with some older clothes this weekend, I'm trying not to go too wild with new purchases at the moment so I'm looking deeper into my wardrobe for items I can mix and match. This ASOS dress was a favourite of mine last year, I love the tight bodice with the floaty skirt part - it's really great for a night out, but could actually be worn as a summer dress with a jacket! I love the pattern on this particular jacket, it's lovely and lightweight and perfect if you need to add some life to an outfit! The bag is also my only designer purchase (a Debenhams sale bargain), it's one of those bags I almost don't dare to use in case I get it messed up...but then again, whats the point in having it if you aren't going to use it? So I pick it's outings wisely! The garden is also looking super pretty at the moment, I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can spend more time outside! :-)



  1. Gorgeous outfit Holly! I love how you've matched it, and how floaty the bottom of that dress is! I always worry whether a high low dress/skirt makes us petites look smaller, but you dont! You look fab :) And those shoes are amazing as well! completely understand about the designer bag part - though i dont have one (i can dream;p) because i'm so careless i worry that it'll get ruined quickly, but as you said what's the point of buying it if you're not going to use it :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Thanks so much lovely - heels like these can make us look tall in anything :-) Terrified of messing up the bag but definitely, it has to be used!! xxx

  2. I love the drape of the dress and those shoes are beautiful! The garden is so pretty such a nice place for photos! xx

  3. This is such a pretty outtfit and the scenery is beautiful!
    I think we all have a bag that we have wanted forever but are to scared to use!

    1. Thank you, and glad you agree about the bag, this one terrifies me still :-) xxx

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  5. Cute outfit!



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