30 September 2015

Sleeveless Waterfall

So I am seriously loving Boohoo at the moment! I pretty much go on there everyday hunting for new bits...and it's so epic that they have a Petite section. These white Petite jeans were an absolute super-buy, they fit really well, they're comfy and just the right thickness to make white 'wearable', if you know what I mean.

And then of course can we spend a few minutes on the sleeveless waterfall coat (also from Boohoo) - I love this so much! It's absolutely perfect for this awkward time of year when the weather keeps changing its mind and it's not quiiiite cold enough for the new Winter coat. They do it in black too, hmm :-)

I'm definitely a big fan of this outfit, I'm having a bit of a style re-vamp at the moment so it's definitely an exciting time! I've also FINALLY got snapchat, so for any of you snapchat fans, you can follow my daily escapades with the username 'StylaPetite' - see you there!!



  1. I adore your sleeveless coat, I always worry about getting white filthy so I tend to avoid it but it just looks so good!! xx


  2. Love that sleeveless coat - it looks gorgeous on you xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  3. Lovely outfit!



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