20 March 2017

Brightening Your Day With Stationary From Jeeves & Co

I am a huge lover of stationary and always have been. Whether it's writing paper or cards, invitations or headed paper, I really believe it can brighten your day - and your desk! Recently I was lucky enough to receive a set of beautiful, personalised stationary from Jeeves & Co to sample - read on to see some of the gorgeous items from the collection.


16 March 2017

If It Makes You Happy

Now and again, you'll set eyes on something that you just have to have. Not because you're a spoilt princess or a greedy shopaholic, but because you're bored of saving all your wages up for nothing in particular, and fed up of constantly trying to talk yourself out of buying anything that you don't 'absolutely need'. If you work hard and you want something for yourself then sometimes, it's actually best to say sod it, and just buy it!

6 March 2017

Mom Jeans & Long Coats: How To Style If You're Petite

There are certain trends and styles out there right now that I absolutely love, but that I seriously struggle with as a 5 footer. One thing I've found tricky is the Mom Jeans - everyone's in them, but I've struggled to find a pair that fit well (lets face it it's not always the most flattering style). 
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