22 March 2015

Peppermint & Almond

Spring is always a good time to pay more attention to the feet and hands. I have to say I find foot care really boring and an absolute pain to keep on top of...but then if you want smooth feet for the summer months, a little effort must be made I suppose! There are only two products I swear by for foot care - the Body Shop's Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak and the Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue. The foot soak is amazing, a really revitalizing salt soak which cools and refreshes - it's great for refreshing tired feet all year round, and fab for helping to prep the feet for summer months, buy just keeping on top of their general well-being! If you like Peppermint then you're in luck here, because the smell is amazing!

Then the Foot Rescue cream helps to give some much needed TLC to the feet. I tend to put it on before bed (when I remember) and it's a really good overnight moisture boost for dry skin and heels! Plus it smells amazing, so it's enjoyable to use! The Body Shop do have amazing selection of products for foot care which you can check out here - from cooling foot sprays to lotions and soothing salts. I wouldn't go anywhere else for foot care. I also got an Almond Hand & Nail cream to try which was a nice added bonus, it's moisturising and conditioning, so it leaves your hands super soft and smelling amazing!


19 March 2015

Bedroom Buys

So I think I mentioned somewhere on here that I went into the Range last week for a clothing rail and came away with a load of candles, and no rail. Such is life! Anyway, I'm in the middle of a bedroom re-vamp - it's going to be re-decorated etc, so I'm stocking up on a few nice bits to put in it when finished. The Range is great for little bits and bobs because it's not expensive, yet you can get candles and reed diffusers for a really low price! So here are my buys - I love the lemon basil candle, it smells amazing! 


15 March 2015

Things In Pictures #2

So I've returned for a second 'things in pictures' post! I think these kind of posts are really nice to do on a Sunday, to sum up some of the things I've been up to. And it's Mother's Day too, so a very happy Mother's Day to my own amazing Mother - we've had a lovely day and evening last night, which I'll explain more about further down the post.

1. I've been trying to think up lots of new and interesting (hopefully) content for my blog! Whilst still very keen to do outfit posts and fashion, I'd love to do more lifestyle/beauty type posts, so this is what I've been trying to explore ideas for and see what other kinds of bits I can bring you to read. 

2. I had a sneaky homeware haul last week. I went into the Range for a clothing rail and came away with a Reed diffuser, two candles and some pretty flowers. And no clothing rail. I do love the Range for little bits and bobs for my bedroom and you don't have to spend a fortune either. 

3. I've been playing around with different eye make-up looks from my new Naked Basics palette, and realised that I'm one of those people who can achieve a fab eye make-up look when practicing, and then when it comes to going out...it just looks a real mess and I ruin it. So I thought I'd capture this look which was one I didn't make a mess of.

4. I've been working in my new PR job for 2 weeks now and I'm absolutely loving it. There are three of us who make up the team and I'm learning lots from the two ladies I work with, who are both fab. We've got a new website launching soon, so I'll post that when it's live so you can see a bit more about what I do job-wise! This was a rather epic hot chocolate I had in the office last week...literally one of the best I've had in years.

5. Seeing as the weather has picked up massively in the last few weeks and Spring is in the air, the boy and I have had a few really nice walks along the beach and river at the weekends. It's so nice to get outside after a long cold Winter and has definitely got me feeling excited for the summer.

6. On Saturday we had an amazing dinner at Hintlesham Hall which is an amazing place to go - if you're not from Suffolk, it's so worth a visit and you can stay in the hotel for a weekend or a couple of nights. The food was amazing there...I had to take a picture of my epic dessert, creme brulee and rhubard crumble!

7. Mothers Day today! I bought my Mum these pretty (and tasty) Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles from Charbonnel et Walker. She very kindly let me have one...but seeing as they were a heart shape, I had to get them for her. We are both addicted to anything chocolately, so it was always going to go down well.

8. I also got her this pretty bouquet of flowers from Suffolk Food Hall - where you can find everything from beautiful flowers, to food, homeware and even stop for coffee. I do love these pink roses though and it smells amazing, so hopefully these will last her a while!


9 March 2015

The Cape

So after much dithering, I decided to invest in a cape. I was in two minds because - being so small - most of the ones I tried on tended to drown me, but I found this number in Topshop, and it felt just right! And now to my horror (because I've left this post for so long) this cape doesn't seem to be on the website any more. Shows how behind I am! So I'm sorry if you can't find it, I may of course be looking in the wrong place, but if you do locate - or similar - it comes highly recommended from me! It's really warm and great to throw on over a plain outfit to give things some life. Typically I cotton on to these trends right at the end of the season...but what can you do! 


4 March 2015

Pink Houses

I'm definitely more than a fan of pretty houses and pastel coloured walls! I live in Suffolk - so there is always quite easy access to a pretty rural village (we're really close to Lavenham where a bit of Harry Potter was filmed). It's also really easy to get to Essex where Dedham is, another really pretty place filled with stunning old houses and scenery. These photos are actually from a few weeks ago which I'd completely forgotten about - but I had a really nice wander through Dedham, spying on the pink houses, snapping some photographs! I have to say that it was absolutely freezing - but my favourite camel coat from Missguided kept me nice and warm. Definitely looking forward to the warmer weather when you can have a nice walk without freezing to a block of ice!

Outfit: Coat - Missguided, Scarf - Accessorize, Handbag - Faith, Boots - Kurt Geiger


2 March 2015

Pink Lady

This pink coat is definitely still my favourite ever coat purchase, although I haven't worn it for ages! On Saturday, we went for a little explore around Manningtree and Mistley, near where I live. Although it was absolutely freezing, we managed to have a nice wander round and even snap some photographs (scaring off a large gathering of seagulls in the process). It's possibly still slightly too early for these pink platforms...my feet got a little cold...but they are still a pretty cool pair of shoes (it's nice to be a bit taller for a change too!) I also gave in the other week and bought a pair of Topshop petite black skinny jeans. I know they are expensive, but they are the only jeans that seem to fit me...so if you're reading this as a petite desperate for some jeans, I promise you the Topshop ones won't fail. We also popped into the Mistley Thorn to warm up, it's an amazing restaurant - and also a hotel - which is really relaxed and so we had a much needed cup of coffee in there! If you're ever in the area, check it out!

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