22 April 2015


So this is a slightly overdue post but I just wanted to show you some of my latest Lush buys. I absolutely love the Lush bath bombs...and choosing them too, there are always so many pretty ones to go for. The Think Pink bath bomb is a favourite of mine, which smells amazing, and the Tisty Tosty  love-themed bath bomb which is amazing because the petals float on the bath water surface when the bomb has fizzed out. How romantic. Apparently it's based on a medieval love potion and studded with seven real rosebuds...hmm :-) Have you tried either of these Lush bath bombs? I have a never-ending list of the rest I want to try...


11 April 2015

Scoff Club

So for anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, I think you'll be well aware of my sweet tooth and obsession with all things sugary. So for me, and for all sweetie lovers out there,  I can safely say that 'Scoff Club' is something that you really need to be part of. 

What is it exactly? It's a monthly subscription to a box of delicious, handpicked sweets which is delivered to your door! Best idea ever.  A selection of amazing sweets all in one place. If you think about how many random sweets you'll buy in a month in shops or supermarkets, it all starts to add up...so the idea of a monthly Scoff box delivery is hassle free and tasty. I have to say, I'm very impressed with the concept.

How does it work? Subscribe online to a monthly subscription box (there are varying packages available) and even you if you just sign up for one month and one box, you can cancel your account yet still remain an Scoff member for life. I like this part too, because it's great if you want to send one box as a gift but don't want to pay every month. And you can cancel the account at any time. So after ordering - the road is simple. The sweets are picked and packed for you, so whatever arrives is a mystery and you never know what your getting next. Free delivery too, which is always a bonus.

So what did I think of my Scoff box? Well I have to say, I dived nose first into it and didn't surface for a while. I was absolutely was delighted with it's contents - because it was a mixture of all the classic favourites! My favourite sweets, from Drumsticks to Fruit Salads, Lovehearts, Pink Jellybeans and much more...honestly the best thing ever and I don't think I've ever been quite so excited. There is plenty to go around too, plastic tubs filled right up with a tasty selection of sweeties - plus extra Drumsticks and lollies in the center. 

During my University days, I can safely say myself and my housemates would have loved a Scoff box popping through the door every month. And even in the workplace, what better idea than to get a box of sweets delivered each month to snack on? I'd absolutely gift this to someone as a present - there's always some occasion or other which I think a Scoff box would come in handy for. I'm forever getting stuck on what on earth to get people as presents...but if they're a sweetie lover, why not get them a Scoff box?

If you want to find out more, visit here! I know I'll be signing up...


4 April 2015

More Issues Than Vogue

I don't know how long it's been since I last did an outfit post! It's definitely been a long time though, so hopefully it's the start of me getting back into it! I think, after posting nothing but outifts for a year and a half, I wanted a bit of a break from it and was lacking in some inspiration. I think when you're stuck, the best cure can be to have a complete break. I'd rather do a handful of genuinely interesting or quirky outfits, than lots of mediocre ones just for the sake of it. I also love beauty and lifestyle posts, so I think the aim is going to be trying to achieve a nice mix of the three. 

I was sent this More Issues Than Vogue jumper from Gorgeous Mode. I think these slogan items are like marmite, you either love them or hate them, but I think their quite quirky if you feel like making a statement. So I thought I'd go with this and see what happened, I love the slogan and the style of the jumper, so I was quite happy wearing it for a day. I was also lucky enough to receive this Lilac Boyfriend Coat from Pretty Little Thing. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a coat obsession, I buy way too many yet I tend to live in the same one and don't actually wear all the ones I have stored up.

I love this lilac beauty and I'm determined to get wearing it, not hiding it for the day when I actually have an interesting place to wear it to! 

Outfit: Lilac Boyfriend Coat - Pretty Little Thing*, Jumper - Gorgeous Mode*, Trousers - River Island, Boots - Boohoo

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