28 September 2014

September Wish-List

I haven't done a wish-list post for ages! I think mainly because I'd got so bored of all things summery and FINALLY the shops are full of lovely wintery things :-) This list very Topshop-heavy, but I literally seem to want everything in there at the moment and their Petite section is just incredible! So actually this might as well be an 'everything I want from Topshop' wish-list...but anyway...the Petite Graphic Print coat is definitely one that I've got my beady eye on. I haven't bought a new Winter coat yet...so this could be the one. The skirt is also just amazing! A new pair of boots for Autumn/Winter are also a definite must and I always end up gravitating to Topshop for these...this year is no different, they have a gorgeous selection and I'm wondering if these MERIT Chain Boots might have my name on?



  1. Such gorgeous items you've picked ahh! Keep seeing the stripy dress in Topshop and falling in love with it every time! Topshop is always my favourite for winter bits as is H&M! xxx

  2. Love this wishlist, especially the boots and skirt they're so pretty!! xx


  3. The skirt and boots are so lovely! Want want waant haha.
    Topshop definitely have the best Petite section in my option, I must have bought like 80% of all bottoms from there!

    Louise / www.asseenonlouise.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Great post, I like the boots xx


  5. Love the dress


  6. Oh my this is perfection the dress is so crisp and chic and I love the boots, but quite frankly I would happily have it all xx

    Blonde of carbs

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