29 October 2014


It's been a good week for new clothes!! As if by magic, someone heard my grumblings about not having enough pretty dresses, and I was sent this gorgeous Poppy Lux Fit & Flare dress from Sugarhill Boutique! I've always been a huge fan of fit and flare, I think it flatters the larger majority of body shapes and there is something effortlessly elegant about the style. This dress also embraces the seasons love of heritage prints and this floral pattern is so feminine and pretty that, obviously, I had to accessorise it with pink. How fun are these holographic heels??! Typically late on the bandwagon as per usual, I finally fell in love with these and they're only £5 from Just For Five Pounds. If you want majorly affordable, but highly fashionable pieces, then this brand is well worth a browse. Plus of course, given it's now winter, a new item of faux fur had to be bought...this pink fur stole is from Miss Selfridge, and is my new best friend!


22 October 2014

The Coat Edit

Can I have them all? Pleeeease? I am just obsessed with coats. I don't think there's any other item which I fixate on quite so much as the coat, but every year I spend ridiculous amounts of time peering at coats online or in the shops, always finding one nicer than the last and vowing that, if I could, I'd by every coat I could get my hands on, just to be sure I hadn't missed a good one. Putting together this post, I realised most of my favourite choices were from Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge are literally always bang on with their coats, they have everything from elegant fur coats to fitted jackets in all sorts of pretty pastels...and they have Petite options...and I just want all of them. Topshop are also always fantastic for coats and so, as you can see, this is very much a Topshop & Miss Selfridge winter coat selection. I love ALL the above, but if I had to pick one...it would have to be the black belted fit and flare coat from Miss Selfridge. You can't beat a black coat with a bit of faux fur. Which would you pick or which do you already own?!

20 October 2014

Bright Pink Co-Ord

I've always been someone who cottons on to things a bit late and the same can be said of my discovery of the Co-Ord!! I've only recently decided I like them and really love this little Boohoo number. Definitely a very unusually bright colour choice for me, as any of you who read my blog regularly will know, but I think for an evening out where you want to outfit to stand out...why not go for bright pink! Or for bright day wear with a warm coat, that would work too! And in other bits of the outfit, I always grab any excuse to wear my ASOS Photoshoot heels :-) Definitely makes a bright change to a dull Monday!


19 October 2014

Vitamin E Treatment

I've been wanting to try the Overnight Serum-in-Oil from the Body Shop for absolutely ages! So with the help of October being my birthday month on my Body Shop card, and a little in-store offer, I managed to finally buy the Serum and a Moisturiser to try! Vitamin E is fab for the skin because of it's protecting qualities, my skin is seriously tired and dull at the moment so I'm definitely in need of some kind of magic potion. The Serum-in-Oil (which combines a serum with oil) is like a combination powerhouse to help indulge, repair and replenish the skin! It glides on perfectly, without being greasy or sticky, and absorbs amazingly into the skin if you apply it just before bed. With Winter being notorious for not helping with dry skin, this honestly leaves your skin feeling so much softer, rejuvenated and fresher the next morning!!
I'm usually pretty bad with my skincare routine. I tend to have a surge of determination every so often to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night...but that never tends to last long and I soon slip back into my old lazy ways! But a product like the Serum-in-Oil is perfect for someone lazy like me; it actually makes skincare a pleasure before bed as using the Serum-in-Oil is fun and enjoyable to use, I've always had a thing about serums! Plus because it's an overnight powerhouse kind of potion, it's enough to help keep my dry skin at bay and give that refreshed, dewy kind of look every morning. The Vitamin E moisturiser is a huge help also and another lovely product, really luxurious and fantastic in conjunction with the Serum-in-Oil, it's super hydrating (essential in Winter) and another product which leaves skin soft and refreshed!


17 October 2014

Sparkles and Sequins

So how beautiful is this gorgeous dress from Missi Clothing??! I honestly felt like Christmas had come early when this beauty arrived...I am totally in love! I've always loved sequins and anything sparkly, so this is like my dream dress, and so so perfect for Christmas parties. The dress is from Missi Clothing's BlinQ range and comes in not only this navy colour as above, but in red and black!! So plenty of options to choose from. I love the style, the fit and the all over sequin detail...it's one of those dresses that pulls you in in all the right places and just makes you feel amazing. The length is also fabulous for my Petite height and this isn't something you normally find, so Petite ladies, you know where to look for your Xmas dresses. I don't want to take this off! And whilst on the sequin, party theme, I had to bring out my favourite Miss Selfridge bag and River Island nude heels. Can someone take me to a party already?!

15 October 2014

Casual Coat

How awful is this weather?! I don't think it's stopped raining for days...but I managed to grab a window in the weather earlier today to snap this outfit, the coat probably being my favourite coat of all time from Missguided! It's so comfy and warm and just ideal for Autumn/Winter! I've also really started to love crop tops and this is one is from Boohoo (only £8?!) - amazing! I'm also giving my Pauls Boutique Maisy Handbag a whirl for the first time in ages, I remember saving up for this years ago and carting it around everywhere with me for months...it's lasted so amazingly well and the patent is always a great way to add a bit of extra glam to an otherwise casual outfit!! Hope everyone's having a good week so far!


13 October 2014

Aztec Print

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend?! (Despite all the rain!) I went shopping and shouldn't have...because I spent money I don't have on things I don't need...but what can you do? And in other news, the weekend was also most definitely livened up by the arrival of this gorgeous dress from Missi Clothing. They have the most incredible range of beautiful items and one of the newest ranges is BlinQ, which this gorgeous Aztec Print Crepe Paneled Dress is from. I absolutely love the print and the colours, by happy co-incidence I found it went rather nicely with my naughty new heel purchase from New Look. I know it's Autumn and all, but it's seriously uplifting to have to be wearing colourful outfits too sometimes...and this dress is my new favourite friend!

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