31 May 2015

Waterfall Jacket

Seeing as summer is fast approaching, a light and pretty jacket for warmer evenings is always a must. All my winter coats have found themselves at the back of the wardrobe now and instead it's summer jackets at the front - including this amazing Waterfall Petite jacket from Dorothy Perkins at House of Fraser. I love the pretty pink blush colour which is ideal for this time of year and the waterfall front detail makes it a little bit different! Definitely a new favourite of mine. I also had to invest in some new jeans over the weekend - they're actually 'jeggings' from River Island, as I hate thick jeans, and these are so comfy so I think they'll be worth the spend.

Jacket - House of Fraser*, Top - Gorgeous Mode*,  Jeans - River Island, Heels - Wallis*


28 May 2015

Perfectly Petite with Wallis

I've always assumed that, as a Petite, pale colours (especially pale trousers) just won't suit me. I've never found light coloured trousers particularly flattering and I just assumed they're something I can't wear - despite pastel trousers and jeans being everywhere at the moment. But when Wallis got in touch about getting involved in their Perfectly Petite campaign, their amazing range of Petite items really got me thinking about this pale obsession. With a range of stunning pastel trousers, I realised that if the tailoring and the fit was right - then pale trousers could well be do-able.

Thankfully, I was right! I went for these lovely pale pink jacquard trousers and - despite being a little apprehensive of the fit and how flattering they'd be, I found I absolutely loved them. It goes to show how important tailoring is and that, if designed for the Petite shape, the unexpected really does work. The same goes for the jacket - I've always opted for darker colours as I felt like they were more flattering, but again, when tailored properly, there really is no reason why you can't wear any kind of colour! I love this pink Wallis blazer, the sleeves fit perfectly and its ideal for my Petite frame - no more baggy sleeves and ill-fitting jackets here!

So, with Wallis busting several of my Petite 'can't wear' myths I'm now much more open to paler and pastel shades - just as long as their designed for the Petite fame. I definitely feel its great that brands are starting to embrace Petites now, as there are so many of us out there and unfortunately it's not possible to always by from any other sizing range than Petite - especially when it comes to trousers and jackets, arms and legs will always be an issue. Wallis have put a huge amount of effort into their stunning Petite range so if you're need of tailored clothes, smart workwear or evening outfits - have a browse of the collection, it actually makes you feel lucky to be Petite!

Petite Pale Pink Blazer - Wallis*, Petite Pink Trousers - Wallis*, Petite Black Vest - Wallis*, Block Heels - Wallis*, Wallis Petite Section


25 May 2015

Blog Shop

So just a very quick little post to say that I've FINALLY opened my blog shop. I've been meaning to do this for ages because I have so many items of clothing that I don't wear, but that I feel some of you may love instead! Everything I put up in my blog shop is in excellent condition - most of it unworn and with the tickets in - and I would never sell anything that isn't in good condition. 

If you'd like to buy any of the items, or ask any questions about them, then email me at holly_court@btinternet.com- and we can have a chat! I accept payments by PayPal and postage is included in the price totals above. If you're unhappy with your purchase, I will accept returns - but with the return postage and packaging costs covered by yourself. 

Have a browse here!

Look forward to hearing from you :-)


23 May 2015

Fleur Fatale

It's no secret that, along with candles, I'm absolutely obsessed with perfumes. I buy so many new bottles because I'm so keen to try new scents - I know it can be quite nice to have a 'signature scent' - but seeing as I've not found mine yet, I don't see why you can't have day/evening perfumes and change things up a bit every so often! So I was really excited when I was sent Kim Kardashian's 'Fleur Fatale' perfume to try. It's available from Debenhams at a really reasonable price!

Let's start with the bottle - how pretty?! Shaped like a white rose, I think it's really unusual - I'm also a classic one for being sucked in by the packaging, so I always appreciate a bottle that looks nice on the bedside table. Scent wise, I absolutely love it. It's a  captivating, feminine and sensual composition of floral, woody and musk notes - it's perfect for summer because of it's florally tones and is such a lovely scent to wear. I've been spritzing it on every morning and it lasts for ages, which is another big requirement of mine when it comes to a perfume - it needs to last, theres no point if it fades off by 10am.

So would I recommend it? Absolutely!!

Perfume - Fleur Fatale: Debenhams*


21 May 2015


In case anyone didn't know, I'm OBSESSED with the Lilyflame candles. They are just amazing, if you haven't encountered them yet. There is something so unique and individual about every scent, I honestly can't get enough of them. This is the Blush - First Kiss of the Night candle, and aside from being the prettiest of pinks in colour, it smells amazing - florally and summery. The scent also lasts, which is an added bonus - so it looks stunning on my bedside table AND it smells incredible. Watch this space for my next Lily flame purchase!


16 May 2015

Spring Florals

So this is a ridiculously long-overdue post. This is because I photographed this outfit WEEKS ago, and then to my horror discovered that the lens setting had got knocked...and every single image was blurry. If you are a fellow blogger, you will appreciate that this is the stuff of nightmares.

So here is take two of these pretty, spring floral trousers from Missi Clothing UK. You can't beat a pair of light summery trousers for when the weather gets warm, and these are a lovely texture - and pattern - perfect for the sun. But because it's not quite tropical in the UK, I've teamed this with my new favourite item - the harper cream batwing cardigan from Blue Vanilla. Typically, I am not a cardigan person and I've never liked them...however when I was sent this to try, I absolutely fell in love with it. I think the bat-wing style makes it really flattering and it's actually really light in material, so not too heavy to wear - perfect for this time of year. I love the back detailing too - so pretty!


9 May 2015

M&S Ultimate Dress

If there's one thing I've learnt about choosing an outfit, it's that you absolutely HAVE to dress for your body shape. It doesn't matter whether something is 'on trend' or not to me - if it doesn't suit my shape, I've now learnt not to wear it. I'd rather feel comfortable and be wearing something that flatters me, even if that means not squeezing myself into the latest pair of flared jeans or cropped t-shirts!

When it comes to choosing a smarter outfit, for an occasion like a wedding for formal event, then I think dressing for your body shape becomes even more important. Occasion dresses can be difficult to get right and, again, you've got to go with something you're happy in. You can have a browse through the M&S Ultimate Dress Guide page to help find an outfit to flatter your figure.

M&S have a selection of gorgeous occasion dresses to suit all shapes and sizes, and with them a range of stunning accessories - bags, shoes and jewelry - to suit any outfit choice. I was lucky enough to be able to style a Petite outfit from the M&S collection - M&S being one of the few retailers that actually cater for Petite women.

The dress is always the hero piece of an outfit, so steering away from my usual black, I went for this Emerald floral lace tunic from the Petite section, as something completely different. I always prefer to wear long sleeved items, so the lace sleeves here are perfect for me. I also don't tend to go for super tight fitting items, and this dress leaves enough room to breath as well as being flattering. It does fit perfectly and suits my body shape, so it became a great hero piece for this outfit.

Accessory wise, with a bright dress, I felt simple colours were best. Nude court shoes and a stunning gold oval weave box clutch bag helped bring the outfit to life, with some other gold accessories - it shows you can dress an outfit up as much or as little as you like! I think if you feel comfortable in what you're wearing and dress for your body shape - then you'll always be more confident at an event and M&S can definitely help you do this with a range of stunning summer outfits!

Outfit: Dress - M&S Petite*, Shoes - M&S*, Clutch Bag - M&S*, Belt - M&S

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