23 May 2014


Necklace - Accessorize
Shoes - ASOS

How amazing has the weather been lately? I even ended up at the beach last weekend! Incredible...though suitably, as I write this, I can see it's now raining outside, so what can I say, nothing good ever lasts too long in England! But with the summer coming, I thought it was time to be a little more adventurous and splash out on some colour for my wardrobe. Miss Selfridge is literally a colour heaven at the moment! I honestly want absolutely every item they've got on offer and this Textured Cocoon Dress is the perfect little summer number. I love the textured detail and the fit of the dress is ideal for me, as I hate tight dresses in the summer time and, of course, it's a gorgeous colour. 

Also, if any of you want to literally make my year and nominate me for the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards under the Next Presents Best Newcomer category, I will honestly be so grateful! StylaPetite is only 9 months old and I'm not really sure where I'd be without it now, it's a dream and a hobby all wrapped into one and it would be amazing if a Petite blogger could somehow breakthrough the cracks - I mean, if a Petite lady can find a place for herself in the blogging world, then it shows anyone can and that it really doesn't matter if you're a little bit different! :-) You can nominate me here if you fancy!


19 May 2014

All Bright

Necklace - Topshop
Heels - New Look

I could literally get lost for several years in the Miss Selfridge store!! There are so many amazing colours and clothes in there...so consequently I found myself going on a bit of a spending spree at the weekend. The pink Miss Selfridge shirt is possibly my brightest ever shirt purchase to date, but I really fell in love with the colour and also the style, plus it's really nice to have a bold splash of colour now and again. I was also pretty amazed with the trousers, I've wanted a patterned pair of summery trousers for a while now but obviously, being Petite, I highly doubted these would even fit me. But amazingly they did, they're perfect in length and just what I was after...so thank you for that Miss Selfridge! It's been an incredible weekend weather-wise so I decided it was the perfect time to add some major colour into my wardrobe...I definitely think this particular outfit does just that.


13 May 2014

Smart Shades

Chain - Vintage

Bit of an H&M dominant outfit here! I'm literally finding so many gorgeous items in store these days and this jacket is by far the best item I've bought for ages, it's a beautiful fit and texture, plus it's not black...so it's amazing to slip on over any outfit to add some life. The Playsuit is also from H&M and it's so nice to find a playsuit that actually fits a Petite frame. The lace detail is incredible too! Somehow I find myself back in my favourite shades of black and white...but surely it has to be one of the most elegant ensembles you can go for!? :-) Hope everyones having a good week so far!

Also, the Cosmopolitan blog awards are now up and running in association with Next! It would literally be amazing if you've come to enjoy my blog over the last few months and fancy nominating me for the 'Next Presents Best Newcomer' award - this is an award for new bloggers who've been going for less than 12 months! Styla Petite is only 9 months old so a nomination for this category would be incredible!! If you want to make my day then you can nominate me here!


11 May 2014

Just For Five

Leggings - Topshop
Handbag - Accessorize
Boots - Faith

I'm officially in love with this incredible knit jumper!! I'm the biggest fan of clothing items like this, they're so comfy to wear and easy to style...and the best thing about this one is it's Petite friendly. Whilst I do love big, baggy knit jumpers, often they can really drown the Petite frame and look a little ridiculous, but luckily this is a brilliant fit. It's also incredibly flattering at the shoulders, if you take a look at the design you can see it's styled to be slimming! The jumper is an amazing little number from Just For Five Pounds which is an amazing site which I'd seriously suggest browsing if you haven't already - some gorgeous and incredibly affordable items on there, and I'll certainly be heading back for more jumpers! Everything for £5...I mean why not!! :-)

In other news, you might have noticed a little blogging absence lately (I'm so sorry for this) - I've recently started a new job and for the first time ever I'm finding it really hard to keep on top of things, not just blogging, but everything! I think until now I've been lucky enough to have the time to put everything into my blog, which whilst it isn't huge by any means, it's the only thing I've ever really found interesting and wanted to dedicate any time to! I think it's a difficult thing when you finally find something you absolutely love doing (like blogging) but you can't dedicate anywhere near enough time to it due to real-life getting in the way. But I know a lot of bloggers manage to blog and work full time, so it's definitely something I'm determined to make happen...I just need a little time to cement a routine, so please bear with me (I'm not going anywhere!)


3 May 2014

Petite Picks

There are so many pretty things in the shops at the moment! I went shopping for the first time in ages today and can't get over how bright and gorgeous the colours are. I've got a bit obsessed with Pink at the moment and would really love this Pink Crepe Notch Front Jacket from Topshop or the Pink Shift dress from Miss Selfridge. You also can't beat a good pair of pale jeans for the summer months and the Topship offerings are always ideal, so comfy too! Plus how summery does the Petites Tropical Slip Dress from Miss Selfridge make you feel? Definitely a dress for the beach! Unfortunately I can't have all these but at least I can have a virtual wish-list and it's so nice that there a so many Petite options out there right now :-) Hope everyones having a lovely weekend so far!

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