28 September 2014

September Wish-List

I haven't done a wish-list post for ages! I think mainly because I'd got so bored of all things summery and FINALLY the shops are full of lovely wintery things :-) This list very Topshop-heavy, but I literally seem to want everything in there at the moment and their Petite section is just incredible! So actually this might as well be an 'everything I want from Topshop' wish-list...but anyway...the Petite Graphic Print coat is definitely one that I've got my beady eye on. I haven't bought a new Winter coat yet...so this could be the one. The skirt is also just amazing! A new pair of boots for Autumn/Winter are also a definite must and I always end up gravitating to Topshop for these...this year is no different, they have a gorgeous selection and I'm wondering if these MERIT Chain Boots might have my name on?


22 September 2014

Ninety One

So I think Autumn is well and truly on the way! I can't say I'm a huge fan of cold early mornings and dark evenings, but I definitely do love all the new Winter pieces hitting the shops. Cosy jumpers are an absolute must for Autumn/Winter and this is a super cosy but stylish jumper from CelebLook! It's so warm and comfy but with a bit of edge, so you can definitely dress it up or down as you prefer. I've gone for the leather trouser look...but you could just as easily go with jeans and Uggs. No doubt I'll be living in it this year, there's usually always one item I end up not taking off all Winter...


19 September 2014

Pale Blue

Heels - Faith
Clutch - Accessorize
Nails - Revlon
Ring - Vintage
So this was an outfit that I wore to a wedding reception a few weeks ago and have only just got around to posting because of my little laptop-virus issue!! Summer weddings call for light or bright colours, so I opted for pale blue because the gorgeous colour totally caught my eye on the Missguided website. I always prefer to go for long-sleeves, so this dress is ideal, it's a gorgeous fit and not too long (always a Petite issue) and I was so so happy with it!! Unfortunately the gold belt has slipped slightly in the photos and that was the only issue with the outfit in that my belt didn't fit properly, so I ended up abandoning it and going without. The heels were also a gorgeous find from Faith and somewhere matched the dress perfectly...ideal!!


15 September 2014

White Lace

This has to be the most beautiful playsuit ever! I love anything which involves a lace-look and to have a white lacy playsuit it just the best thing. This gorgeous number is from Celeb Look, who I absolutely love and who have an incredible selection of new items on their way to the website. You can style this playsuit soo many ways, from casual day to an evening outfit, plus it's so comfy that I think this is going to become a much-loved wardrobe item which I can't do without. White can be quite difficult to wear but because of the detail here and the design it really just fits around your body shape - perfect!!
It's SO nice to be back up and running again after my laptops hideous virus, it's ridiculous how behind you can get with absolutely everything when you don't have a computer! In other news, I went to Norfolk at the weekend - it was a lovely little trip away to celebrate 2 years with the boyfriend and the fact that we've just found our first flat together! So no doubt that may bring more chaos to the blog as I'm trying to sort my life out and move house...but we stayed in the most amazing place in Oxborough so look out for a little lifestyle post on our weekend away! I'm also insanely jealous of everyone at LFW at the moment...maybe I might get there next year??!


11 September 2014

Back For Real

I'm back!! I am SO sorry for my blog absence...I think this is possibly the longest I've ever gone without posting?! Though I do have a very valid reason because unfortunately my laptop got a hideous virus last week. Ugh. Every file corrupted, everything got lost...I had nowhere to upload my photos, no way of getting online and no computer! Absolute nightmare. It goes to show how awful these viruses are and how, without access to a computer, you can literally lose everything, especially if you haven't got things backed up.
Anyway, I have since wiped/restored my old laptop as best I can and have managed to redeem as many photos as possible. I'm now operating on a new computer after having to re-install absolutely everything...and without whingeing on, I'm nearly back and normal level! So, posting will resume properly very shortly! This is actually the post that was due to go out on the day my laptop went mad (hence the sun - it was back in August now!) And highlights my latest obsession with printed sweatshirts. I found this quirky little number in H&M for £5...all in a good days work.
I'm also a huge fan of Skaters at the moment and this is my second Topshop pair. They are SO comfy and great for those days when you're charging around but need sensible (but not hideous) footwear! The trousers are a year old from River Island but still remain a pair of favourites because of the pattern and fit...no matter how hard I try I always seem to end up wearing all black! Anyway, apologies again for the absence, I have missed tinkering on my blog so much over the last few weeks when I haven't been able to post, so I've got some amazing collaborations lined up and am looking forwards to getting back to normal!
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