30 August 2015

Luxemme Two Piece

So this is my first outfit post in what feels like forever! But what better way to get back into things than with this gorgeous two piece from Luxemme. Luxemme are a forward thinking fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester street style - and I am so excited by them. You only have to browse their various collections to know that the pieces are stunning, stylish and on trend.
This is the lovely Clarice Cut Out Two Piece which I was very excited to get my hands on. Not only is the colour and quality perfect, but it fits perfectly! The cut out top definitely helps to accentuate the best features and it's a look I absolutely love. Plus I have been so impressed by their friendliness as a brand - it makes such a difference when you get that personal touch.
In other news, after a bit of a lull in my blog I feel I'm now back with full force. I have so many exciting collaborations coming up, my Youtube channel to launch and lots to look forward to...so please do keep coming back and commenting, I love to hear your thoughts!

Outfit: Two Piece: Clarice Cut Out Two Piece - Luxemme*, Heels: New Look, Handbag: Jasper Conran, Necklace: Happiness Boutique


12 August 2015

Things In Pictures #4

I haven't done one of these for AGES so I felt like a little Things in Pictures post was in order!

1. Has anyone else only recently discovered brunch and felt like they've been massively missing out on something?! Brunch is my ideal solution, I'm never hungry first thing in the morning...until about 11, when I could happily eat the whole world. These were some coffees to accompany a tasty brunch that I had at Hall Farm in Dedham. If you live in these parts, I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

2. These shoes!! I am beyond in love. And who hasn't got a pair of these right now? They seem to be everywhere! These are from Office and I want to wear them all the time...but obviously, I don't. They really are beautiful though, and comfy, and I feel these are going to be the first of many to the collection.

3. I've not been massively impressed with swimwear this year - not that I've needed any however, as I've failed massively to get anyone to go on holiday with me this year. But it's always worth looking! I always love Cosmopolitans little collages...and just in case anyone whisks me off to a beach soon, I have my choices at the ready.

4. It might not look like it from my sparse content of late, but I really am trying to get back into regular blogging. I have a pile of gorgeous clothes to style, a whole wardrobe to photograph and sell and a horrible feeling of missed opportunities lingering over me as I've painfully neglected my inbox over the last few months.  I'm slowly getting there, so bear with me :-)

4. So true - and how can you not smile if you're wearing Chanel lipstick?! 

5. I've massively got into Pinterest recently after previously dismissing it as stupid. How wrong was I and how shame faced I am at this admission. I am now addicted, making boards and stalking images like its going out of fashion. It's also massively helping me in terms of inspiration...I do love my Instagram page which I'm trying to style better, so this is one of my new photo attempts. They will get better, I promise.

6. I need these shoes. They are just so beautiful and elegant, and I am SO pleased that finally it's not some hideous clunky shoe that's all the rage...these pointy Ghillie flats are just ideal. Anyone want to buy me some? Unfortunately they are as expensive as they are beautiful.

7. Where would I be without coffee. When I have saved enough money to justify it, I am buying a coffee machine...and when I do, you will probably never get me to leave the kitchen!

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