9 March 2016

Luxury Nightwear - with Figleaves

HOW beautiful is this satin Chemise? Honestly, I felt like the luckiest girl on a recent collaboration with Figleaves...this is the ultimate in luxurious nightwear. I  have always loved the look of silk PJs (yet to own a pair) and I'm always lusting after pretty nightwear, but it's always something that falls down my shopping list as I get distracted by make up and outwear.

However, having become the proud new owner of this Siren Satin Chemise, I'm rethinking my nightwear priorities! I don't think anything can feel more luxurious than a little number like this - its beautifully trimmed with delicate lace, the flattering v neckline and soft adjustable straps also making it easy to fit your shape.

Perhaps a girl should always have one luxury nightwear item up her sleeve after all...and I would also highly recommend having a browse around Figleaves for underwear, nightwear and swimwear, the quality is right up there (as are the designs, I want it all...)



  1. OMG how beautiful is this camisole. I absolutely adore everything from the colour to a fabric choice x
    Yukova Blog by Yuliya Oleynykova

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