26 June 2014


Hello friends! Apologies for my absence over the last week, I took a little trip away on holiday with my boyfriend to Falmouth in Cornwall, where we had an incredible couple of days and - uncharacteristically for me - the whole trip was completely free of the internet and social media (I think we all need a break from it sometimes!) 


14 June 2014

Aztec Style

Jacket - River Island
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

I'm currently writing this post from my bed because I've managed to come down with some hideous summer cold/throat thing which is an absolute nightmare when the weather is so hot! These pictures are from the other day, when I gave my new Miss Selfridge jumpsuit it's first outing! I think if you're a fellow Petite you'll agree it's pretty difficult - bordering on impossible - to find a decent jumpsuit/playsuit anywhere, but I've managed to find this one! I think the adjustable strap thing is key if you're wanting something that isn't in the Petite section. I really love the Aztec print and colour, one of those styles you can wear casually in the day or jazz up in the evening! I haven't worn a jean jacket for years but I found this the other day...it's many years old from River Island, but I've started seeing them popping up in the shops quite a lot, so I'm glad I kept this one!


9 June 2014

New Classic

Boots - Faith

I can never stay away from my two favourite colours - black and white - for too long! I found this lovely monochrome playsuit in Topshop recently and really love the style and pattern, plus it's really flattering (and not too long for a Petite). I know it's not really coat weather in the day anymore, but it can definitely get a bit cold in the evenings so always a great chance to bring out the favourite H&M white coat! I haven't worn it all that much (terrified of getting it dirty) but it's a great piece for smart occasions...and such a nice style. Hope everyone's had a good Monday (if that's possible) and at least the sun's shining!


7 June 2014

It's Lilac, I Promise

Shoes - Miss KG
Clutch Bag - Accessorize

I do promise that this top is Lilac! I think a combination of the bright sun and my milk bottle pale skin actually makes it look a lot paler than it is, but check it out here, it's a really beautiful lilac cami top - ideal for summer! Yet another recent Miss Selfridge buy, I can't seem to stay out of there at the moment. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far...seeing as the weather is being so indecisive, my plans involve copious amounts of food and too many episodes of Suits! I'll start the health kick on Monday...


2 June 2014

Think Pink

Playsuit - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Oasis
Bag - Armani
Shoes - Faith

There's nothing like a splash of bright pink to add a little bounce to the day! Bright colours certainly make for easy dressing, you definitely don't need a lot more than a belt and heels with a playsuit like this - a little loud, but pink has always been a favourite. The back detail of the playsuit is also really pretty, 'cross back' as it's called and I'm a huge fan! If I could take home every item from Miss Selfridge, I honestly would because I literally want absolutely everything in there. Hope everyones had a good weekend...how is it Monday already?

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