29 January 2015

Raw Sugar

This is a bit of an overdue post, as I was given this gorgeous Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette for Christmas...and Christmas now feels like a very long time ago! Anyway, this is is one of the prettiest little palettes I've had the pleasure of owning, it's one of the Shimmer Brick palettes from Bobbi Brown and this particular one is called 'Raw Sugar'. 

So as you can see, it's ten shimmering shades from dark to light, with warm sugar tones and beachy bronzes for the ultimate eye shadow look! I love eye shadows that have a slight shimmer to them, which is great for the evening, although the lighter shades can add a lot of life to your eyelids in the day too if used subtly. The colours do shimmer, but not ridculously so and it applies really well to your lids, as long as they aren't dry.

I also love the compact, it's tiny - so perfect for travelling or putting in your handbag. I know I've had quite a lot of these travel compacts on here lately, but honestly they are so useful. Plus the mirrored compact is ideal...I always forget my pocket mirror, so this one comes in super handy. This was actually bought from TK Maxx, and you can also find some lowered prices on Amazon, so I've posted the link above!


24 January 2015


Happy Saturday! I'm quietly counting the days until we're out of January...definitely the most depressing month of the year in my opinion. Though I think, like a lot of us, the thought of a new Spring wardrobe is getting me through these dark, cold and rainy days! I've never been more glad to see pastel shades and light colours again, and whilst I love coats and knitwear, I'm just in need of warmer weather now - enough is enough! 

So, speaking of Spring, Missi Clothing have a gorgeous 'Spring is in the Air' line, filled with an array of gorgeous dresses, tops and trousers which are just perfect for the slightly warmer days and brighter weather. This check print long sleeve swing dress is another tartan favourite, it really bridges the gap nicely between winter and spring and I just love the print. The swing dress is also a style I'm really loving at the moment; I'm definitely still feeling like I indulged way too much over Christmas, so the swing dress hides a multitude of sins and yet is still incredibly flattering. 

Also, a word on the handbag. This is like the new love of my life - for months I was searching for the perfect shoulder bag and then I came across this beautiful friend in Faith in Debenhams. And it's the best bag ever! Sits on the shoulder perfectly, looks pretty, fits my ridiculous amount of stuff in it...need I say more? I can't actually see it on the Debenhams website but it may still be in store, so if you're browsing this weekend, definitely check out Faith for some really pretty bags!


20 January 2015

2015 Blog Goals

So this is possibly a little late to be bringing out a new blog goals/round-up type post, considering we're over halfway through January and already the 'New Year, New Start' thing is starting to feel a little old...but nevertheless, we're only 20 days into 2015, so I thought I'd quickly pop some thoughts down about the good parts of 2014 and the hopes & dreams for a new year! I have a lot to thank this blog for though, so I thought it was time to do it some justice!

2014 was actually an amazing year for StylaPetite, both as a blog and as a hobby. When I started the blog in 2013, I thought it would just be a very small corner of the internet where I occasionally rambled about Petite clothing (or lack of it). I never thought it would become such a big part of my life! Pre-blog, I honestly wasn't interested in anything, I didn't have any hobbies or play any sports...most of my spare time was spent doing absolutely nothing, with no real creative release. So the blog took a very welcome place in my much-needed 'hobby space' and it's now the thing I genuinely love doing most. I've found I love photography and editing, I even bought a proper Canon camera! I love putting outfits together, creating pretty images, working on ideas and also speaking to a huge community of bloggers - there's always so much you can do to improve a blog and no matter what rubbish goes on in daily life, there's always this to come back to as the biggest stress-reliever in the world! 

As a blog, StylaPetite had a great year in 2014. I never thought collaborating with brands would be something I'd be able to do, but my first ever collab with New Look in January was one of the most exciting things ever! There really is something great about a brand valuing your blog enough to want to work with you and it gives me the biggest buzz. It's absolutely not about 'free clothes' - it's about respecting the trust of a brand, creating great content and fairly reviewing a product or item, and I don't think I'll ever lose the excitement of a new brand collaboration coming in. I've also loved focusing in on the 'Petite' side of the blog, I've been lucky enough to review things from Petite Sunglasses, to Petite bracelets though to work with the Elegant British Brands blog on the Minuet Petite and Precis Petite brands. 

I've also been so pleased to see my social media channels and followers grow - it was definitely very, very slow starting with this blog but I'm so happy that people actually read and follow StylaPetite now, I read and appreciate every single comment and it's definitely what spurs me on! My re-design by Pipdig was also a massive highlight and I love the way it looks now, I'm planning a few small changes for 2015 but nothing too major. In terms of other 2015 plans, I'd love to start creating more lifestyle/beauty orientated content, so watch this space on that! I'm also really aware that I'm not the most 'chatty' of bloggers - I don't give much personal information away, but the 'personal touch' is something I really love about other blogs, getting to know them a little bit and getting an insight into their lives. I'm definitely not that interesting, I don't have a glittering social calendar or anything like that...but I think it's time to share a liiiittle more, so hopefully 2015 will see any regular readers get to know me a bit better!

I also really, really want to start a Youtube channel. I've been toying with it for months, I even filmed an actual video back in October, but my computer decided to completely die after I'd spent several hours editing it. I got cross and have been sulking ever since, but I'm almost ready to try again! Obviously Youtube is so over-saturated with new channels, so I'm still trying to figure out if there's a place for me and a purpose for me making videos...there's no point just churning out the same old videos which have been done a million times over, so I'm trying to think of new and interesting ways to get going on Youtube. I've loved watching some of my favourite bloggers expand into Youtube though, it's so good to actually hear the voive behind the blog, so we'll see...again, watch this space! 

Anyway, this has ended up being much, much longer than I'd planned and has actually turned into a bit of a ramble...so well done if you're still reading! To summarize, I am so so pleased I've got this blog to channel my energy into and so if you're thinking of starting one yourself, or you're wanting to put more efforts into your existing one, then you should absolutely do it. It's so satisfying to have a little internet space that's yours and that you're in complete control of...and anyone who dismisses blogging as a waste of time? They don't know the half of what you're up to behind the scenes or the opportunities it'll bring you! :-)


17 January 2015

Pink Tartan

I have such a ridiculous tartan print obsession. I really love it, especially during the Winter months, there's something about it that is perfect for Winter. While the obvious classic is red, lately I've been branching out and really love all these variations on tartan - pink, blue, etc. I really love this bright pink swing dress from Missi Clothing. It's perfect if you want something a little bit louder and more eye-catching, plus I'm always a fan of the swing dress...it's such a comfortable item to wear, you don't have to worry about sucking in your stomach! I thought I'd opt for black accessories around the the dress, this a Topshop leather jacket from about two years ago, but it's still held it's own and is an absolute favourite. Topshop always have gorgeous leather jackets, always a good thing to opt for as Spring starts to emerge and the big bulky coats aren't as necessary. Plus I've been using my Pauls Boutique bag a lot more recently...adds a nice bit of shine to things. :-)


14 January 2015

Spring Wish-List

So I've just about got over the fact that Christmas has finished and is over for another year...so I thought I would look to more Spring-themed things to get excited for the (slightly) warmer weather and brighter days. At least that's what we're told. The pales and pastels are are great thing about the approach of Spring though and I'm so excited by all the pretty light colours popping up in the shops and online. I've finally burnt out all my Christmas Yankee Candles, which is sad, but does mean I can buy some new ones...I'd love to try the Blossom scent! A nice, pale pink jacket like this one from Miss Selfridge would also be ideal for Spring, as would the River Island bag...and Watch...can I just have everything?


9 January 2015

Pleats Please

I've always been a huge fan of the Issey Miyake perfumes, but this has to be my absolute favourite. In terms of fashion, 'Pleats' was introduced to the Issey Miyake fashion line in 1989 and continued to be developed ever since in varying forms of pleated clothing - so the Pleats Please parfum is a suitable accompaniment developed by the brand. Purely on my own personal preference, it is one of the most powerful scents - I really love it because it's so fresh, long-lasting and there is something just so distinctive about it that is so hard to describe. It's not always readily available in the shops and has been discontinued in some stores, but honestly, if you come across and spray it out - you'll see just what I mean, it'll still be on your wrist tomorrow! I actually bought this for my Mum for Christmas for her to try, but I find myself sneaking into her room to spray it on myself occasionally...it's just the nicest scent ever! :-)


7 January 2015

Naked Basics

Why I haven't owned one of these sooner, I do not know! This was a Christmas present and I've absolutely fallen in love with it as my new and essential best friend. This is the matte Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay, with six gorgeous neutral shades that you can wear alone or build up to your hearts content. Apologies that the brightness of the photos has meant you can't see the name shades on the palette, but from left to right, the shades are...Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint and Crave. It's also the perfect sized travel palette to get into your handbag, but still with full sized shadow pans!

I've been playing with this non-stop for days and really do love it, because for me it has all essential shades I need. Crave and Faint are ideal for liner, I've completely given up with liquid eyeliner and on some recent advice, have started using a brush for eyeliner - so Crave works super well for this. Then with Venus, Foxy and Walk of Shame you can create the most gorgeous looks - the colour goes on with a smooth, luxe finish which I absolutely love, there's none of that powdery, chalky nonsense that you get with so many other palettes. Plus Venus, as I read, has a touch of satin in it which makes it ideal for highlighting. Would I recommend? 100% yes!


5 January 2015


I didn't manage to wear my Tartan skirt over Christmas which is annoying, so I thought I'd bring it out to add a bit of colour to January. This is a New Look skirt from last year but it's turned out to be a great, lasting buy - super comfy and a really nice kind of Tartan print! I'm also obsessed with polo necks at the moment, I mean with this cold weather we seriously need them, and I don't seem to be wearing any other kind of top at the moment! This one is a Miss Selfridge, but I've since realised you can actually get much cheaper ones in H&M or New Look, so worth a browse first. Plus this is the worlds most gorgeous coat that I was lucky enough to receive last year from Precis Petite, I'm still terrified of getting it dirty, but it's like the dream Winter coat! Also after much dithering, I decided to buy a pair of new boots...after endless browsing, I opted for these gorgeous Boohoo boots which I'm absolutely in love with!


2 January 2015


I've had my eye on this perfume for absolutely ages, so I was a very lucky girl to receive a bottle as a Christmas present! For months this was definitely the perfume I always strayed past in the shops to spray on my wrists, dithering over whether to buy it or not - it's a really popular perfume, so if you're wondering whether it's for you or not, there are some great things to consider. Obviously, if like me, you often get sucked in on the packaging, you can't deny how pretty the bottle is with the the silver and little bow (looks so sweet on your side-table). That aside, the scent is lovely - I know everyone's skin reacts differently to fragrance, and we all have different preferences on scent, but this is a really feminine, luxurious scent which actually lasts. So many perfumes just fade out within an hour, but Chloe lasts me all day and lingers on clothes to create a lasting scent, so I'm really happy about that! It's quite strong as a perfume, but I suppose that's why it lasts! I wouldn't call it a cheap perfume, so it's worth testing it a few times before you splash out - but if you want a long-lasting and unique scent then this is definitely worth a try! 


1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all! Hopefully you welcomed in 2015 on a high note and are ready for a brand new year. I think we all mull over new goals, aims and wishes when we enter the new year and, as always, I have an endless list of things I want to do and achieve in 2015! 2014 wasn't a favourite year of mine, but actually most of the best bits came from this blog - I got the chance to work with some incredible brands, review some gorgeous clothing and jewellery pieces, speak to some lovely people and just grow my little corner of the internet a bit more! Hopefully 2015 will see some more of the same, I've even got a little plan to start on YouTube...so watch this space! 

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