30 July 2014

Lilylulu Fashion

I think it's quite safe to say that I could happily live in Greece...unfortunately that's as much of an option as me becoming a supermodel, so a two-week holiday will have to be enough! I'm finally starting to get a little bit of a tan (yay) and have practically lived in this gorgeous playsuit from Lilylulu - it fits perfectly, is a stunning pattern and ideal for wearing either in the day over a bikini or dressing up with accessories in the evening! Sandals are New Look - I've never been a huge sandal fan, there's something I really hate about the vast majority of them, so I only ever opt for sandals like these - black, simple and relatively fuss free! :-)


27 July 2014

Colour Splash

Another outfit from Greece! This particular item was an amazing find from Topshop last year, in all honesty I can’t actually remember if it was originally designed to be a dress or a t-shirt…but either way, it fits me best as a dress! J It’s nice to have a splash of colour, especially when you’re on holiday, and it’s also so light and easy to wear during either the day or the evening! Holiday wise, my week so far has consisted of mainly sunbathing (trying and failing to get a decent tan), eating way too much and generally spying on the Greek surroundings (we’re really close to harbour, so it’s great fun to watch all the yachts piling in at the end of the day and jousting over places to moor up!) More posts on their way soon! Hope everyone’s had a great weekend!


25 July 2014

Greek Style

I have to say, Greece is pretty hot! I’m definitely somewhat of a ‘lazy’ holiday person…the minute I set foot abroad, I tend to leap at the chance not to wear make-up or brush my hair or fuss around for several years over the evenings outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to look nice, but I think you can use a few weeks in the sun as a chance to ‘revitalise’ as it were – give your skin and hair a break from products, chill out a little about clothes (I abandon high heels on holiday) and let the sun work it’s magic!

I’ve learnt over the years that I can only really deal with ‘simple’ when on holiday…it’s all about loose dresses and floaty things…nothing tight or annoying which is going to leave you hot and bothered. This Miss Selfridge dress remains one of my best all time finds (a ‘Midi’ style dress from last year which, because of my height, suitably works as a Maxi dress!) It’s cool, comfy and great for either the day or the evening, easily jazzed up with a statement necklace (this one is Miss Selfridge again and adds some nice colour to the outfit).  

Also, a few months ago I was lucky enough to work with Specspost, who do an incredible range of Petite sunglasses! These Petite Wayfarers are literally saving my life out here now, they fit perfectly (unlike any sunglasses I've previously bought) and are seriously gorgeous too. You can take a look at them here and explore the various options! Plus I also found this amazing mirror in one of the rooms where we're staying...with a little bit of extra time on holiday, how could I resist a few creative shots?! It's a skinny mirror too...a nice way to trick yourself into thinking you're half a stone lighter!


21 July 2014

A Greek Odyssey

Hello from Greece! I got here yesterday afternoon after crazy busy 48 hours – I went to an amazing wedding reception which I left at about midnight, then headed straight to the airport for a six am flight!

16 July 2014

Holiday Wishlist

9. Rayban Folding Clubmaster Sunglasses - ASOS

I'm heading off to Greece on Sunday and so what better way could I possibly spend my time than by putting together a holiday wishlist...(perhaps if I spent more time actually packing/organising my things instead of window shopping on line, I'd have everything much more sorted than it currently is). Typically I've left everything to the last minute and so I'm left scrabbling through last years bikinis trying to see if anything still fits as, of course, everything in my size in the shops is sold out! Note to self: always prepare for holidays early.

Anyway during my long hours browsing online I've literally found such stunning things out there, if I could buy everything I would, but that would do nothing for my baggage allowance or my bank account. So here is the ideal holiday wishlist! Favourites include the Raybans (one day I WILL own a pair of these), the gorgeous Pyramid sandals from Topshop and the Box Pleat Swimsuit, also from Topshop...I actually went and bought the bright pink Tiered Tunic, it's seriously bright but then what could be better for a holiday? I'm banking on a good internet connection out there so plan to keep blogging during the trip, so fingers crossed for some good weather and that I can get a nice tan! :-) 


14 July 2014

Paperchase Purse

There's nothing nicer than new accessories sometimes and I have to say, I'm a huge obsessive over pretty purses and wallets! This gorgeous purse is from Paperchase (a store I'm absolutely in love with, as I think we all are) - I can spend hours in the shop or online browsing the pretty stationary and accessories. The purse was actually a gift and a welcome new addition to my hoard of things, I love the colours and the details, it's so unusual and it's great to have something a little different sometimes. You'll definitely see this beauty featured as part of an outfit soon, but it's so pretty that I thought it deserved a post of it's own! :-)


9 July 2014

Electric Blue

I definitely think Playsuits are one of my favourite options, I know they can be a bit of a pain to take on and off sometimes, but I've always found that the cut and fit of a Playsuit tends to work quite well with my figure shape. This is a lovely, electric blue Petite option from New Look, I really love the bright colour and it's one of those items that you can accessorise up as much or as little as you want. And for a little bit of colour co-ordination I went with my navy Peacocks satchel which I absolutely love, it's a great all-around bag and great for the summer months. Wedges are also a huge summer favourite of mine, I haven't bought any new ones this season because I'm still wearing my faithful pair from Faith - wedges are ideal though, being Petite, it's always great to have some height but I find these are a slightly more sensible option than skyscraper heels! :-)


6 July 2014

July Favourites

Revlon Colorstay in '020 Front Row'
Glamour Magazine

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone's had a good weekend so far! I feel like I haven't done a beauty post for ages and something I'd like to have every month is a 'favourites' post - I love reading other bloggers posts on their monthly top beauty buys, so I thought I'd start off my first post with 'July favourites'. It's actually incredibly hard to pick out just a few top products but this month, these are without a doubt my favourite things right now!

I've really fallen in love with this gorgeous eye make-up shade from Maybelline. It's in cream form, which I find works a lot better on my skin than powder does, especially around the delicate eye area too because I have super sensitive eyes. The colour is gorgeous and just a small amount goes a really long way, it glides on and is long lasting - so my eye make up preference right now!

This is a simple but essential product for all year round I think, I absolutely hate having dry hands so I love being able to pop this 50ml cream in my handbag and top up when necessary! I always opt for Nivea when it comes to moisturising and this gives my hands some serious relief - the travel size is ideal too!

Nail varnish of the month (and possibly the year) is 'Allure' by Essie. Essie is a brand that has been the top of my list for AGES now and I literally love all their colours, but since buying 'Allure' I've probably used it more than any other nail varnish ever, I love the super pale pink colour and you only need two coats before you get a polished finish (there's nothing worse than having to pile on 4 coats with a pale shade before you can get a good coverage.)

I posted about the Revlon ColorStay lip sticks a few months ago and I'm still as hooked as ever. This is a gorgeous, pale pink summery colour which I'm loving at the moment, as with all the other shades, it glides on and lasts for ages without needing a re-application - plus I'm a huge fan of anything pale pink, I think it suits my colouring best!

I'm a huge magazine fan and always have been, but whilst there are so many out there that I love to read, I always faithfully come back to both Glamour and Cosmopolitan every month religiously! You still can't beat a quite hour with a magazine away from the computer and the television and this month's Glamour was an amazing read (as it always is).

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