25 June 2016

Summer Shoe Picks

So we're coming in to summer! Or at least, we're supposed to be...personally I've seen more rain in June than I have this whole year, but anyway...every year I dither over my summer footwear but there can be no doubt that sandals are the easiest, comfiest and most cooling options for if, or when, the weather gets warm!

I've always been a fan of the strappy sandal, I find them way more elegant and far less clumpy than other options on the highstreet. Some of the options from Brantano, Topshop and River Island have caught my eye - they are all affordable (especially with some sales on over the weekend) and I've never been one to spend crazy amounts on sandals.

I think they can last you one season but you're always going to want a new pair by the next season...so here are my top picks above and you can find them all in the links below. Which pair are your favourite?


1 June 2016

Styling Dorothy Perkins

I think this is my first outfit post in months. Serious fair-weather blogger alert! I'm a bit of a creature of hibernation in the winter...excuses, excuses...

Anyway. With one thing or another, I'm ashamed of how long it's been since I last posted. But what better way to get back into it than with a nice collab with Dorothy Perkins? 

I LOVE DP - as a Petite you can always count on their jeans and coats. This coat is no different (see, the sleeves aren't too long, how amazing?) and these heels I am just in love with (they are on sale atm).

If you see this post in time, they are also doing a 24% of sale for 24 hours...so what are you waiting for, go go go!

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