13 May 2014

Smart Shades

Chain - Vintage

Bit of an H&M dominant outfit here! I'm literally finding so many gorgeous items in store these days and this jacket is by far the best item I've bought for ages, it's a beautiful fit and texture, plus it's not black...so it's amazing to slip on over any outfit to add some life. The Playsuit is also from H&M and it's so nice to find a playsuit that actually fits a Petite frame. The lace detail is incredible too! Somehow I find myself back in my favourite shades of black and white...but surely it has to be one of the most elegant ensembles you can go for!? :-) Hope everyones having a good week so far!

Also, the Cosmopolitan blog awards are now up and running in association with Next! It would literally be amazing if you've come to enjoy my blog over the last few months and fancy nominating me for the 'Next Presents Best Newcomer' award - this is an award for new bloggers who've been going for less than 12 months! Styla Petite is only 9 months old so a nomination for this category would be incredible!! If you want to make my day then you can nominate me here!



  1. I saw this playsuit in the store and it is so pretty! Really want to get it myself :) lovely look! x

    1. Thank you lovely :-) Would definitely recommend it, it's a lovely fit!! xxx

  2. Such beautiful, spring perfect look! Love your accessories, especially the necklace




  3. I adore this outfit Holly! I love the white blazer! I've just nominated you, as i love your style :) best of luck! x
    | Life as a Petite |

  4. I really love this look and love the pop of color with the handbag :) so pretty
    hope you had a lovely day


  5. You look awesome you've made the playsuit look so smart and glam xxx


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