30 July 2014

Lilylulu Fashion

I think it's quite safe to say that I could happily live in Greece...unfortunately that's as much of an option as me becoming a supermodel, so a two-week holiday will have to be enough! I'm finally starting to get a little bit of a tan (yay) and have practically lived in this gorgeous playsuit from Lilylulu - it fits perfectly, is a stunning pattern and ideal for wearing either in the day over a bikini or dressing up with accessories in the evening! Sandals are New Look - I've never been a huge sandal fan, there's something I really hate about the vast majority of them, so I only ever opt for sandals like these - black, simple and relatively fuss free! :-)



  1. Love the playsuit such pretty pics!! Xx

  2. Gorgeous photo's, the backdrop is amazing! Really love the playsuit, such a lovely style and print! xo


  3. Absolutely adore this playsuit, the cute daisy print suits you so much :) Glad you're having a lovely time, i could quite easily live in Greece too! xx

  4. You look incredible what a gorgeous playsuit xxx


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