6 July 2017

The Pink Shades You Need In Your Life

How could you possibly see a pair of bright pink sunglasses and resist them? As an avid pink lover whose vowed to get more colour into her wardrobe, I felt like these shades so had my name on them...and clearly I couldn't resist them!

So these are the Blaze Clubmaster shades from Rayban that just forced themselves on me in Gatwick airport's Duty Free. I obviously had nothing to do with them choosing me as their master...but they are ahh-mazing! 

I've had my eye on this new collection for a while, in all it's awesome colourfulness - the shades are full on metal style and offer a classic example of the photos NOT doing them justice. They are even more amazing in the flesh.

There are 6 colours, obv I went with pink, and I don't think they'll be coming off my face any time soon! They are definitely a little out there, but I quite like that - what do you think?

Outfit: ***
Shoes - Boohoo (Similar) 


  1. These are amazing! I really need a pair of pink shades.


    1. Thank you lovely, I know, pink shades = best thing ever!! xxx


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