23 May 2015

Fleur Fatale

It's no secret that, along with candles, I'm absolutely obsessed with perfumes. I buy so many new bottles because I'm so keen to try new scents - I know it can be quite nice to have a 'signature scent' - but seeing as I've not found mine yet, I don't see why you can't have day/evening perfumes and change things up a bit every so often! So I was really excited when I was sent Kim Kardashian's 'Fleur Fatale' perfume to try. It's available from Debenhams at a really reasonable price!

Let's start with the bottle - how pretty?! Shaped like a white rose, I think it's really unusual - I'm also a classic one for being sucked in by the packaging, so I always appreciate a bottle that looks nice on the bedside table. Scent wise, I absolutely love it. It's a  captivating, feminine and sensual composition of floral, woody and musk notes - it's perfect for summer because of it's florally tones and is such a lovely scent to wear. I've been spritzing it on every morning and it lasts for ages, which is another big requirement of mine when it comes to a perfume - it needs to last, theres no point if it fades off by 10am.

So would I recommend it? Absolutely!!

Perfume - Fleur Fatale: Debenhams*



  1. The bottle looks stunning, may have to pop into Debenhams!

  2. I am obsessed with her anyway so this is a must for me to try! xxx


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