24 November 2017

My Top Checked Coat Picks

'Check' out my top checked coat picks! Yes, I did just go there with a dreadful pun. But anyway. I am loving checked coats this season. I never thought I'd ever really want to wear anything that resembled a picnic rug, but there is nothing wrong with picnic rugs, so...why not? This is the year that I'm definitely trying new things with my wardrobe, after all, life is far too short to live in staple black coats forever...and I was lured in by the petite number from ASOS. It's also available in every size, yippee, so something for everyone.

I keep saying this but this year I've really appreciated the usefulness of bold patterns or faux fur when it comes to coats. A 'lively' coat can jazz up the most boring of outfits, and so when I can't think of anything more exciting than jeans and a jumper, a checked coat will certainly liven up the party!

Another new accessory in my wardrobe is this gorgeous City watch courtesy of Ice Watches. Ice watches offer a range of amazing colourful and fun watched for every occasion, I am loving my new pink piece, so if you're after a new watch this Christmas or your searching for the perfect watch gift, this is a brand well worth checking out! (Check me out getting check in there again!)

Top Checked Coats


21 November 2017

Short Girl Problems: My Secret To Finding A Coat That Fits

As a coat-lover to the point of possibly unhealthy obsession, I spend way longer than I should getting distracted by pretty coats. But is there anything more annoying than finding your COAT OF DREAMS...and then realising it won't fit. No amount of sleeve-rolling, pinning or tugging will make it work. Being a petite lady at just 5 foot, this is a regular problem, especially the sleeves (why oh why are the sleeves always so long...) Petite coats are a god-send, but sometimes you want to branch out further and wear coats from OUT of the petite sections. So...here's my trick.
You just have to be a bit creative and look for the coats with either 3/4 sleeves or cropped sleeves. Like THIS amazing Zara number, the sleeves are so much shorter so...obviously...it's going to fit me with NO sleeve rolling or tailoring necessary. And lets face it if you're spending decent money on a coat, you shouldn't really have to go to the ends of the earth altering it. On a taller lady, the sleeves would of course be cropped, but on me, the sleeves reach my hands perfectly. Winning, and no sleeve rolling here, yippee.

Going for coats with the cropped sleeve or 3/4 sleeve has always been my way of getting round the sleeving issue when I get fed up of constantly rolling my sleeves. Whilst technically you're meant to be rocking the cropped sleeve if you're wearing these coats...whose really going to know...and it's something I've done for years. Admittedly, you do have to do a lot more in-depth searching for these coats and of course it's not going to solve the issue of fitting into every coat of your dreams, but it does open up some options if you're wanting to get away from solely petite focused clothing. 

Here are some of my favourite examples below!


17 November 2017

Finding The Perfect Man Gift This Christmas - Gift Ideas

I thought I'd write this post nice and early (well, early in my book) because the 'finding of the Christmas man presents' is the task that takes me the most time. And causes me the most stress. And confuses me the most. I mean really though, what do they want?? Why is man shopping so hard? 

Luckily, I have a new solution for drumming up some inspiration to help find you the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend or for your man-friends or male family members.

I only have a small number of men-folk in my life to buy Christmas gifts for, four to be precise (and that is plenty - Nick, my brother, dad and granddad). Each year I obviously remain as flummoxed as the year before about what to get them that's both thoughtful and useful. I feel like a pressing theme is 'something useful'.

There are obvious, 'useful' things, like I suppose socks, underwear (don't particularly want to go there with brother, dad or granddad)...food...man objects like tools or gardening equipment? I personally see all clothes and fashion items as useful but, they may beg to differ.

Anyway, I think you can see I'm not great at this.

But THIS year, I have really started to draw a lot more inspiration from online Christmas gift guides to inject some much needed creativity into my man shopping. I've been really drawn to the online man gift guides that brands are now putting together themselves - I assume to give the rest of us some much needed inspiration when it comes to the men-folk!

Jack Wills have done some awesome gift guides this year, suitable for both male & female and based on general areas of life interest - for example, 'partying hard' (some awesome party clothes), 'the gym then brunch' (suitable gym and brunching attire) and 'a boxset and a lie down' (AKA chill gear). I had a great time browsing through them because these scenarios are so life-appropriate and can help focus your mind into areas that you can focus on for a really great gift.

Other brands with some cool and inspiring gift guides are Debenhams, Aspinal of London and ASOS. M&S do great gift guides 'for him' and they've even chucked in some 'secret santa' guides and a section of ideas for 'big kids'. Lol. Oliver Bonas also do a great 'for him' section with lots of cool and quirky things like picture frames and more 'object' based presents for your mans man-cave or house.

I really have found these useful so far this year because they can make you think of gifts you may not have considered and, if like me you struggle, give you a much needed dose of inspiration!

And OF COURSE I had to compile a small guide of my own with some man-items that have caught my eye, including bed linen and even an umbrella! Maybe I'm learning...


16 November 2017

Spending Christmas In London

London is a place which appears on pretty much everyone’s travel bucket list at one stage in their lives. It is the place the Queen of England calls home, and also where most of the largest buildings in the UK reside. London is an incredibly diverse city- it has beautiful parks, bustling business areas, cultural hotspots and historical sites. But have you ever thought of spending your Christmas in the UK’s capital?

If you are thinking about travelling elsewhere for your festive celebrations this year, then London should be way up there on your bucket list. In December, the whole city transforms into a winter wonderland, and there are plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained.

In Trafalgar square, you’ll be able to see the massive Christmas tree which is donated by Oslo every single year. It is lit up with thousands of lights and decorated beautifully to light up the square throughout December. You might even be able to watch carol singers underneath the tree on certain days of the week to get you in that festive mood.

London is incredibly well-known for the ice-skating rinks which pop up all over the city during the winter period. There are plenty of ice rinks to choose from and you’ll be able to have a fun night with friends or a romantic skate with your partner during December.

As far as shopping goes, you’ll be able to enjoy the many fairs and Christmas markets which go on all the way through the month. You’ll be able to feel immersed in festive cheer as you walk through stalls with Christmas gifts, foods and drink. You can even celebrate the yuletide festival in the capital too.

During this time of year, Hyde Park opens its winter wonderland which runs from the middle of November to the first of January. It features a fair, Christmas markets and plenty of games for the whole family. It’s an amazing place to go for a walk and get yourself truly into the Christmas spirit.

You’ll also be able to go for a look around the VA museum, go for a spot of karaoke at Bunga Bunga in Covent garden, or just simply walk around the high street and visit the huge department stores. The city is a buzzing hive of activity this time of year and will make you really enjoy the festive season.

If you plan on staying in the capital until Christmas Day itself, you will be waking up to a beautiful, serene sight with quiet streets and lots of lights. If you want to go and eat in the city for Christmas dinner, there are plenty of places you can go as a lot of different restaurants and pubs will be open for you to enjoy. You’ll be able to enjoy the full spirit of Christmas in the city by walking through the streets during the day, and then going out for a meal and to celebrate in the evening. If you are looking for a festive city break, London is definitely one you will want to consider.

13 November 2017

Bonfire Attire

I've always loved Bonfire Night - there's definitely something about fire, fireworks and sparklers (pyromaniac anyone?) that marks the ultimate descent into Winter and an excuse to wear giant fluffy coats and OTT bobble hats. As we know, standing round a bonfire is a serious business, as is attending a fireworks display or even just handling a sparkler - one must dress appropriately.
Bonfire Night is always done properly at my parents house. They spend all year gradually building an enormous bonfire, and every year they vow it'll be the last one because (well, that's the last of the stuff to burn!) But, each year, plenty always accumulates to burn by November 5th - so much so that the fire tends to get bigger every year. I can't complain though as I love a good fire and my inner pyromanic loves to watch a giant mound of leaves, general junk and the odd door cabinet catch fire!

This year I took my fire-watching responsibilities very seriously, wrapping up for the occasion in an old (but faithful) River Island jacket, an OTT bobble hat and wellies. Must look the part when in the country. The fire roared, the junk got burnt and we were even treated to a firework display courtesy of one of the neighbours. Thanks! Part of me also wonders if half the reason my Dad works so hard on building the bonfire each year is for the hotdogs and general bonfire themed food that my Mum lays on afterwards!

I've popped some similar items to this years' 'Bonfire Attire' look below and now that the hat is out, it'll probably stay on all Winter!


2 November 2017

Live Your Best Faux Fur Life: Fun Coat Picks

I'm obsessed with faux fur coats this year! The cold weather turns my brain to the size of a pea and I find I become incapable of doing most things, including putting a nice outfit together. That's where a 'loud' or a 'bold' faux fur coat (or even just a faux fur coat) can be the perfect answer - you can put it on over pretty much anything and take your outfit from drab to fab. The bolder the better! There's also something glamorous about faux fur I find, hence my total obsession with it this year.

I absolutely love this leopard print number from ASOS - available in Petite Regular, Tall, and Curve - yay! And I've realised that this year there are an incredible amount of fun coats out there. I think leopard print may be my limit, I'm not sure I could pull of electric pink, but for those more daring than I, I've popped some of my favourite 'fun' faux fur coats below! What do you think?

Fun Faux Fur

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