19 May 2014

All Bright

Necklace - Topshop
Heels - New Look

I could literally get lost for several years in the Miss Selfridge store!! There are so many amazing colours and clothes in there...so consequently I found myself going on a bit of a spending spree at the weekend. The pink Miss Selfridge shirt is possibly my brightest ever shirt purchase to date, but I really fell in love with the colour and also the style, plus it's really nice to have a bold splash of colour now and again. I was also pretty amazed with the trousers, I've wanted a patterned pair of summery trousers for a while now but obviously, being Petite, I highly doubted these would even fit me. But amazingly they did, they're perfect in length and just what I was after...so thank you for that Miss Selfridge! It's been an incredible weekend weather-wise so I decided it was the perfect time to add some major colour into my wardrobe...I definitely think this particular outfit does just that.



  1. Great trousers :) the color of the shirt is gorgeous!

    Espelho da Isabel

  2. Absolutely love the pop of colour against the monochrome! I agree, i absolutely love the petite section in there! xx

  3. Love those pants, that print is so pretty and versatile! xoxo

  4. Completely agree with you haha, I love Miss Selfridge - I always end up there when buying my leather jackets (I have a big collection..) Cute look, I particularly like those slouchy trousers! X


  5. I love how bold this outfit is. Your necklace by the way is stunning XXXX

  6. I love these trousers I would never be able to pull them off especially with a jumper as bright as this- it looks absolutely spot on so beautiful as always hun xxx

  7. those trousers are amazing, love them with a pop of colour

    Ally x



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