25 July 2014

Greek Style

I have to say, Greece is pretty hot! I’m definitely somewhat of a ‘lazy’ holiday person…the minute I set foot abroad, I tend to leap at the chance not to wear make-up or brush my hair or fuss around for several years over the evenings outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to look nice, but I think you can use a few weeks in the sun as a chance to ‘revitalise’ as it were – give your skin and hair a break from products, chill out a little about clothes (I abandon high heels on holiday) and let the sun work it’s magic!

I’ve learnt over the years that I can only really deal with ‘simple’ when on holiday…it’s all about loose dresses and floaty things…nothing tight or annoying which is going to leave you hot and bothered. This Miss Selfridge dress remains one of my best all time finds (a ‘Midi’ style dress from last year which, because of my height, suitably works as a Maxi dress!) It’s cool, comfy and great for either the day or the evening, easily jazzed up with a statement necklace (this one is Miss Selfridge again and adds some nice colour to the outfit).  

Also, a few months ago I was lucky enough to work with Specspost, who do an incredible range of Petite sunglasses! These Petite Wayfarers are literally saving my life out here now, they fit perfectly (unlike any sunglasses I've previously bought) and are seriously gorgeous too. You can take a look at them here and explore the various options! Plus I also found this amazing mirror in one of the rooms where we're staying...with a little bit of extra time on holiday, how could I resist a few creative shots?! It's a skinny mirror too...a nice way to trick yourself into thinking you're half a stone lighter!



  1. I love summer looks, it definitely isn't about being OTT and you look lovely and fresh- gorgeous necklace xxx

  2. Looks amazing! I find it hard to find sunglasses that fit my face may need to check out the website!


    1. Thank you lovely, it's definitely worth a look as the glasses fit perfectly! I have the same trouble and these are great :-) xxx

  3. Pretty pictures and outfit :-) xxx

  4. Beautiful outfit and i LOVE the pretty necklace :) Can't get enough of the view from the pool wow! I agree with you about the makeup, its so nice to finally let your skin breathe you look glowing :) xxx


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