2 September 2015

An Ode To The New Beauty Trends

Years ago our beauty rituals consisted of daily makeup, classic skincare, monthly haircut and occasional spa treatments, but now when beauty industry has grown like never before, we developed a new attitude towards our body and face beauty. Anything from advanced skin care products, beauty salons to massage parlours now present minimal beautifying ventures, and there are some quite revolutionary and a bit unusual beauty trends we’re able to accept.

Here is the list of the most peculiar, yet genuine ones:


Even when you pronounce a word “Cryo”, you can feel a freezing sensation going along your spine, but have you ever thought that an extra cold experience may actually lead to beauty perfection? Well, you’ll be blessed to know that beauty experts developed at first sight indulging, but actually pretty unusual beauty procedure called Cryotherapy which includes exposure to insanely low temperatures, usually -110 degrees.

It has an aim to increase cell rejuvenation, soothe aging, improve skin tone and repair damaged tissue, not to mention that it tightens the pores and helps weight loss. Besides, it lasts only 3 minutes, which looks like a bearable sacrifice for rejuvenated skin and improved body.

Cryotherapy gained great popularity after the famous celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore became its big fans and witnesses that a freeze really pays off. 


Another “voguish” beauty treatment is a CoolSculpting, a non-invasive method which includes cooling of the fat cells in order to naturally diminish fat deposits on the body. Thanks to the rising interest in this revolutionary procedure, there are a number of great clinics where it is available, including coolsculpting Perth, Sydney and other larger Australian cities.

Unusual or not, the fact is that traditional body shaping goes to the history, and you can now get rid of fat bulges from your body with a fast and painless contouring treatment performed during your lunch break.
An exercise pill

If you can’t believe that soon you’ll be able to replace all those hours in the gym with one single pill, remember that no one believed that we’ll be able to have a breast augmentation and that now happens on a daily basis. Scientists worked really hard to develop a magical pill known as SR9009, which according to tests, can boost metabolism, increase exercise endurance, grow muscles and shape our bodies to perfection.

Even though we are 2 years away from this miracle pill, the chances are great that it will sweep of the feet all “perfect body addicts”.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (RENT)

Conventional spas and saunas are becoming an old-school, since beauty industry welcomed new body & mind treatment based on floating in sensory-deprivation tanks laden with water and Epsom salts. If we exclude claustrophobic environment where this Zen-like therapy is performed, and pay attention on benefits, such as increased skin flexibility, reduced blood pressure, lasting calm and whole body detoxification, getting tanked really seems worthwhile, and according to its rising popularity, one of the greatest mainstreams in the beauty sphere.

Along with rapidly developing beautifying solutions, we are pushing the boundaries of what we would do for a perfect body and flawless face and becoming creators of unbelievable beauty trends where there are no limits.

Author BIO:
Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, fashion and jewelry design. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty and style.

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