22 April 2015


So this is a slightly overdue post but I just wanted to show you some of my latest Lush buys. I absolutely love the Lush bath bombs...and choosing them too, there are always so many pretty ones to go for. The Think Pink bath bomb is a favourite of mine, which smells amazing, and the Tisty Tosty  love-themed bath bomb which is amazing because the petals float on the bath water surface when the bomb has fizzed out. How romantic. Apparently it's based on a medieval love potion and studded with seven real rosebuds...hmm :-) Have you tried either of these Lush bath bombs? I have a never-ending list of the rest I want to try...



  1. Lush is my favourite !!! Lovely post :)


  2. Tisty tosty sounds lovely and relaxing might have to grab that for when I am travelling home and have access to a bath as I haven't even tried any before! xxx

  3. Both are just so pretty, I wouldn't want to drop them in the bath!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. So much love for this post, I am way too addicted with Lush atm! Think Pink is a favourite bath bomb of mine, its so pretty and makes the bath the prettiest colour! xx


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