23 January 2016

Shades of Red

Adding more colour into your wardrobe can be tricky if you're a creature of habit (like me). I'm always in my more natural habitat when I'm wearing black, or black and white. But an easy way to liven up an outfit can be with a bright coat or boots! Easy yourself in gently :-)

This coat is from BeJealous Clothing and I really love the colour. It's definitely brighter than I would normally go for, but with this Pussybow Blouse from Therapy Clothing, somehow I thought it worked for slightly more traditional (and colourful) look than normal. I also have to thank Debenhams for these boots, another pop of colour to an outfit!

Outfit: Coat - BeJealous*Blouse - House of Fraser*, Boots - Debenhams*, Trousers - River Island, Shades - Mango


19 January 2016

Winter Skincare | New Year, New You with Debenhams

I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a ‘dedicated’ attendant to my cleansing & moisturising routine. I’m one of those useless people who will have a manic spurt of dedication (moisturising religiously and going through an elaborate cleansing routine) for all of two days before getting bored and giving up.

So thankfully, when the team at Debenhams sent me some of their Clarins products to try, as part of the Debenhams 'New Year, New You' campaign...I felt like it was as good a time as any to kickstart my skincare regime and make it resolution to look after my skin a bit better this year.

First up is my favourite product of the bunch, the Clarins Exfoliating Bodyscrub. I hate exfoliating, it's a pain, but this product makes the process much more of a pleasure. It's not too scratchy and I was amazed by how silky smooth it left my skin. I think if you can aim to exfoliate at least once a week, you'll start to notice results - but in the shorter term, this product certainly makes your skin feel super soft.

Then we have the Body Lift Cellulite Control. I've never tried any kind of product that claims to 'control cellulite' before, not because I don't have it, but I've never bought into the idea that a product can help get rid of cellulite & that good old fashion exercise was your best yet. However, this is new year new me, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

I don't think you can ever expect results overnight with something like this, to get rid of cellulite I think you have to work at it - exfoliating and using a product for quite some time. But in terms of firming, contouring and just generally making you feel a bit better about yourself, this product does help! Will it get me super toned and smooth legs by the summer? I will let you know how I get on!

Finally is the Pure Melt Cleansing Milk is really luxurious and a joy to use! I'm so useless with cleansing, but since I used this for the first time last week, I've (almost) come to look forward to taking my make-up off and prepping my face for bed. It smells gorgeous, which really helps. Plus you only need a tiny bit of product on your face and then with water, it quickly transforms into an oil. 

Again, as with the exfoliator, I was amazed by how smooth the cleansing milk leaves my skin and how refreshing it is as a cleanser.

So having worked a little harder with my skincare regime this last week, I've vowed to try and keep it up this year. I'm so excited to be focusing on beauty a bit more on the blog this year, so I'm hoping to bring you some exciting new content and share my beauty journey a bit more with you in 2016!


10 January 2016

Styling Petite | with Topshop

If there's one thing I find works well for Petites, it's playsuits! Obviously not everyone will agree with me, but I find they work really well. I own more playsuits that I do dresses, so that must say something. 

I've teamed up with Topshop to showcase one of their playsuits for you as they have a huge range of gorgeous pieces at the moment (Petite and non-Petite) and of all the brands out there, I never normally struggle to find something amongst their amazing collections. 

This particular playsuit is a stunning colour too - perfect for partywear or day-to-night! I'll be styling this up in a day look soon too, so watch this space.

Outfit C/O: Playsuit - Topshop, Coat - Kaliko, Shoes - New Look, Sunglasses - Choies, Handbag - Miss Selfridge


7 January 2016

How To Add More Colour To Your Outfits | For Colour-Phobes

First outfit post of 2016! After a long and very lazy Christmas break, I'm super excited to hit my blog work again and I've got some pretty exciting things coming up - but first, my favourite scarf is making an appearance again.

I bought this from Zara just before Christmas and it has so proved it's worth! I've worn it so much (I love the fact you can wear it so many different ways) and it's helped me out with this crazy unpredictable weather we're having right now. It works over a coat, or instead of one...and is seriously soft and snuggly, so it works nicely as a blanket too!

I've said that 2016 is going to be a year of incorporating more colour into my outfits and my make-up. Obviously you can't break the habits of a lifetime overnight...so this shot of pastel pink in the form of my handbag is helping my take tentative steps toward the new colourful me.

Koko Couture was definitely one of my favourite brands to work with in 2015 and I love their handbags so much that I've got one in patent black and pink. Hopefully I'll be able to bring you lots more exciting bits from them this year.
Hope you've all eased into the new year nicely, Christmas already feels like a lifetime ago...but onwards and upwards I suppose!


3 January 2016

Things I Learned In 2015 | Top Tips For A New Year

I learned a lot in 2015, perhaps more than in any other year. I definitely always feel empowered at the start of a new year, I know that really it's just another day - but sometimes we all need something to force us into a little bit of self reflection, to gather our thoughts and re-ignite a flame of hope for the future.

It's a good time to look at who you were, who you are and who you want to be. And I'm always amazed at how much things can change in one year. I'm not doing resolutions, I've given up 'giving up' as it were - instead I took some time to look at what I learned in 2015 and came up with a few tips that I'm going to swear by in 2016 (hopefully you might find some useful).


You won't lose any sleep over being kind to people.

Empty vessels make most noise (old fashioned quote of the year).

You simply cannot please everyone, so don't even try!

Sometimes you have to let people go so that they can find their way back to you.

Don't do things just because you feel you should be doing them, do them when you're ready and move at your own pace.

Don't give in to envy or jealousy; you never know the true story behind someone else's highlight reel. Appreciate who you are, what you have and immerse yourself in your own life (and making it amazing).

If you're taking a different path from the people around you, there's nothing wrong with that. 

Distance yourself from the people who stress you out or try to make you feel inferior. They are honestly not worth a minute of your time.

Never feel like you have to justify yourself to anybody.

Just because you don't broadcast success doesn't mean that you aren't doing well.

People are never 'too busy' - it's a case of sorting your priorities. 

You'll get kicked far more than you'll ever get praised - being oversensitive won't get you anywhere.

Before you just 'assume', try asking.

Don't pour scorn on people just because they've chosen a different path to you; embrace the fact that not everyone is conventional and there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to live your life.

Don't settle or give up on things too young.

Knowledge that you can be completely self-sufficient is one of the most empowering things.

Sometimes when you think things are falling apart, they can actually be falling into place.

If you think something can't ever be fixed - it can.

The impossible can actually happen (I promise you this).

Be independent, be different, be positive, be happy - and surround yourself with positive people.

Do what makes you happy and never stop hoping that things will all work out as they should :-) I honestly believe that the things we're all going through now, the worries, the hopes, the fears, all the things we think are so important - we'll laugh about the angst one day, because it will all have fallen into place.

 So enjoy the ride for now - you may as well!!

Happy New Year! xoxoxo

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