Animal Prints & Pinks!


T-Shirt – Topshop

Animal Print Shorts – Topshop

Necklace – Topshop

Shoes – Faith

Another cropped T-Shirt…what can I say! They just go so well with everything! For Petite girls, once you tap into a style that works, then things like T-Shirts…they become relatively easy! Shorts…those not so much. If you’re Petite then, as a rule, finding shorts that fit is an absolute nightmare! I find that, if I look in the Petite section, the shorts literally come up so short it’s ridiculous and I might as well not even bother wearing them…so I tend to hunt for shorts in the mainstream sections, which is annoying, because they are never ideal, but there aren’t many other options!

By some miracle I got lucky with these animal print shorts from Topshop, they pin in at the waist and are really flattering and somehow the perfect length for me…I guess you just have to try on different things until you find something that works! I’d advise this kind of look for Petites though, especially in summer, as it’s all bright and lively, but fitted enough to show off a figure (and not get drowned in Tent-sized T-shirts!)

The pink T-Shirt is exactly the same style as the one in my post ‘Pale and Patterned’ and I can’t express how much I love this style! Silky, light material and really flattering and the cropped style works perfectly on the Petite figure – you can team it with whatever you like, high-waisted shorts, jeans or skirts…I’ve even worn them over a long dress once! The shoes are from Faith last year, really great shoes and I’ve seen they have plenty of similar types in stock at the moment. One of the great things about being Petite is that there’s NO restriction on heel height…you need never worry about being too tall 😉

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