12 February 2015

Easy Cosmopolitans

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love cocktails! I know they can be pretty lethal - and also pretty expensive - so Nick and I decided to make our own last Saturday, and then I realised that the Cosmopolitan is pretty much the perfect Valentines Day cocktail! It's pink, pretty and tastes amazing. So, whether your staying in this Valentines or want a sneaky cocktail before you head out, this is a great (and quick/easy) cocktail option which I thought I'd show you. 

You Will Need
1 x Lime
1 x Orange
Cranberry Juice

Fill your tumbler (or whatever you're going to mix the drink in - it doesn't have to be fancy) with ice. Just make sure whatever you use has some kind of lid so that you can give it a good shake. You can also chill your cocktail glass with it's so it's nice and cold when you have the drink.

Add your Vodka ( 1 1/2 parts) and your Quintreau (1/2 part) into the tumbler - we measured ours out a little more roughly by using the lid of the bottle and, of course, you can add in a little extra of each if you so choose!

Add in your Cranberry juice (we actually bought a carton of Cranberry & Raspberry juice in error - but that actually made it a bit sweeter!) So depending on your preference, you could deviate slightly here. Then squeeze in your lime and give the tumbler a good shake, and a good stir.

The orange peel is supposedly for decoration, this bit didn't go quite to plan - we wanted one of those spiral peels...but that didn't really work! Still, worth a go to see what decoration you can create a bit of orange peel and cocktail stick!

Then finally, pour your drink and voila! I know what I'm drinking this Saturday for sure. If you fancy giving this one a go, you can also check out this page for lots more amazing cocktail ideas!



  1. Cosmo is a favorite! Love this step by step tutorial, something to impress on a girls night!!


  2. Cosmos are my favourite, other than when I am spilling them down my dress of course haha they are the perfect valentines drink for sure xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Making them at home together is a really sweet (and purse friendly) idea! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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