19 December 2016

Oversized Coats & My First Designer Bag

I really do think my coat obsession gets worse every year, I think I spend way more time than I should looking at them online. Of all my coat buys however, this grey Mango oversized coat is one of my all time favourites. 


18 October 2016

First Autumn Post

Waking up a few weeks ago and realising it was October was seriously frightening. Whilst I absolutely love Autumn and the October - December period, I just don't know where the last year has gone! I feel like it's been one of the quickest years of my life so far and, whilst it's been busy and packed with all sorts of positive changes, the saddest thing is that I've lost my blog a bit in the process.


29 August 2016

Romwe Fashion

Remind me where the summer disappeared to again? It has literally whizzed past, work has been super busy and, as ever, I have been a bad, bad blogger...and not blogged for ages. One day I'll find - or make - the time to get back into it like I used to!

That said, I felt I couldn't go the whole summer without at least one summery outfit post. And so when the team at Romwe fashion got in touch, letting me know about their latest collection of summer items...I thought I'd squeeze it in before the summer goes completely.

I do love finding new brands (one of my more stupid fears is turning up somewhere in the same outfit as someone else) so I do love it when I discover new places to shop! Romwe embraces the 'from runway to realway' idea, the concept being to bring catwalk trends into real life...in a much more wearable way.

This summer I've loved the off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. This is the grey ruffle dress from the summer collection and definitely a comfy number for a hot day. I like how you can dress it up or down to suit the occasion too!


25 June 2016

Summer Shoe Picks

So we're coming in to summer! Or at least, we're supposed to be...personally I've seen more rain in June than I have this whole year, but anyway...every year I dither over my summer footwear but there can be no doubt that sandals are the easiest, comfiest and most cooling options for if, or when, the weather gets warm!

I've always been a fan of the strappy sandal, I find them way more elegant and far less clumpy than other options on the highstreet. Some of the options from Brantano, Topshop and River Island have caught my eye - they are all affordable (especially with some sales on over the weekend) and I've never been one to spend crazy amounts on sandals.

I think they can last you one season but you're always going to want a new pair by the next season...so here are my top picks above and you can find them all in the links below. Which pair are your favourite?


1 June 2016

Styling Dorothy Perkins

I think this is my first outfit post in months. Serious fair-weather blogger alert! I'm a bit of a creature of hibernation in the winter...excuses, excuses...

Anyway. With one thing or another, I'm ashamed of how long it's been since I last posted. But what better way to get back into it than with a nice collab with Dorothy Perkins? 

I LOVE DP - as a Petite you can always count on their jeans and coats. This coat is no different (see, the sleeves aren't too long, how amazing?) and these heels I am just in love with (they are on sale atm).

If you see this post in time, they are also doing a 24% of sale for 24 hours...so what are you waiting for, go go go!


12 May 2016

Brighton Inn Boutique

In a slightly overdue post (what's new?) I wanted to pop up a few pictures of an amazing boutique B&B that Nick & I stayed in when we went to Brighton at the start of April. It's called the Brighton Inn Boutique and it's safe to say I was pretty smitten with the decor.

A townhouse pretty much right in the hub of Brighton itself, it's the perfect location for Brighton exploring. We were actually there for a wedding (outfit post coming soon) so didn't get to explore as much as I would have liked, but I thought you might appreciate some shots of the room!

I think one of the great things about this boutique B&B is their breakfast hamper. You place your breakfast order the night before and then they bring it up to your room. PERFECT for the antisocial among us (and ideal for our slightly hungover Sunday morning after the wedding). Croissants, panini's, fruit...it was ideal.

I'd definitely return straight here if I were to go back to Brighton and you can check out the website here

29 April 2016

How To Change Your Blog Name After 4 Years

Sooo....I've changed my blog name!

Yes, 'StylaPetite' is no more. Which I do feel a little sad about, as it's been the name of my blog for 4 years...but change is most definitely a good thing.

I didn't really think about the name of my blog when I dreamt it up 4 years ago. It was meant to be some sort of worst twist on 'style a petite' (my English degree had to come in useful for something, right?) but I don't know how much real sense it made. What can I say, I thought I was being inventive at the time. 

Did I think anyone would actually read my blog? Noo. So back then it didn't really matter what it was called, as long as I got something set up on the internet quickly to start playing with.

Did I think that one day the name I'd chosen would represent my very tiny little brand that - although small - I'd be using to work with Debenhams or House of Fraser? Again, no!

Having 'Petite' in the name was what I wanted at the start; after all, it was originally only meant to be a place where I whined about the lack of Petite clothing in the universe. But as time went on, it pigeonholed me into a small area that I felt was cutting off opportunity.

I may only be 5ft, but I have so much more to talk about than just Petite clothing.

I want to blog about ALL kinds of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel...and I felt like being a 'Petite' blog was acting as a block to all the things I want to do. I was looking at all my posts one day and just thought, this ISN'T a Petite-only blog anymore.

Time to shake things up.

So how do you change your blog name after 4 years? What about the following you've built up, your social media channels, designs, logos, email addresses?

1. Think carefully about your next blog name

Thinking about my 'new name' was the hardest bit! Upheaving my blog and domain and changing everything could only be done for something better, and once done, not changed again!

Much like 4 years ago, I dithered around over silly names, dreamt up ideas, tried to be clever, and gave up.

I couldn't think of anything groundbreaking or clever.

So I thought, you know what? I'll just use my name. My middle name is Deryn (pronounced Derrin) which is unusual...so I decided that Holly Deryn Court (H.D.C if it ever comes to it) would work as well as anything. 

2.) Check and buy your new domain

Before you get too happy about your new name - check no one else has the domain already! If they don't, snap it up on somewhere like GoDaddy.

3.) Get someone to help you!

I think when I transferred from blogspot to a proper .com back in 2013, I must have spent hours researching how to do it. Somehow I managed it but from what I can remember, it took me a long time. 

Back then my blog was only tiny, so it didn't really matter if I cocked up along the way.

But when you have a 4 year old blog...you have more to lose. I didn't particularly want to mess up the domain transfer. I also couldn't be bothered to remind myself how to do it or figure out copying various codes around etc etc, I'm a writer, not a techy person...I just wanted it done professionally and without a fuss.

So if it's something you're considering and aren't sure about, just ask someone! I couldn't recommend the team at Pipdig highly enough for their help on this, they switched the domain for me, sorted out all my new codes and redirect my social media channels.

A way better result than me crying into laptop after losing my whole blog...

4.) Be patient

Obviously, if you change your name, you have to be prepared for your engagement to drop a bit - as people will be looking for your old name.

It'll be an adjusting period.

But as long as you keep going, change all your links, and TELL people on social media what you're doing (I could have done this a bit better) - it will be fine. 

Just shout about your name change and use it as an excuse to broadcast!

So, to sum up, I'm really happy I changed my blog name. I won't forget StylaPetite, but I feel like I can turn this site into what I really want it to be now, no areas barred.

Watch this space!


15 April 2016

Christy Art Zimmer | Part I

Freshwater pearls. Perhaps one of the most luxurious, and special, things you can ever own. When I was introduced to Christy Art Zimmer, I discovered the charm of handmade jewellery on a whole new level. 

Christy's Pearls stands for one of the most innovative and stylish pearl jewellery brands, for women who have a fondness for genuine pearls. The traditional craft of pearl making is transformed into modern-day jewellery design - and it's one of the most individualistic brands I've ever come across.

Christy’s Pearls offers a variety of carefully selected freshwater pearl jewellery in unique styles, colours and shapes. The pearls are naturally cultivated in Asian-pacific regions, including the east coast of China (e.g. Shanghai), Japan, South Sea and Tahiti (seawater and exotic pearls). 

Christy’s Pearls matches the millions of single pearls to necklaces, brooches, bracelets and ear-ware. By this means, the idiosyncrasies of all the individual pearls are brought together and turned into unique handmade treasures. 

What's more, all the products are handmade in Switzerland.

I'm thrilled to be working with Christy Art Zimmer to showcase some of the beautiful jewellery to you.

This necklace is so breathtaking that I feel like an image just doesn't do it justice. This is the Assorted Pearls – Irregular-shaped Freshwater Pearls Necklace and without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever had the pleasure of photographing - and wearing! 

Due to the nature of pearls, each piece is different and has a unique appearance - so to you know your piece is both handcrafted and completely unique is incredible.

The Chocolate Oval Pearl Earrings are a pair of carefully selected black pearls with gold elements - and so delicate and elegant that they would suit any classic style. 

Christy often offers matching bracelets to the earrings, so this Chocolate Pearl Single Bracelet is the perfect accompaniment. Easy and delicate to wear and, again, each pearl a different shape so it's completely unique to you.

In Part 2, I'm going to be wearing some of these beautiful pieces so that you can see how the look on - and why it's well worth investing in your own unique, timeless and stunning pearl piece.


9 March 2016

Luxury Nightwear - with Figleaves

HOW beautiful is this satin Chemise? Honestly, I felt like the luckiest girl on a recent collaboration with Figleaves...this is the ultimate in luxurious nightwear. I  have always loved the look of silk PJs (yet to own a pair) and I'm always lusting after pretty nightwear, but it's always something that falls down my shopping list as I get distracted by make up and outwear.

However, having become the proud new owner of this Siren Satin Chemise, I'm rethinking my nightwear priorities! I don't think anything can feel more luxurious than a little number like this - its beautifully trimmed with delicate lace, the flattering v neckline and soft adjustable straps also making it easy to fit your shape.

Perhaps a girl should always have one luxury nightwear item up her sleeve after all...and I would also highly recommend having a browse around Figleaves for underwear, nightwear and swimwear, the quality is right up there (as are the designs, I want it all...)


25 February 2016

Kaytie Wu Designer Jewellery

Long time no post! I've had another one of my blogging sabbaticals, mainly enforced due to problems with my camera, and life just generally getting too busy. But I thought I'd get back into things with some beautiful jewellery from a lovely brand called Kaytie Wu Designer Jewellery

I love finding new brands and Kaytie Wu is one of those brands whose website you just can't stop browsing. Beautiful, bespoke and contemporary designs - necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets, strongly influenced by the Minimalist art movement and Kaytie's love of Japanese architecture.

I've been lucky enough to sample the Line Swarovski Crystal necklace in rose gold, a gorgeous but minimalist necklace which I've found I love to wear (rose gold is an absolute favourite of mine).

I also sampled the Circle Bracelet in gold and I've barely taken it off my wrist, it fits perfectly and the circle is a stunning detail on the chain - so elegant but striking enough to draw attention!

If you haven't checked out Kaytie Wu yet I seriously suggest you do, for beautiful but affordable and completely unique jewellery pieces. In my next outfit posts you'll be seeing this bling a-LOT, so you can see how it works on too!


23 January 2016

Shades of Red

Adding more colour into your wardrobe can be tricky if you're a creature of habit (like me). I'm always in my more natural habitat when I'm wearing black, or black and white. But an easy way to liven up an outfit can be with a bright coat or boots! Easy yourself in gently :-)

This coat is from BeJealous Clothing and I really love the colour. It's definitely brighter than I would normally go for, but with this Pussybow Blouse from Therapy Clothing, somehow I thought it worked for slightly more traditional (and colourful) look than normal. I also have to thank Debenhams for these boots, another pop of colour to an outfit!

Outfit: Coat - BeJealous*Blouse - House of Fraser*, Boots - Debenhams*, Trousers - River Island, Shades - Mango

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